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Character Name: Jared Williams
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Manager
Age: 25
General Appearance:

General History: Growing up in Meison, West Virginia, a small town bypassed by the interstate, he became frustrated with small town life and after completing college found work in Boston, then hearing about opportunities in southern England moved to London and worked in a talent agency before going private with Ruth.

Character Name: Ruth Drow
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Singer
Age: 22
General Appearance:

General History:
Starting her career in Southampton as a backup singer she moved to London to try to make it on her own. She caught her big break when her new manager, Jared, git her a to do a charity show, and now almost a year later shes moved to New York and with a big show coming up it looking for moor help to make sure everything goes smoothy.
Character Name: Kacey Ryder
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Clothing Stylist
Age: 22
General Appearance:

General History: Kacey grew up in Meison, West Virginia, a little town that hadn't changed in 50 years. She went to college at Virginia Tech, earning a degree in Fashion Design. She moved to New York and ended up befriending Mitchell, who hooked her up with a job as Ruth's personal clothing stylist.

Character Name: Mitchell Gentry
Gender: Male...ish
Job/Role: Hair Stylist
Age: 25
General Appearance:

General History: Mitchell grew up in NYC, loving the fashion scene. He went to the best cosmetology school and worked as a stylist on 5th Ave before being picked up by Ruth. He met Kacey in a gay club one night and they hit it off right away, becoming best friends.
It was quite in the waiting lounge. Only the sound if the clock on the wall marked the passage of time. It was ten minuets past the appointed time and there was still no other applicants. Sitting in her designer chair Ruth watched the waiting figure.

"Bring her in, shes Mitchell's friend right?"

"Yes Ruth."

The door opened and and aid gestured Kacey inside, Ruth sat lightly tapping her clipboard with a pen..

"Umm... Kacey is it?" she asked making a note... deciding to put her on the spot the stood spreading her arms... "My hair I'm happy with... but what would you have me wearing for this interview?"
Kacey's eyes widened, not expecting to have to dress her immediately.

"Well...I would start you out with a business suit, skirt or capris, depending on how you feel," She said, the words rolling out of her mouth, surprising her a bit.

"Go on," Ruth replied, nodding.

"To give it a little more of an edgy feel, I would add a belt on the outside, probably studded, and then get some chunky earrings and a few long necklaces to top it off," Kacey smiled nervously, hoping that Ruth liked her evaluation.
Ruch make another note on the clipboard.

"Alright thats fine for interviews....." she flipped over a few pages on the clipboard "Says here you studied at Virginia Tech, Fashion design. Tell you what, we have a concert on monday, come up with something by then and you've got the job. You're friend... Michelle recommends you and he'll show you around." Ruth checked her watch, "I have a meeting with my manager soon, so any questions or can we wrap this up?"
Kacey could barely speak. She got the job? Thank fucking god for Mitchell.

"I, uh..don't think so," she said, still a little nervous.

"Right then," Ruth said, heading toward the door. "Come on out with me and we'll have Mitchell called up here for you." Kacey followed her out the door and into the lobby and Ruth turned toward the receptionist. "Call Mitchell please?"

"Right away," The girl said. As he was being called, the elevator doors opened.

"Oh. That must be my manager," Ruth commented, smiling.
Jared walked through the Lobby towards the pair. Seeing Ruth he smiled and walked over to the pair. Ruth stepped forwards and before Kacey even realized who it was Jared had his arm around Ruth and they kissed.

Looking at Kacey Ruth, still smiling said "This is my manager Jared, honey this is...."

"Kacey...." Jared breathed staring at her, "Kacey Ryder.. its me Jared, you're Ruth's new..." he stopped wiping the lipstick from his lips. "Haven't seen you since... I thought you'd never leave Meison."

"So you know eachother... Well Kacey, any questions you have you can ask Jared... shouldn't we be getting to lunch?" Ruth's last question was directed at Jared.
Kacey's jaw practically dropped to the floor when she realized who it was. Jared. Jared Williams. The cute drama geek from Meison. More importantly, the only boy she had fallen in love with. He had left Meison, talking about how many times he would call or write her, sending trinkets from all the places he went. This was true the first month or two...but he suddenly cut off all communication. Jared had smashed up, banged up, and crushed Kacey's heart, and now he was here, of all places, on the arm of Ruth Drow.

"Uh...Yeah. Maybe we can catch up later," Kacey mustered up a smile and looked at Jared, him looking a little awkward, too. She pushed her purse a little behind her, hoping to hide the keychains that he had sent her that she kept all these years.

"Kay-saaaay!!" The familiar voice of Mitchell echoed through the lobby, breaking the tension. "Get your slutty ass over here, girl!" Kacey laughed and walked over to him, hugging him.

"Good to see you, Mitch," She said, smiling a little.
Jared watched Kacey walk away. "Hey Mitchel." he called out. "Give Kace my number, and we still need to go over the photoshoot, try to work something out with Kace."

Ruth walk dragged him towards the door. "Kace?" Ruth asked and they walked towards the door.

"Its what I always call her." Jared explained.
Mitchell took Kacey on a tour of the place but all she could think about was Jared. She almost thought she was seeing things at first. How could he be here?...
"Wha?" Kacey snapped out of her thoughts and looked over at Mitchell.
"Focus, girlfriend!" He said, snapping his fingers in front of her face. "Right then. Lastly, this is my world, the hair salon!" Kacey looked around the room. It had a modern feel with retro furniture. She had been here before, but it seemed different to her now.
"How long has Jared been with Ruth?" Kacey asked, sitting in one of the salon chairs.
"Hmm...She was with him when I was hired," Mitchell replied, instinctively messing with Kacey's hair.
"Oh...We grew up together, you know that?"
"Huh. That's pretty cool."
"Yeah...We kinda had a fling."
"Kinda..." Kacey sighed. "I don't really wanna talk about it right now."
"Well, in any case, your hair now looks fabulous," Mitchell said, turning the chair around so that Kacey could see what she looked like. He had straightened out her usually curly hair. She reached up to feel it and it was like running her hand through silk.
"Wow! Great job, Mitch!" She said, smiling.
"Eh. It's my job," he shrugged. "Oh. Jared told me to give you his number, right?" He pulled out his phone and scrolled down. "Here you go." Kacey took the phone and stared at it. This job was going to be interesting.
Jared was distracted.

"Jared sweety?" Ruth asked, "Are you listening?"

"Hmm..? Oh yes the...." Jared looked down at his food.

"The new look, I don't want to show up dressed in the same dress again. That new girl had better come up with something amazing. I don't know about you but if it hadn't been for Michelle's recommendation I wouldn't have even given her an interview."

"Kace is.... we;; when we were in highschool this was all she wasnted to do, and I think she'll be pretty good."

"She wasn't your highschool sweetheart was she?" RUth asked her eyes narrowing.

"No... we just... hung with the same group.. best friends." Jared kept his eyes on his half eaten food. "Well we should be getting back... I still need to get everything ready for your show on Monday."

They left the restaurant... Ruth's eyes still on Jared... she sensed a threat.
Kacey sighed a few minutes later, after being lead to the wardrobe room. She ran a hand across the clothing on the rack, eventually pulling out a silver, silky shirt with one shoulder. She flattened it out and brought it over to a molly that was exactly proportioned to Ruth's measurements. She hummed a little as she worked, putting together a outfit that she pulled out of her mind. Kacey finished and stepped back to look at her work. Something was missing...She walked over to the accessories and picked out a green shamrock pin and a green scarf. She wrapped the scarf around the manikin's shoulders and put the pin in to hold the scarf on.

Kacey smiled and flattened out everything. She approved. Now what to do...She pulled her phone out of her pocket and flipped it open. She scrolled down through the As...Cs...Gs...I, J...Ja...Jared. She stood there, staring at the number. All she needed to do was press one button and she could talk to him again.
id kissing Jared an the cheek andheaded off donw the passage."

Jared headed for his office pulling out his phone as he did so.

"Hey Mich, just wondering how Kace is seetling in."

"Shes doing great. I told you my girl would blow you away, and she will just wait."

"Thanks Mich, just we hve the show in three days and, everything needs to go smoothly."

"Don't you worry I know what going on."

"Thanks ... um.. don't tell her I called." he hung up opening the doorto his office and glaring at the folder that lay on the dest and the postits everywhere. t was always like this before a big show, and he had the proposed conyract for the next one to go through.
Mitchell knocked on the door of Jared's office. He needed to know what was going on, and his inner gossip didn't help much.
"Jared, baby?" He asked, opening the door slightly.
Jared looked up from the spread of papers before him. the highschool picture quickly slid under a stack of proposals.

"Mitch.. come in, sit." He indicated the seat opposite him. Folding his hands over the papers in front of him he smiled "Now what do you need?"
Mitch walked in and sat down in front of the desk.

"I was talking to Kace, and she said something about you two having a history. Care to share?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh..." Jared hesitated, looking back at his work.

"Don't leave me hanging, Jared," Mitchell said, leaning in closer to his desk. "Give me a hint, at least."
Jared threaded his fingers, giving a long look. "Kace and I... she was.... we were high-school sweethearts. We thought it would last forever. But when I went to college. my life changed."

He pulled out the picture he had been looking at and slid it towards. It showed Jared's prom picture with Kacey. Standing under the arch of roses. "I'm telling you this because I know you're her friend."
Mitch picked up the picture and studied it. What kind of hairstyle was that on Kace? And what was Jared thinking with that tie and that shirt? He shook his head, getting the fashion police out of his head.
They looked really happy in the photo, and the way they looked into eachothers eyes...You could tell there was something there.

"She looks a lot younger than you in this pic," Mitch said, still looking at it.

"Yeah. She was a freshman when I was a senior," Jared replied.

"Wow. That's not common," Mitch commented, surprised.
"Hardly anything about us was. She was special. We were.." Jared commented.

"I've always wondered what me leaving did to her. Never thought she'd ever leave West Virginia though. I often though about going back for her. But now I can't go into that. You wanted to know out history, there it is."

He sighed deeply, looking out of the window behind Mich.
Mitch got the hint that Jared didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"Right," He said, getting up and pushing the chair in. "Listen, I passed Kace's room as I was coming here and she had some pretty fabulous outfits put together. You should stop by and check them out."

"Yeah," Jared replied, distractedly, still looking out the window.

"I think you should set things straight," Mitch suggested before walking out the door.