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      "Let me go!" yelled a female voice a high pitched screech that made the cells shake slightly as a female was fighting against four guards, two held her arms as the other two held her legs sharply. God, she would kill them all when she was able to, but for now she squirmed and struggled angrily. The girl had golden blonde hair and she bit a guard drawing blood her green eyes like a fierce, aggressive feline.

      One guard grabbed her hair and spat in her face "Silence Witch, you are no longer wanted by the halls of royalty. Maybe this will teach you" he opened the cell of the prince and threw her in roughly and she smacked into the ground. She got up and shot toward them angrily, but the wall came back up and she yelped and fell backward sharply and grunted.

      "YOU fuckers get back here and fight me like guards" she screamed and watched them walk away laughing and scowled slightly turning and looking at the raven haired prince. "Let me guess your Loki" She said with a bitterness to her voice. She didn't look very dangerous but by the cloak, you could tell there was a danger to her. She huffed and sat down looking at him slightly with agressive annoyed eyes.

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  1. Loki stood calm and attentive while sensing every sound and motion from the brawl. He was ready to run, flee, and gather the puzzles to his plan. He had no longer patience to plot and think anymore- he was ready to gather his sources, and stretch his power. He had no father, he had no brother, and he had no mother. He was Loki, bound with glorious purpose to rule all- at least he'd give them hell of a time trying to do so. He'd been tricked, and manipulated by Odin to believe he was loved and cherished when all he was to him was a trinket.

    As the girl was brutally thrown into the cell Loki had decorated with his strong illusions of royal formality, he gave the guards an unimpressed look. That was no way to treat a lady. He did nothing though, and took her in like a snake measuring his arrived prey. He grimaced slightly when she meant them to come and fight with their prisoner- guards didn't fight, they guarded. The villain had opened his mouth to correct her, but she interrupted him.
    Of course she knew him, he was Loki of Asgard, about twelve thousand years old. He was glad she seemed to hate him rather than mock him as he felt embarrassed about being in prison.

    The illusions of the furniture was so powerful that you could lift the books and read them, sit in the chairs, and feel the soft patterned red flannel fabric on the couch. You could even kick your toe in the table.

    He'd been a highly regarded prince, and now he was an infamous killer and terrorist, yet he didn't see himself in that way. Nonetheless, he had killed humans on earth, and he had tried to take over the planet while having the tesseract. A little boy playing with big men's toys had he heard someone say, but he was glad they underestimated him. "And what of it?" he asked back softly.

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  2. "Nothing, I just knew you from the appearance" Shesaid, shrugging her shoulders, looking at the wall and eyes glowed slightly. "Now they are loosing their touches with these things. Well, I guess that's for another day" Turning, she looked at the god and crossed her arms and looked at him.

    "Learn your lesson about the whole world ruling thing yet, or are you still up for more of that? If you are I can break you free and help you with that" She said smirking as she knew she was the last person that looked like she could get them out of this cell. But she had magic, a magic so raw and gruesome thought.

    She looked at the guard closest to the cell and eyes glowed slightly as the guard rasped and coughed and fell to the ground coughing wheezing, rasping blood coming from his mouth. Her eyes glowing as she shut her eyes and the guard was released from her force.The guard crawled away like a beaten puppy and she smiles gently.

    "Magic is fun unless you're born with the kind that I was and that's when things go south fast for you. But you got to not worry about that any time soon. Well lets see if you know me at all, " she smirked darkly and leaned back on an invisible wall she created. "I am named ...well was named Princess Jesinka but my .....ability made me rather. You know shunned from family life"
  3. Having witnessed her classic show, and the squirming guard who would soon enough cause alarm, Loki squinted away unimpressed; "Since when did courtesy become so dispensable?" It was a rhetoric question the God asked to gain time to know the witch, then he asked truthfully and soft while looking at her- almost compassionate; "What do you call yourself?" He was making a decision about leaving with her in the back of his mind when seeing that she wasn't planning on staying long. The reason for Loki's skills in deceit and trickery was his dislike of violence. He just wanted to be obeyed and worshiped- in a Kingdom where he could do what he wanted. And of course he sought revenge for those who'd hurt him.
  4. "figure it out Loki, your a smart boy...so i heard" muses as she hears barking and grinned gently and touched the wall not caring about the engery that pulsed through it. There was a thunderous roar that shook the ground of the cell as a large black and blue wolf raced down the halls of war criminals snarling at the guards as they backed away sharply.

    "Blessed my friend" she said happily as the hound came to the wall as it barked and sat in-front of the wall. The hound was as big as a horse , its furry ears perked slightly and barked at the glass cracking it slightly. She nodded smiling softly,"Well I will see you in two days my friend I must get myself resorted in energy before I can get through this glass my friend. Now go back and wait for my call" She said as the hound barked and nodded before vanishing into a burst of black mist. The girl turned to the god and smirks gently,

    "I'm Odin's and Frigga's Exciled Princess" said softly eyes looking at the god with sharp eyes as she sat down and closed her eyes as symbols floated around her. The symbols glowed and swirled around her as it made almost what looked like a see through wall around her. She smiles as she hummed and the symbols glowed and spread around slightly and then vanished. She nodded and opened her eyes slightly "well what do you do for fun here surely you keep yourself from boredom more then books"
  5. Loki couldn't keep it in anymore. He started chuckling- his pale cheeks lifting into a charming grin as his eyes went down to the floor humbly. After a low giggle, which turned into a tired moan, he rubbed his forehead while turning away. It seemed Odin had a habit of exiling his children. Over his shoulder he looked at the woman. "Oh, this is just getting better and better. What did you do? You were born? Under the wrong star I presume?" His voice was bitter and his eyes mocked, still there was not a single hostile intention within him- okay, perhaps one.
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  6. "oh don't worry about what I did it doesn;t concern you " She rolled her eyes looking at the strange glass that kept them in. The cat-like eyes glowed sharply in the dim light as she closed her eyes and huffed out flames from her mouth. The dragon growled slightly and huffed slightly and eyes closed gently. She kept muttering small spell under her breath thinking about everything she had gone through. Her eyes snapped open and got up and looked at the glass. She reeled her hand back and punched it sharply.
  7. Loki lifted an eye brow unimpressed at her ministrations. What exactly was she trying to do? If she kept going on like that she'd be put down in chains, or removed. It would be a nuisance indeed as he didn't like the chains: The last one's he'd seen had kept him from talking. He wouldn't wish that humiliation upon anyone- except maybe Odin and Thor, and Thanos, that bastard.

    To gain her attention, he spoke sharply, though his friendly expression still present; "I believe a dangerous villain of Asgard concerns me. Especially when she suddenly claims to be my sister." Standing in the far right corner of the cell, Loki's tone changed to an amused one; "Tell me; does Odin have more children he's not told me about? Maybe we should gather for a reunion: 'The condemned children of Odin.'"
    Loki hid his true emotions behind a grin ready to laugh. The thought of Odin having kept more secrets from him in the past sparked his hatred- he wanted to hear more. More reasons to hate. Hatred fed Loki's bitter reason to live. However, looking down, he hid the dark passion from her when crossing the cell. A table and a set of chairs waited for its maker on the left side.
    In style they stuck out from everything else in the dungeon. They could only be related to Loki's elegance and comfort.
    The cell was white, and the chair Loki sat down in was finer and softer than the other red ones placed around. They were smaller copies of the green, which faced towards the glass the brunette had been pounding at. Leaning back against the green flannel, he gave the princess a blue eyed stare. The smooth God seemed to belong in there with the furniture. The dark wood of the chair, with feet and ends curling smoothly, it fitted the raven haired God perfectly.
    As he leaned his delicate chin against a gentle set of pondering fingers, he waited for the brunette to speak, and seemed to contain the right passion for something more.
    He still wondered if she was crazy though- however crazy could be used for his own neat benefits.
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