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  1. The day was like any other. A warm spring breeze blew gently across the lands. Rustling the grasses on the floating land masses above the Arnin’Thal Crater. Patchy rain clouds sauntered across the sky with the promise of an after noon rain. The temperature was that of comfort, not too hot but not too cold. The crater was the result of an arcane explosion that happened thousands of years ago. The energy still left in the air surrounding the crater, leaving huge chunks of land floating still in the sky. The expansive land below was fertile with many magical fauna and flora.

    On the floating land masses was the home of the Northdale Elven Magi Academy, a series of several buildings dedicated to the study and housing of all things magic. Home to some of the brightest elemental wielding minds the lands had come to know. A great many ancient magical relics and artifacts were stored on the grounds. As it was as safe a place for such history that one could get. Hovering platforms would bring visitors to the center using arcane geodes, or one could simply take the long floating bridge to the main building where the relics and students had studies. The other buildings on the various floating land masses housed an aviary, more libraries, sparing grounds and other facilities.

    The buildings were carved of granite and marble and shined, shining softly in the spring day sun. Tall columns rose high in the air, making an archway for the main entrance. The grand halls were wide, big enough for a dragon to walk easily through. Elegant paintings and plants grew in the building. Both elves and humans walked the halls. Both teachers and students. In the northern library how ever there was one young human man that seemed visually out of place. He was of average height, thought that wasn’t readily obvious since he sat leaned over a book. He wore not robes but a tunic and pants, dwarven in design with bold geometric shapes on the hems and earth and stone colors. His dark brown hair was shoulder length and combed away from his face and adorned with a pair of braids that started from his side burns. Still young his facial hair had not grown in thick and thinly covered his face. His blue eyes pouring over the book before him.

    Rukh waved his hand gently and a breeze of air turned the page for him. When he found something of interest he scribbled notes in his journal with a never ending ink quill. The books beside him were on teleportation and moving objects and persons from one place to another. The man so much absorbed in his material that he’d be oblivious to someone walking up to him. Even if they were to stand right in front of him.
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  2. Darkness wisped about the bight greens and other colors that were on the ground, looking as if the shadows had some alive, twirling around at first ever so gently, as if testing the area around them ever so cautiously, a simple and elegant beauty it would be to see. Soon the shadows and darkness began to get thicker and darker, looking as if a fury was about to be unleashed to the world. Just as it looked like it would not stop growing, it stopped, and slowly as the darkness and the beauty started to melt down, a figure was left there.

    Standing in the bright flora around her, was a blueish grey girl. Standing taller than most at 5'10", and long silver hair swirling in the wind. Her beauty had been described by sum as surpassing the one of humans, a beauty only told of in fairytales, but when the thing holding the beauty sees something far from what everyone does, it makes everything confusing, setting the balance of the world on edge.

    Sayomi had no idea of anyone like her, so she grew up the oddball, the person out. Though she was a stunning creature, she didn't see the beauty in herself, because she was used to the beauty that the humans saw and were to each other. She wore nothing like what they did. She wore everything like how she remembered it. Covering her body to still be decent, but other than that, there wasn't more left to the imagination. She bore a golden head band that stood out against her skin. An Arm band made of the same gold, with a few jewels, but the most curious thing that she wore was a necklace. A gem uncut like any other, and a color that was rarer then any gem. Along every part of it was a language that so far, no one had been able to identify.

    Closely watching as people walked from building to building, She had no idea where to go. She hardly knew where she was was. A stranger had advised her to go to this school in search for her answers. With a deep breath, she started her way up. Slowly, shadows twirled about again, this time under her, and started to lift her up. She wasn't going to take the main entrance to the school. She didn't want to be stared at that much, she preferred to hide in the shadows of the world, away from the eyes of others.

    Slowly, she made her way to the floating rock. As she stepped her domain, onto a rock, and into a world that was not hers, she couldn't help but be worried for what was to come. Some places didn't like her 'kind', whatever it was. She could feel the eyes of some of the students. Quickly, darkness formed a cloak for her, so that she wouldn't be so noticeable, but it was hard to miss someone like her. The cloaked seemed to look like it was always being blown around, because of the way that her powers worked, everything she did seemed so beautiful, and light, whispy and part of the earth, in reality it should have been feared greatly.

    Looking around, she had no idea which building was which. She just needed someone that could help her. Cautiously Sayomi entered the building, pretending that no one was there, watching her every step. She was always displeased with the way people looked at her. After searching, it was obvious that she was in a library. There had to be someone, anyone willing to help. Finally, she decided on a man that looked simpler than the rest. His hair was braided and was lost in a book. She hoped that he would be more willing to help her. She walked over to him slowly, and stood in front of him, her cloak of darkness started to disappear. Her piercing green eyes looked down at him, watching him carefully.

    "Excuse me... Can you help me with something?" Sayomi's smooth and sultry voice rang out in the silence.
  3. The light billowing in from the tall arch like windows filled the room. But even this bright light, there was enough darkness for the strange lady to manipulate what she needed. Although even if she didn't use her power to make herself less noticeable, Rukh still would not have noticed. His nose buried in the book before him, oblivious to anyone that would walk by. So it came to no surprise that he didn't notice Sayomi when she walked up to him.

    His deep voice numbly recited the words as he scribbled in his journal. "Think o'where you want to be... an' you'll be there... Aye doubt it's that simple." He mumbled. But like a voice entered his ears. Something soft and sultry. Awakening his senses like a finely brewed ale. Slightly startled he drug his eyes up to a face he didn't know. At first he thought she might be a dark elf, though so by her blueish grey skin and silver hair. But her eyes were green, not the usual red, orange or yellow that dark elves were known for. Further more she lacked elven features.

    Rukh stayed silent longer than deemed polite, taking in the darkness that whispered around her. Was she a demon? He'd certainly hoped not, the elder mages wouldn't let her get this far into the building before they would have stopped her. But suddenly Rukh realized how rude he was being. Jerking his eyes away from her he cleared his throat, sitting back a little. Placing the quill down he looked back at her. "'Pologies ma'am. Aye er... didn't mean ta stare..." He replied in a soft dwarven accent, deep but not gruff. Although he clearly was not a dwarf. But a human.

    Out of being polite he stood up, standing only an inch or two shorter than her, and nodded his head in a slight bow to her. His blue eyes not leaving hers as he did so. "Perhaps I can? Wha'cha need?" He said replying to her question. His eyes glancing around to the room. The few students and teachers in the library gave him odd stares. This both gave him comfort and made him worry. Comfort in knowing this beautiful woman wasn't a figment of his imagination. But it made him worry. There were plenty of other people here, way was she speaking to him?
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  4. Watching the man's every move carefully, She couldn't help but think about the words he mumbled to himself. 'Think of where you want to be, and you will be there.' Sayomi couldn't help but wonder if he was wishing on something, was there somewhere that he wished he could be? If so, then why didn't he just go where he wanted? Why just wish for it, when you could experience way? That was something Sayomi never understood about humans.

    After a bit, she realized that he proceeded to stare, which she was used to. It happened no matter where she went, or who she saw. She knew that she wasn't something anyone else had seen. She wondered what he was thinking as he looked at her. Did he think that she was going to hurt him? The thought never ever crossed her mind. "There is no need to apologize human. I understand that no one has ever seen someone like me. It is only natural to look and question." She replied to him. His accent was interesting to him. It was one that she had never heard on a human.

    It was more than noticeable that his eyes darted around to the other peoples that were in the library. She couldn't help as the corner of her mouth twitched. She hated it when things like this happened. Just because she was different, or they didn't know what race she was, she was automatically a bad soul, out to harm people. She let out a sigh, and then decided to finally talk.

    "You may not been able to help me... But if you could at least be able to direct me to someone who could.. As you probably had guessed, I don't go to the school." Carefully, she took the necklace off, and held it out for him to look at. "I need someone to help me identify anything about this. The writing, the era it was made, who made it. Anything about it at all..." as she talked, her eyes stated locked on the necklace with longing. She just wanted to know something, to help piece who she was. "I know it's a strange necklace, but I need the answers." She tried not to give up too much information about herself to a random stranger.
  5. Rukh felt bad now, knowing that she received long stares like he'd given her quite often. But this also fortified his belief that she was a benevolent creature, not one to harm others. Despite the darkness that swirled around her. His past taught him the one should never read a book by it's cover. He bowed his head apologetically regardless of her reply.

    His blue eyes watched curiously as she removed her necklace, saying she needed help discovering it's meaning. Glad that she gave him something to focus on besides her choice in clothing. Rukh was a polite man but still a man. He cleared his throat and offered a smile. "O'course." He took the gem in his hand and began to look it over. As he did so he reached in his pocket and pulled out a magnifying glass. "Perhaps it be Lady Destiny's guidance that brought ya to me. Aye happen to know a bit about artifacts." He held the glass to his eye and carefully inspected the gem.

    He'd never seen anything like it. The gem was a color he'd not seen. Coming from a man whom had adopted dwarven parents that was saying something. At the runes etched into it. A language he did not know. His brow furrowed curiously as he turned it in his hand. "Aye... Don't recognize this writing... This color... so unique... And can tell you it's quite old.." He pulled himself away and looked up at her. "Where did ya get this? Do ya know nothing about it?" He said, moving to stand before her instead of having the desk between them. Their proximity allowing for hushed words should she not want to speak loudly.
  6. Carefully watching the man, her piercings green eyes never left him. Watching his every movement. She was always unsure of people, partly because they were unsure of her. You can't trust someone, that doesn't trust you. She looked out of the corner of her eyes as a group of students peered around the corner of a book shelf. She tried not to smile, but she couldn't help to let out a smile smile. The few of the students that she could see, were men. Just like the one that was in front of her. She didn't completely get why some men dude what they did. She was tempted whether or not she wanted to scare them, or to tease them.

    She decided to just leave them alone for right now. "Who is Lady Destiny?" Sayomi didn't know most of what humans referred to. She spent most of her time exploring the world, and looking for answers to her questions. All of the people that she had talked to over her years, none of them could help her. No one knew anything about this necklace. She never got much human interaction besides what she watched, and read. Then the occasional conversation that would happen when she needed to ask someone for help.

    When the man moved closer to her, she couldn't help but jump. She wasn't used to people moving towards her. Once her mind calmed down from the scare, she was finally able to talk in a low tone. Not wanting too much information to get out about her, and who her people might be. "I don't know anything about it... I only know one thing.." She looked into his blue eyes. "It was given to me by my father, when I was very young. How old, I am not sure. Or where exactly it was that it was given to me. I just remember that it was a gift from him. I wore it all the time... And he always told me that I needed to keep it safe... So, I have."
  7. As he began to inspect the gem, she asked a strange question. He paused and looked up a moment but not necessarily at her. He'd been with the mages so long that he forgot that there were some whom did not believe in the deities he believed in. "Ah well um..." He started out as he looked back at her. "Between many humans and the collective of magi there be a belief of these deities that govern many aspects of our lives. Lady Destiny is the most mysterious of all. Real enigma she is. Governs the paths that people take." He explained as he began to look over the gem. "Many people believe that if something happens, like... finding somethin' or meetin' someone... It happened because Lady Destiny willed it so."

    The more he looked over the gem the more Rukh realized it was something special. Something rare and highly historically valuable. Out of being polite he moved closer to her as he spoke. But gave a startled move back when she jump. "Whoa now dove. Mean no harm... Just seemed rude to talk to ya with the desk between." He explained. She seemed to calm down and he resumed his place standing beside her. This time making sure to move slowly and not to stand too close to her personal space.

    As he suspected she gave more information when they were closer. So the necklace was a heirloom from her father. At first he wasn't so sure that information was worth whispering since he had a necklace from his mother. But then again his dwarven mother might not have held secrets like this strange lady had. He nodded as he listened. The way her green eyes looked into his blue seemed to tug at his being. He was sure now more than ever that she meant no harm. That she was dire in her need to find the truth.

    "Musta been important." He said with half a smile. His head lifting to the pair of boys eyeing them curiously. Rukh was not usually one for the ladies, and they knew it. He was usually holed up in the library or artifacts room, too consumed with his work to pay heed to the fairer sex. He narrowed his eyes at them and stood taller, squaring his shoulders at the younger students. "Don't y'boys have better things to do? Like the essay you have due tomorrow?" He barked authoritively at them. They jumped and nearly ran into the shelf as they tried to look like they were doing research. His glare turned soft as he looked at Sayomi, giving her the artifact back to keep safe.

    "Don't you pay mind to them idiots. Follow me. Aye may not know exactly what you have there but, aye got a friend who might know. Trust worthy elf. Saved my hide more than once." He said with half a smile as he motioned to the door. "Not to be mean but he's also old. Know how them elves live awhile. He might know somethin' ya?"
  8. Cocking her head to the side, Sayomi was very interested in this, Lady Destiny. She wondered if it was possible to meet her. Maybe she would know the answers. She looked at the man, and was curious as to what else she would learn. If you asked her anything regarding math, science, reading, the main aspects of being 'smart' she was beyond what anyone would imagine. Get her in any other aspect, and she was not. Loosing her farther at a young age, with hardly any memories, made her very naive in ways, and lacking in some forms of common sense, just as a child. Though she wanted to know more about this Lady, and whatever else she was tied to, she was more interested in finding out the necklace. Other adventures would come in life. Right now though, Sayomi's stubborn mind was set on this necklace.

    She couldn't help but feel guilty after jumping when he moved closer, like she had been extremely rude. "I am sorry.. I am not used to people coming closer to speak. It is usually either they run away, or they move closer to try to either take advantage, or to harm." carefully trying to explain herself, so that the man didn't leave either. She needed his help, and felt like he was going to be the best way to get the answers that she so desperately seeked. "The necklace has two options right now. Either is is important as you say, or my father was just a man, trying to make his only daughter feel important, by letting her guard the family heirloom, and that way, I will never find answers as to what has happened to my father, or rest of my family."

    Sometimes Sayomi was very optimistic, sometimes she was very pessimistic. Other times, she seemed to mix both together, such as life always really is, a mixture of both the good, and bad possibilities that are presented with every step, word and breath someone does in their lifetime. She was brought out of her thoughts once more as he started to put the other students in their places. She started to grow even more curious about the man that she had approached. "Do you teach here? Or are you just one of the sought after students?" She didn't fully know the way the schools worked, other than what she read. But most of what she found, was either old, or not factual, which left her in a bind when it came to real life.

    Carefully taking the necklace back, she moved her long silver hair to the side, and clasped the necklace back on, sliding her hand down it, making sure it laid flat. Sayomi brushed her hair back behind her, the hair seeming to cascade down her back once more, the darkness swirling around her slightly. Even though she wasn't using her powers for anything, there was always soft whisps of darkness and shadows around her, which helped to portray her mysteriousness even more then just her looks did.

    Looking the way that he pointed, Sayomi started to head towards the door slowly, waiting for him to take the lead once more. "Elves are very interesting creatures. Though they live forever, they can willing die of natural causes it seems. Or at least what I have noticed. There are old and wrinkly ones, that what it seems, have gotten that way by without noticing it, given some of their life force to others, hence draining their own. So when you see an old elf, it is actually just that they cared enough to help. And some, will give the greatest sacrifice, they will give the rest of their life force, and just seemingly die as a human does of old age, so that a new one can be born. It is rather interesting.." With lack of people skills, she wasn't always sure what to say, so she would give out simple observations that she had made, or gathered from again, her books. "Though, I could be wrong.. I have never met on personally." The difference between Sayomi and most people though, she had the humility to admit that she might be wrong, and that she didn't know for sure if even anything she knew was right or not.
  9. "Teach here?" The thought was almost amusing, although the truth was not that far from the thought. He gave her a soft smile as he shook his head. "Oh no. Aye don't teach here. 'Suppose I'm an old man at heart but aye don't have the patience for these young upstarts." He said giving a narrow eyed glance at the boy whom were not but a few years younger than him. He sighed as he thought about his true role at the school. "No, not really a student. I graduated a few years ago. But aye stay to learn what aye can as an apprentice... Less prestigious title of Council Errand boy aye 'suppose would be more correct." He feigned a smile, suggesting he wasn't overly fond of the idea. "But aye am here to help the students if they need help. Which is why aye know they have an essay due." He said finishing his words.

    Rukh watched her do this trivial task but it suddenly made him feel much less of an 'old man at heart'. Her silver hair tumbled over her arm and shoulder like a gentle waterfall, the black wisps of darkness coming off her like the mist of one. Her hands fixing the gem on her chest led his eyes to draw down a place improper. To say Rukh didn't find her attractive would have been a lie. He drug his eyes away and tidied up the desk he'd been using, making sure to take his journal with him. Flashing her an awkward smile as she tossed her hair over her shoulder once more.

    He was grateful for the distraction of leaving the room. He let her go first but then took the lead as he left for his masters class, hoping he'd not be too terribly busy so he could help Sayomi. He smiled as she spoke about elves, speaking of them as if they were a creature to be studied. This didn;t come off as rude at all to Rukh. Actually he found it rather welcoming, the science behind the race a distraction. "Elves have a higher aptitude for magic and many guess that be the reason for them and their longevity. Master Aemornion wont say exactly why he ages differently, but he claims it's due to the student drivin' him old." He said with a fond chuckle but his smile faded ever slightly as he thought more about it. "You mention some giving up a great sacrifice... Aye often wonder if he did somethin' like that." Rukh spoke as he led her through wide open halls.

    He managed to ignore the stares they got, especially the ones from the paladins and templars. He glanced at them and suddenly worried if she knew the difference. "Er... I donno if ya got magic in ya... Aye'm assumin' you do. But do ya know the difference between a templar and a paladin?" He said looking back at her.
  10. Listening carefully to what he had to say about his position at the school, Sayomi found herself confused once more. "Do not take this the wrong way.." She started as she looked at Rukh. "It seems as if you stay because it is comfortable.. You think that the great wizards and beings became great by staying at a college? Reading books about experiences, and hoping that if they come into contact with someone of the same like, that they will be able to excel the same way. But that is not how life works. No. The books you read are based of true experiences. Not something that someone read and found and error. If you want to be great, you cannot stay in one place and hope.There is only so much you can learn from books before the real world needs to come into play." as she finished her sentence, she couldn't help but feel bad for what she spoke. But it was true. Sayomi had really no training in her powers, but she was exceedingly good with them. Because nothing is a better teacher than when you actually need something.

    Sayomi noticed as his eyes wondered in fixation, watching her. Though she couldn't really say that she had the same experience with another creature, it is only natural to be curious about every part of an unknown person. Curiosity exists in every creature. She didn't find it rude or awkward or really anything. She probably would have found it rather odd if the man didn't have curiosity for her.

    She let her mind wonder as he talked about what this elf that they were going to meet had to say about himself growing old. It made her think even more. She couldn't help but look at the other students, then look at the one that had practically took her under his wing in helping her, a complete stranger. She started to wonder many things about this teacher. "This master of yours.. He has been here a long time yes?" She asked. She had a million questions and thoughts, and usually this was the part that if she was on her own that would make her talk to herself as she paced around and around to try and find a practical answer to her questions. "Has he discovered anything? Like largely of magical use. Has he created anything magical.." Then her mind felt like it hit a wall. "Maybe he hasn't. And the students he speaks of that drain him, are ones like you. That with much help and compassion as most Elves show, he will help you a great deal one day, as he has with many before you. Giving you a small bit of his life force to see you succeed. Because what is life if you do not help others? Or leave your name in some great way. That is what he does. Gives part of his life energy to see people who are meant to be great succeed." As she started to think, her eyes dilated and turned to a deeper green, and the whisps that circled her increased in density and speed.

    "Though both templars and paladins are both known to be holy. Templars are more fighters of wars, and promised forgiveness for every sin that they do as long as they keep fighting the wars they are told to. Paladins are more gentle, caring, and show more chilverly. Going about to help people. Not to just fight pointless wars." Sayomi's voice seemed to echo in her head as she spoke. Her mind still racing. "I do not know much about them. Though I have encountered both. Templars are more prone to not attack on sight because not told to. While paladins assume and charge."
  11. Rukh held a straight face when she replied. It was if she was quoting Master Aemornion. 'You stay because it's comfortable.' An obvious frown played on his face as she explained her reasoning. She had a very good point and in fact spoke the truth. A good wizard was the kind that went out and had those adventures he was always reading about. Experience was the best teacher. But Rukh was a man who liked to play everything safe. He felt he could read about these subjects and know just as much. He had an adventure in his teen years, one that nearly got him not only expelled but imprisoned by the templars. "Well I've had enough adventure, thanks. Don't need any more... And... I learn enogh from the books." He said trying to defend his own feelings.

    She started to ask about Aemornion, he gave her a nod as he replied. "He's been 'ere for a while yea. But not always... He... Speaks like someone who's been on adventures and what not..." He said his voice drifting off. "In him younger years he discovered the properties of a few different magical artifacts. Even discovered a few of em artifacts himself." The accomplishments were there but he never really spoke outwardly of his adventures. Being a quiet man by nature, Rukh honestly couldn't imagine him doing much more that reading books and scowling at mischievous students. He chuckled when she said maybe he was giving his life force to the students. "I figure him just pullin' me leg with that one." But Rukh's expression turned to curiosity when he thought more about it. He'd always figured Aemornion was just saying that but what if it was the truth?

    They walked the halls and Rukh gave a smile and a nod to the templars and paladins watching them. "Awe got a good knowin' bout em. But something more, templars are... In plain terms, hunters. They train to hunt down and take out rogue mages. It's their job t'judge them for their crimes. They be not so forgiving as the paladins. Seein' as they are the protectors. Guard dogs I like t'call em. If ya feed a guard dog and show em a bit of kindness, it'll go a long way and they may even befriend ya." He looked back at her as they neared the end of the hall. "But don't you think for one moment dove that the templars wont attack because no one told em not to." He said shaking his head. "When it comes to mages, they may pass judgment when they think it necessary." He said as he came to a door in a seemingly endless hallway. He placed his face against the small window on the door and peered in.

    They were in luck, there was no class in session. Rukh motioned for Sayomi to follow him as he opened the door and walked in. He held it open for her to follow him before he allow it to shut. Sitting at a desk was a elder male elf, writing notes with a large quill as he nibbled on candy. His straight brown silky hair flowed from his head was streaked ever so modestly with grey. His skin was no overly pale even against the dark green robes he wore. A thin elegant face held blue almond shaped eyes behind wire framed glasses. When they entered he looked up and gave a warm smile, but his brows furrowed curiously at the woman with Rukh. "Master Aemornion." Rukh said clasping his hands behind his back as he bowed respectfully to the elf.

    "Greetings Apprentice Rukh..." He nodded in greeting to Sayomi. Rukh paused before the desk and motioned to the woman with him. "This is Sayomi. She is seeking knowledge about a family heirloom of hers. Got not the knowledge you do so I figure it best to bring her here. "That's interesting..." The elf replied, but not to Rukh's words. It was to the smokey wisps that flowed from the woman.
  12. Carefully, Sayomi watched his facial expressions. It was obvious that he was not happy with what she said... But he was not happy where he was either. "Let me ask you this... Are you happy where you are? Just sitting at a college doing nothing but reading? And something else..." She knew she needed to tread carefully with her next words, but she also knew who she needed to see. "No, just think.. You already know where you want to be. Is your path that you are on going to get you there.." She let her final words ring, and let him figure out what to do. Humans only had a short time on this earth, they shouldn't die feeling unfulfilled. Or else their life would be pointless. She had no further words to say.

    When he brought up that the elf had discovered some of his own magical artifacts, she wouldn't help but get excited.. Someone who was able to find their own artifacts, and also properties, that would defiantly increase her odds in finding something out. She became even more curious by the elf that they were to meet. She decided to just hold her questions until they met. She wasn't too sure how much Rukh knew, and didn't want to over whelm him with the questions that were over whelming her own head. She wondered if this elf would either truely try to help her, or try to take the necklace from her. If that was the case, even though Sayomi was a fairly calm soul, she wouldn't hesitate to fight. No matter all the Templars and Paladins that were roaming.

    "I am not a mage of any sorts. I cannot control magic at my whim, I cannot control different spells. All I have is my darkness and shadows. And all I need is my own shadow to be able to control as much as I need." She let her green eyes look back over at him. "So if I am not a mage, then why come after me?." Then she stopped for a moment.. "I guess just cause I have what looks like magic and look to an calamitous being. Most humans are too quick to judge what they do not know or understand.."

    As he opened the door, motioning for her to walk in, she did so cautiously. New places always scared the woman, because she didn't know what was to happen. As she took the first few steps in, she couldn't help but look around. She looked at the desks, the books, and eventually her eyes fell to the elf. He wasn't as old as she thought that he would be. She thought that he would be much older than what he actually was, so she was slightly disappointed in that aspect. But he was still older than most elves that she had seen.

    She watched the elf as Rukh introduced her. The room was darker than the library, and much darker than outside, which again, caused the wisps that swirled to become darker in turn. She had noticed that the strength of her powers didn't just come from her mental and magical capabilities, but also from darkness that was around her. The darkness made them denser and hence stronger. Her green eyes lingered on the elf, then shot to Rukh before she again, took off the necklace, holding it out. "This is what I have come for information about. No one seems to know really anything about it. The origin, the language, the era. Nothing. Everything is unknown." She bowed her head slightly, looking back to the elf. "Before you ask, if you are wondering. I do not know how old I am. I remember being with my father, then him telling me to run. So I did. After that, it was like I have been asleep. One morning I just woke up, and I have remembered ever since. When I go back to my consious time of waking up, I was no longer a child, had many drawings, notes, many different clothes. I could not have been sleeping that entire time. I am just as lost as anyone, hence why I seek these answers. I want to know more of my people, and what may have happened to my father."
  13. Rukh listened to her entirely before he spoke. But his stand stiffened and his body grew tense when she asked if he was truly happy where he was. Of course he was happy! What a silly question to ask. Who wouldn't like a safe environment with all the creature comforts one could need? These were the things that Rukh told himself anyways. And in his head he believed this. The adventure he went on in his teen years with another friend was dangerous, horrible, sad, tenuous and... thrilling. His heart however, quietly disagreed with his mind. "I am to study to become a council member... Eventually... So yes. This... Is the path I must take." No matter how much he tried to sound convincing, there was that hint of regret in his voice. Rukh, as many young magi, had a path placed before him. One he was expected to walk with unfaltering blindness. But was it his true path? The one he was meant to walk?

    In the room Rukh stood back, allowing the elder elf to speak to Sayomi. He casually looked over, doing a double take as the billows of darkness that surrounded the young woman. They seemed to be intensified in this dark stuffy room. He tried to act nonchalant but in was intriguing to see. Out of politeness the elder stood. A weary groan escaping him as he stood up slowly, the trivial action seemingly taking a little more effort that it would someone younger. Aemornion only walked towards Sayomi when she offered him the necklace. His lithe fingers delicately taking the necklace in his hands. "Well then. Allow me to take a look." He said with a warm smile.

    He turned the object in his hands, adjusting the glasses as he looked it over. Glancing up at Rukh and Sayomi as she told her tale. He seemed interested and casual as she spoke. A quizzical look on his face as she said she remembered not her past. But his expression faded to blank as he looked over the scripture on the back. His face grew pale and his eyes darted up with alarm. Looking much more deeply at Saymoi than he did before. Rukh noticed the change right away. The elder was always a calm man and never had he known him to ask this way. The elf's head jerked towards the door before he moved to make sure his back faced the door.

    "Sayomi, you say your father gave this to you?" He looked at it with alarm. His eyes wide he clasped her hands and placed the necklace in her palms. "You need to keep this out of site... Did anyone see you come here? Were you followed?" Rukh stepped closer to Sayomi, clearly looking alarmed. "Master, what's wrong!?"
  14. Sayomi had heard the doubt and longing in the man's voice. It was clear. She couldn't help but smile. If they had been having this conversation at all, then she knew that it wasn't what made him happy, or what he wanted to do. He was meant for something more. What, she had no idea. All she knew was that he was meant for more. Nothing comes from chance in this world, or so she believed. If a conversation was had, it was to either learn or guide you somewhere to where you need to be. Or else the conversation would not be happening. No matter what people said, this is what she believed. You cannot interact with someone without leaving something, and taking something. So as the world worked. You couldn't walk the earth on any part without leaving and taking something. The whole world worked the same way.

    She couldn't help but be curious as the man stood with what seemed to be slight pain. The old elf certainly should know magic or have a potion to help with the stiffness and soarness. She wondered why he did not use it. Her eyes stayed locked on him, just the same as they had with Rukh. Never leaving him. Looking at the little movements in his eyes, nose and the corners of his mouth. The moment that his face went from curiosity to a blank and glassy stare, She knew that he knew something about it. What it meant, and all the answers that she was looking for. Once his eyes darted to her, and the door, Sayomi knew that something was wrong. She had always wondered if there was a secret meaning behind this necklace. She found it strange that others couldn't tell her even so much a morsel of information on it. As if it has been completely blanked from books and peoples minds.

    Once the elves hands touched hers and told her to keep it hidden, Darkness completely enveloped the room. Wisps came from under her as if coming from the underworld it's self, they covered all the windows, and doors. Keeping outside glances out. The room became dark, and it would take a great deal for someone to open the door from the pressure. This was a trick she used often. Once the room was dark, it required very limited effort to keep the darkness strong. It was almost like a never ending cycle. She pretty much was just keeping the whisps that were closest to the light alive, while the rest grew even denser. Going from a light to smokey grey to a pure black. any eyes that looked in though it would just look as if the lights were off and no one was in there.

    Pulling out a small candle from her bag, she lit it, and let the darkness raise it up, and slightly cover it. To keep it just on the three people in the room. It burned a blue color to help stay hidden. Finally she looked at the elf, and Rukh, eyes squinted, eyes dialated more than theirs. With the ability to control darkness, gave her the ability to see better in it. "You honestly think that someone like me could go without notice in a place like this? Everybody notices me, no matter where I go. I am always being watched. Followed, no. At least when I got here I wasn't. I cannot be sure if someone started once I arrived." She looked back at Rukh and took a deep breath.

    "One of my biggest fears is there being some sort of evil behind either my people, or what happened to them. Think about it. You are a scholar, you read many many books. Have you ever read something of someone that looks like me, or about writting like this? No. There is nothing. As if to stay hidden. There must be a reason why people like me are not found. And by the look at your masters face, it is a dangerous tale."
  15. Rukh could only watch was his master seemed to grow cautious. With a man whom the human man believed could face a dragon and casually sip tea, this reaction was fierce. His body brew tense and he started to look around as well, wondering who or what Aemornion was looking for. But suddenly the room grew dark, a mist which swirled from the young woman Sayomi. It gave Rukh the feeling that the under world was coming up from under her, spewing forth to consume the light in the room. Even Aemornion seemed startled by this action.

    The elder elf gave her back the necklace, warning her to keep it hidden. The darkness that swelled from her made him jump back and watch her curiously. Though unlike Rukh, he seemed less alarmed by her 'magic'. That didn't make much sense to Rukh. He was more worried about the necklace than the magic darkness swirling around her that now was covering the room. The sudden change in light made Rukh squint his eyes and ask a new question. "Whoa... okay what magic is that?" He said to her.

    Sayomi lit a candle while Aemornion cupped his hand. A ball of arcane amethyst energy forming a bright light that illuminated the room. "That is quite a ability you have there..." The elder elf said as he looked around. He listened to Sayomi as she spoke, his eyes glancing at the door another moment. "Evil? Well dark energy could be associated with what people consider 'evil'." He said as he walked to the door to peer out the glass. "But Rukh and I know first hand that even someone who commands light energy or holy energy can to dark and evil deeds." Aemornion walked back to his desk. Rukh looked away when the elder mentioned that he knew first hand.

    Oh yes, he did know first hand what someone of 'righteous being' could do. Or rather how a madness fueled by personal feelings and tenacious effort when a hunt is involved. It made him shift in his place, adding to his discomfort as he looked at the darkened room. "I may know something about your people, but I'll have to research. But that necklace... It-" But he didn't finish his sentence before a harsh knock came on the door. Aemornion shook his hand and the light vanished from his hand. His finger shooting to his lips in a motion for everyone to be silent.

    "The room is dark. Master Aemornion isn't in his class room." One man said behind the door. "Then we check his study. Rukh and the shadow woman were headed to him. We need to find them. I'm not going to be the one telling the Grand Master we can't find the woman in the school." The voices belonged to a pair of templars, voices that Rukh recognized. But why were they looking for Sayomi? What would the Grand Master want with Sayomi in the first place?
  16. Sayomi couldn't help but eye the elf that was helping them. In times like this, she had found out the hard way, that people would turn over what they said they said they were trying to help or protect. So as the situation grew more extreme, her trust dwindled away slowly. When Rukh asked about her magic she cocked her head and looked at him. "Magic is learned, tamed, and can be more than just one power. Mine has been with me since birth. The only thing that I am capable of doing to expand it is, to make it stronger, increase my own strength so I can do more longer, and learn new tricks. I don't know if that is magic, for it has always swirled about. When I am weak, the mists grow duller, when I am strong, they are darker..." She hated to compare it, but sometimes, she felt like it was a tangible existence of her life force. For she believed that if the mists stopped swirling around her, then she would surly perish.

    When the pounding started she instantly stopped talking, and puffed out the light with the darkness. They needed a way to distract them. Needed for them to keep themselves busy.Before they broke down the door and interrupted everything. She knew what she could do, but was terrified of doing it, the last time she did, it took all of her energy, and she ended up passing out. That was a while ago,and she had grown stronger since, but just the thought of possibly exerting too much energy and loosing herself scared her.

    She took a deep breath and started to whisper in Rukh's ear. "I have an idea to buy us some time. But, if I loose consciousness, then I need you to make sure he researches all that he said he would, and to make sure that nothing happens to me. Just hide me in a closet if you have to. But if it does come down to it, then don't risk harm to yourself. Just hand me over. I have escaped tricky situations before."

    She put her hand on his shoulder, then went over and sat on a table, crossing her legs. As she concentrated, her breathing slowed, and more whisps swirled about, right next to her. After about 5 minutes of concentration, slowly a body started to form, and soon, there was another Sayomi sitting next to her. The only difference was her hair was more silver than white, and the gold clothes that she wore, was silver on the double, she doubted that anyone would really notice unless they paid close attention to her. Carefully looking at the double for any imperfections, she couldn't notice any. She smiled weakly, and decided to see how the double acted. She watched as it stood and walking like a normal person, the whisps that flew it around it looked like hers, so she wasn't nervous about that. She just observed her double for a few minutes, before it suddenly was gone.

    She smiled again and just laid on the table, waiting for whatever was to happen happen.
  17. Rukh's eyes were wide, darting between his master and this new woman. He could hear the templars words. What would the grand master want with Sayomi? It didn't make sense, and with the world suddenly picking up speed it seemed he'd have trouble catching up. His brows furrowed and confusion riddled his young bearded face as he looked to her. Her whispered plan only brought fear into his face. Surprise that she'd go to such lengths. What was with the necklace?

    both elf and human watched her move to the desk. What happened next surprised both. "A doppelganger... Most interesting..." Aermornion said curiously as he tilted his head. Reacting as if he'd found a new spell or book he'd not read. But to Rukh it was alarming. He jumped back startled as he eyed the second form of Sayomi. To him it looked identical, moving like she did. Most interesting was the wisps of black smoke softly billowing from her. "How'd you..." His voice whispered off as he looked back at her.

    But all the while the elven teacher had come up with a plan. "This will prove very useful. I don't have time to explain nor do I have the time to safely research." He moved to the real Sayomi, taking her hand gingerly into his. "I swear to you..." He said looking into her eyes. "I will do what I can to help. All I can tell you is that this is something the Circle doesn't want found. You are in danger. That much I believe you know. That is why you must leave the academy now with Rukh." The human did a double take, his jaw dropping as he looked at Aemornion. "Wut? Beg ya pardon Master but-"

    But Aemornion cut him off. "Do not argue with me boy. It is Lady Destiny's will that she be in your care. Just like Micha. You are the vessel to guide her path." The words cut the young man deeper than he let on. Thinking of his best friend and childhood love made his heart ache with her absence. His lips drew tightly closed and he looked away. "Why me? Master I-" But again Aemornion cut him off. "You are one of the few magi whom can get off this island. Do you not think it destiny that she met you?" Rukh remained quiet, as he had a very powerful point.

    He had mastered the wind enough to fly on an object to the mainland a few miles away. No other student would have been taught this ability. In fact it was one he had to master on his last unwilling adventure. He sighed and nodded. "Now listen, can you have this copy follow me? Once you and Rukh are far enough away then you can sever the connection. And make it disappear. I promise I will help you but I cannot just yet." He said letting her hand go to look at them both.
  18. Letting out a small giggle as she sat up. "Don't seem so surprised. When you're different like me. Many people want to fight. Its easier to hide than to fight all of them. Hiding and illusions are easier than attempting to fight them all." Sayomi could fight, yes. And it was very amusing to her. But its too much on her physical body. Its easier to just go and walk away and let them think that they have won. "Someimes though. Just hiding or disappearing isn't enough for some people. They either need a larger push the other way. Or to think that tjust have deeated me. So I must manipulate the shadows. And you would never know the time, patience, and pass outs it took to learn how." She knew that she can hold the connection between the copy for more than a few miles. There were much the clone could do that would surprise most.

    She always found peoples looks when she showed them a new trick of hers. Some were scared. Others amused. Some astonished. And others plain couldn't handle it. She figured she was at least at a medium level of what she was capable of, but she wasn't sure what else was possible. She needed training from someone who understood how these powers worked.

    As the elder elf came and held her hand softly, it was an odd feelinh for her. The heat of someone's hands on hers. She was not afraid of being touched, but it didn't happen often. Mostly because people were afraid to touch her and because she spent much time alone. Not much interactions with others. "I will trust you master elf. Just do not disappoint me. Cause from here I have no where else to go." Once the elf commented on Rukh her eyes widened. "He does not wish to to explore. He fears the challenges of the world. If Rukh goes I fear he will just become injured."

    When getting off the island was brought up, Sayomi just looked at him confusion set in her face. "I got on the island. I am more than positive that I can get off. Though the company would be nice and I do think it would benefit Rukh to explore. He wishes to be great and you only can be by overcoming the world and fears. Not just his but others. But the world has actually taught me that you cannot make someone do something that they don't wish to. Or else things become even more complicated. I don't want to drag him away when he is not wanting to."

    She let her piercing green eyes fall to Rukh. Though she thought he would be an interesting companion she did not wish to drag him where it may not actually be where he is meant to be. She wanted him to choose what he wanted. Not do what he was told. He was an adult. His paths were to be chosen by him. "I can make the shadow do everything I can. Its like it takes a portion of my brain that I can turn off and on. If you talk then I will hear. And if I will her to speak to you then you will hear."
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