Up for a little Rumble ?



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Ok so... i was in 2 roleplays and.... one was romance , 2nd fantasy action....ROMANCE.
Now i want just pure violence in its clearest essence so im refreshin my ideas of Street Rumblers

Rules are simple:
1. You make ur own char not based from anywhere (street fighter, tekken ect dissallowed)
2. Matrial art and possesing ability up to u but no someone who just cant be toughed.
3. Character Personal story and motives are free to welcome.
4. No calssified of meaning good or bad. Youre here to split blood.

*cough* and of course few addons from me
1. Preferable age 18+ with little desire of pure sadism and blood (yea that sounds wrong but i need someone who know meaning of "bloodthirst")
2. Character preferable in this : Male but females are also welcome (i just dont like fight girls anywhere :P)
3. Amount of players: 4 to 8 with eventually additional sub-character if want but must be around 8-32 Competitors..(or w/e its called xD) if there will be not much intrested few battles will be skipped but adding some "Private revange, fight for proof, for love" is welcome ^^
4. Not expecting to be very long story but alas efective.

So anyone wanna split a little blood on the ground? ;D

PS: I almost forgot. Times of that action is based on actuall times but do it will be some fantasy city or real one will be up to you. Im voting for real cities just situation with bit fiction abilities :P