Unwilling Sex

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  1. Looking for someone that would be interested in doing a rape-based RP with me. Would prefer it in medieval times as that seems to be my thing right now. I'm looking for someone who is not afraid to be vulgar, nasty, rough, angry, etc. :) I would prefer to play the female and my partner male. Of course, we would have to come up with some plot around this, but I've like to just start with a partner first. Generally they would probably start to fall in love and thus it would gradually become more consensual. Let me know!
    Oh yes, I forgot to mention I would prefer a very active partner... can go back and forth most days, as that's what I am often able to do!
  2. I think I have a character that would be very good at filling this role :3

    Fantasy is one of my strong subjects too! So I would love to bounce around plot ideas with you :3
    Alrighty, I will PM you