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  1. The first day of spring was always the busiest people bustling through the city's streets to find what they need to start the spring off right. The many trees had blossomed and gardens had began to grown. Queen Bella was walking down the palace hallway spring was a better version of Christmas to her. She kindly asked some of the maids to open the curtains and let the sun shine in. Her golden ears and tails glistened in the sun she had taken a seat by one of the windows watching her towns people wonder in the courtyard some soldiers of peace wondering around as well. Bella sighed then stood up she ran her hands down her dress seeming to flatten it to her body then closed her eyes her tails disappeared it was important to hide her tails when leaving the castle it eliminates the possibility of assassination. She walked down the hallway to find a guard to escort her through town. She didn't want to miss out on such an exciting day.
  2. Sweetblood was sitting in the nearby gardens, using meditation to ebb the urges of hunger. It was working, per usual, as he was one of the first of his kind, and if the humans and other denizens of the kingdom were anything to go on, only biding his time until he ate his Queen. His Queen. The thought was sweet on his tongue, as were many when he was transformed, due to the berries that littered his towering frame. The wood of his body creaked, and his skull chattered at he breathed in the energy around him...and nearly set everything around him on fire when he caught scent of Bella. In one leap, he was in front of her, leaves falling off his body as he knelt before her.

    "How may I serve you?" The words came out slow, his voice like falling rocks as he towered over the kitsune.
  3. As the words came out, a young looking kitsune jumped in front of him, holding a sword to his side. He was glaring at the creature, and stepped in front of the queen. "Business with the Queen?" He asked, the words rolling off his tongue.
  4. Talithe was slowly making her way across the grounds of the palace courtyard, heading for the castle. She'd been summoned for another job, thought she didn't know the details. She wasn't one for questioning it when a royal messenger told he she'd been summoned. As she made her way into the huge castle, she was struck once again by the awe of such a huge building. She saw it often, but it still caught her every time.

    She shook the thought away and kept walking until she found the head of the guard. A windigo, she believed. Not something she'd trust to be her guard, personally, but she wouldn't question the queens decisions. She bowed her head a bit. "Talithe reporting, I was summoned for a job?" She looked from the windigo to the young kitsune with a detached sort of look on her face, waiting for them to figure out whatever was going on before she tried to get an answer.
  5. Athena was trotting around with a string of kills hanging across her flank and her bow strung across her back. She smiled as she walked from stall to stall selling her catches to different vendors who wanted her wares. After a bit she smiled having sold everything o her string she put everything into her purse and kept walking looking around at all the interesting wares wondering if she could get a new bow or dagger. Smiling she bought a small pastry and kept walking along her tail flicking behind her.
  6. Sweet picked up the young kit with two fingers, pinching his shirt and bringing him to face level. "Did I say you? No. I did not. Fuck. Off." Sweet has never taken kindly to people, especially those who step up to him, acting like they could fend him off. His hollow eyes alight with a purple glow, he stared at the small child, before laughing and dropping him rather abruptly, changing back into his normal, human form, runes glowing orange. "Lady Bella, where are you headed?" His voice was leagues kinder as he smiled at her.
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    "Asshole." He mumbled, but stayed by the Queen's side, his sword being sheathed by his side. The Queen was his companion as of today, and he was still waiting for his first task as Her Majesty's Personal Mercenary.
  8. (Youre threatening a beast older than the trees around you, and expect to not be thought of as a child? Tisk, tisk. :3)
    "Oh, you're still here, and didn't go to cry in some back alley tavern. Shocking." Sweet put his scythe on his shoulders, then let his arm hang on both sides.
  9. Bella jumped as Sweetblood knelt in front of her she let out a sigh she dust a few leaves off of him before speaking,

    "You don't have to kneel, and I'd like to go for a walk through town would you accompany me?" Her voice as sweet as the scent of the cherry blossoms that bloom in the kingdom. Her golden locks blow slightly in the wind she looked at him with her piercing red eyes. "And for petes sake stop acting like children."
  10. "At least I wasn't feeding off a child in some back alley tavern." He replied with, glaring at Sweet. A beast this monstrous should be put away, perhaps in a lab to rot.
  11. A female was rather sun bathing luxuriously -or at least, her meaning of luxurious behavior- over a large roof top that shined and glistened, reflecting the sun's rays. She stared at the blue sky in silence, clouds rolling by, before she finally rolled to her stomach. It was Dolores, and she was rarely seen by others. Rarely. Though not for today.

    She pondered in silence. It has been half a year since her presence has been re known. Some thought she was finally dead, others thought she simply disappeared to mourn in private. Life was an adventure for Dolores and today was her lazy day where she didn't feel like hiding.

    Unbeknownst of others she was often hiding around the palace. Her shadow catching other people's eyes, and actually only seen for two seconds before she simply disappeared off. Few people who caught the fox' seeing on a high rooftop glimpsed momentarily, but had left her alone. Though she was unpredictable. Consider her a threat or not, her reputation was indeed large. From being a thief to mercenary to a spy, it really varied to what she felt like doing.

    Dolores yawned. Her gold ears that were fading down to white flicking as she soon gestured to her knees, crawling at the edge of the rooftop and looking down. Her head cocked as her hands gripped at the edge of the rooftop.

    "Queen." She whispered to herself, a small sneer appearing. Soon the girl crawled, following the queen as she was on the rooftop carefully staring down at her.

    Dolores crouched over a rooftop still, staring down and tilting her head. She was more cattily oddly enough and soon jumped off the high wall, landing with ease in a crouch position and slowly bringing herself up, dusting off her clothes of Black comfortable puffy pants (
    Harem pants) and a bandeau. She eyed the group from behind, a hand holding onto her other arm quietly. The group had yet noticed her and she skipped silently behind the fair queen, leaning forward and over her shoulder curiously, as if the queen was just another normal citizen. Her ears flicked. For once she was appearing longer then ever, clearing rumors and questions.
  12. Bella turned and glared at Kevin "It'd be in your best interest for you not to him that way, especially not in front of the queen!" she looked between the two of them "Weather you to like it our not while your in my presence you'd best be on proper behavior." she crossed her arms under her chest giving them both a stern glare. "Now if you two are done with your conflict I'd like to take a walk through the towns." she swiftly turned tossing her golden locks over her shoulder and began walking away from them to head into town weather they followed or not.
  13. Kevin groaned, but followed her. The Queen was starting to act like an ass, but he'd never say that in front of her. 'Why am I even here? She probably hates me...' He thought glumly.
  14. Kevin groaned, but followed her. The Queen was starting to act like an ass, but he'd never say that in front of her. 'Why am I even here? She probably hates me...' He thought glumly.
  15. Bella suddenly noticed the girl she smiled "Hello young one! What are you doing in the palace?" She asked Dolores, reaching up and rubbing Dolores between her ears with a warming smile. Then looked at Talithe "Yes I need you and Kevin to go on a few missions for me." She looked between the two then looked at Kevin "Kevin I need you to look into a group of elves preforming a dark ritual outside the city, all though dark magic is not forbidden some hunters have noticed some mangled animals around the forest, and thats not something I wish to have my people see. If they cause you trouble you can take them on yourself or come back and I will send some soldiers with you, do not kill them capture and bring them back to me." She paused then directed her attention to Talithe "I need you to look for something for me it's a necklace it looks like this." she pulled out a drawing from her pocket she'd drawn it long ago. "It was very dear to me and was taken while I was out one day." she handed the drawing to Talithe "I thank you both for your services let me know if you need anything, and when the task are done I will pay you what you fell is fit." She offered a soft nod of thanks to the two then smiled at Dolores showing a softer side. "Would you like to walk with me?"
  16. Kevin nodded, and he ran off, heading to the edge of the city.
  17. Off north of the city's limits was a group of elves their base in the middle of twisting and turning torn bushes. A small fire was burning in the middle of three sleeping bags made from soft fur and hide. The three elves were sitting at a table there was a few old textbooks opened on it and a small elk laying in the middle of the table. The seeming to be head elf was chanting words under his breath so soft not even the people right next to him could hear him. On the outside of there base where some skulls of elk, dear, rabbits, and some other forest animals.
  18. Kevin finally reached the city's edge, and crawled up on a roof, watching the elves off a moment.
  19. It seemed strange one of them held up a small bowl and filled with a thick blue liquid it began to shine and glisten as the chants grow louder "In the name of the damned I raise this withered, killed animal to commit the deeds that need to be done!" the elf holding the blow poured it over the animal carefully then they waited nothing. Failing yet again "This one is no good throw it out like the rest." the leader said.
  20. Kevin's tails flickered, then he jumped down behind the 'leader'. "Sir, you are under Queen's arrest.(?) Please come quietly and we won't have any problems."