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  1. "Watching my spell unfold gives me a rush"
  2. "I know how Mars is around Rapheal and I know how Diane is. She's not going to forgive Mars for not fighting for Alexander. But she will get hungry so the smell of cupcakes will get her out." Kunari smile weakly.
  3. So, here's some Shiki x Ilona arts~ It'll be colored but here's the sketch. : 3

  4. "If you move your hips with me it will feel even better." *alex said with a smirk after she didn't repeat herself. His hands wrapped around her waist to make sure she wouldn't fall off his lap as he sucked on her tits harder*
  5. "She feels like I don't take care of her as much and she's right. I don't worry much about her. She's never given me any reason to."
  6. Alena scream and cried as he forced his way in, "Its too much... please.. take it.. out..."
  7. "I know." Victoria blush lightly.
  8. I wonder how long it's gonna take before the robot gets PTSD from this shit.
  9. "It's...ahn.. going too.. ah.. deep...." Alena whimper softly.
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: DustMoon
    Past names (if any): Dustpawas Dust kit
    Gender: Female
    Age (in moons, one moon equals one month): 35 moons
    Rank: Queen warrior
    Mentor: n/a
    Apprentice: none
    Mate (if any): open
    Kits (if any): Dustkit
    Short physical description: She cat mixed color and Striped
    Personality: optional
    Strengths: Protective aware and loving
    Weaknesses: Her kit and mate
    Clan:Storm Clan
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Icypelt
    Past names (if any): Icypaw, Icykit
    Gender: Male
    Age (in moons, one moon equals one month): 25 moons
    Rank: Deputy
    Mentor: none
    Apprentice: open
    Mate (if any): open
    Kits (if any): open
    Short physical description: White black Tom with short hair
    Personality: optional
    Strengths: muscle mind and hunting
    Weaknesses: his clan and mate
    Picture: real cats only
    Clan: Valley Clan
  12. Dear Miss Ruby,

    Greetings, my friend! I most certainly hope you are doing well! I believe last time we spoke you said you would be heading home to return to your studies. While I don't know much about those things, I wish you well with them. Truthfully, when it comes to education, I've learned little in my life. I know how to read, write, and a bit about the history of my kingdom. I suppose I've learned more through my travels than I ever have at home. I've learned bits and pieces of different languages, suffixes, and how to survive on my own. They've been helpful enough skills.

    By the way, Miss Ruby, I'm in a wonderful mood today! It's an odd thing to admit after having felt dreadful the other day, but I have good reasoning. It's because your friend, Miss Sophie, has come to stay here with me at the ODMA. I was able to meet her today and I'm so very excited! Praise the Sun!!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that she's here. Meeting her reminds me of how I felt when I met Sir Shiki Tohno for the first time. Like Sir Shiki, Miss Sophie was a friend of my mother's! She was another precious individual my mother used to speak of in her stories.

    Meeting Miss Sophie is like a dream come true, and she's been very kind to me. I do hope the two of us can become friends. In fact, wouldn't it be most pleasant if the three of us could all spend some time together someday? Once I am free of the ODMA, perhaps we could all go on a vacation together, just like we talked about after the Civil War Incident. It would be most wonderful

    Another thing I wanted to address, how has Lady Weiss been? I hope she's also settled back in at home. I'm considering whether or not I should write to her. Would she even read a letter if she saw it was from me? I do not feel as if she hates me, more that she feels guilty for not having treated me kindly during the Civil War Incident. I hope someday she will realize I don't hold grudges, and that I was being honest with her when I said I wanted to be friends.

    That is all I have to say for now. I do hope you take care, Miss Ruby!

  13. remember their past names be paw and kit
  14. Mitchell knocked on the door of Jared's office. He needed to know what was going on, and his inner gossip didn't help much.
    "Jared, baby?" He asked, opening the door slightly.
  15. Jared looked up from the spread of papers before him. the highschool picture quickly slid under a stack of proposals.

    "Mitch.. come in, sit." He indicated the seat opposite him. Folding his hands over the papers in front of him he smiled "Now what do you need?"
  16. Mitch walked in and sat down in front of the desk.

    "I was talking to Kace, and she said something about you two having a history. Care to share?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

    "Oh..." Jared hesitated, looking back at his work.

    "Don't leave me hanging, Jared," Mitchell said, leaning in closer to his desk. "Give me a hint, at least."
  17. Jared threaded his fingers, giving a long look. "Kace and I... she was.... we were high-school sweethearts. We thought it would last forever. But when I went to college. my life changed."

    He pulled out the picture he had been looking at and slid it towards. It showed Jared's prom picture with Kacey. Standing under the arch of roses. "I'm telling you this because I know you're her friend."
  18. Mitch picked up the picture and studied it. What kind of hairstyle was that on Kace? And what was Jared thinking with that tie and that shirt? He shook his head, getting the fashion police out of his head.
    They looked really happy in the photo, and the way they looked into eachothers eyes...You could tell there was something there.

    "She looks a lot younger than you in this pic," Mitch said, still looking at it.

    "Yeah. She was a freshman when I was a senior," Jared replied.

    "Wow. That's not common," Mitch commented, surprised.
  19. "Hardly anything about us was. She was special. We were.." Jared commented.

    "I've always wondered what me leaving did to her. Never thought she'd ever leave West Virginia though. I often though about going back for her. But now I can't go into that. You wanted to know out history, there it is."

    He sighed deeply, looking out of the window behind Mich.
  20. Mitch got the hint that Jared didn't want to talk about it anymore.

    "Right," He said, getting up and pushing the chair in. "Listen, I passed Kace's room as I was coming here and she had some pretty fabulous outfits put together. You should stop by and check them out."

    "Yeah," Jared replied, distractedly, still looking out the window.

    "I think you should set things straight," Mitch suggested before walking out the door.