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  1. Character Sheet:


    Athenis Xantus
    Age: 23
    Abilities: As a half-succubus she has an uncanny ability for seducing pretty much anyone she wants to. As a half-witch her abilities include tactile telekinesis (similar to telekinesis, but she has to be touching something to make it move; mostly it's only good for lifting extremely heavy objects) and molecular combustion (think Piper from Charmed's ability to blow things up with her hands.) She also has the ability to cast spells and make potions, but her 'active' powers were bound when she entered the brothel.
    Personality: She's typically a relatively up-beat type of person who refuses to let life get her down, but there are times when she's as grumpy and miserable as the rest of the world's population. She does have a bit of an "alpha female" personality that not even working in a brothel has been able to squash out of her. Needless to say she tends to butt heads with the owner quite often...which was probably a big reason they decided to bind her powers.
    History: Athenis was born the product of a succubus seducing a male witch. She never knew her father; mostly because of the vast number of lovers that her mother took. While her childhood wasn't exactly full of mommy dearest coddling her, it wasn't too horrible. When she reached about 13, her mother began to school her in the art of seduction; teaching her different ways to work the body until someone would be begging for sex, and also teaching her how to use the natural succubus pheromones that she'd inherited from her mother. She was about seventeen when her mother forced her out on her own, and since the only thing she knew was sex, she went to work for a brothel.
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    Athenis Xantus padded across her room, bare feet making little noise on the hard wood. The neckline of her dress was low cut, and even the length of it was shorter than most women would dare for. However, she wasn't most women. She had a body that was built for seduction, and as a half-succubus she knew it. What was the point of covering that body up; especially considering that she lived and worked in a brothel? She stopped at the open window and settled herself onto the window sill, starring out at the bustling streets below. Part of her longed for a home outside of the city where she could do as she pleased with her life and not have to worry about others constantly judging her, but she had chosen this life for herself. Well; maybe not this exact life. Sex, after all, was all that she knew, and she hadn't realized that she would be a big enough threat to the brothel's owner for them to bind her powers before she would be allowed to work for them.

    She wanted her freedom, but more importantly she wanted her powers back. The woman who owned this brothel wasn't exactly a peach, and it was a wonder Athenis didn't wind up with more bruises on a daily basis than she did. She was the only one of the men and women who dared let their tongue loose on the "mistress of the house," and was probably the only one who could get away with it as much as she did. [SIZE=1]Athenis shook her head and ran her hand down the window frame absent[SIZE=1]-mindedly before she got up from the sill and walked [SIZE=1]back a[SIZE=1]cross her room. She opened her bedroom door and[SIZE=1] left the only some[SIZE=1] what safe place that she had in this house. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she [SIZE=1]paused outside of her room to slip on a pair of heels before clicking her way down the hall to the staircase. All of the bedrooms were upstairs, but the clients were only allowed up [SIZE=1]there with an escort[SIZE=1]. [SIZE=1]That was probably the[SIZE=1] only good thing that the "mistress of the house" had done for her m[SIZE=1]en and women.

    Her heels cli[SIZE=1]cked on the floor as she descended the stairs, [SIZE=1]trailing one hand over the railing as she made her wa[SIZE=1]y to the [SIZE=1]first floor. Needless to say the noise level died and she felt almost every pair of eyes on her[SIZE=1]. Men and women alike look[SIZE=1]ed at her with a combination of lust and envy. Ther[SIZE=1]e had been several times when female clients had approached her with heavy purses and left with little money once they re[SIZE=1]alized how steep her prices were, but how well worth it she was. That's not to say that she preferred women, or even that she liked them as much as men. The reality of it was that sex was bus[SIZE=1]iness to her, and she wasn't about to turn down any amount of money that she could make. Of c[SIZE=1][SIZE=1]ourse[/SIZE]; most of that money went back to her mistress, but she did get her own portion of it. That was probably the biggest reason she wanted to get away from th[SIZE=1]is life. She wanted [SIZE=1]to be able to keep her own da[SIZE=1]mn money.

    Another sigh escaped her lips as she walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. [SIZE=1]The worker[SIZE=1]s weren't often allow[SIZE=1]ed to drink; especially the women, but she wasn't the type to follow the rules. She took the drink and swallowed ha[SIZE=1]lf of it in one go. [SIZE=1]It was rather [SIZE=1][SIZE=1]crowded[/SIZE] in here to[SIZE=1]night, but most of the clients were regulars that she recognized immediately. She ha[SIZE=1]dn't been downstairs for all of a couple seconds before she found herself surrounded by men and women alike who were all st[SIZE=1]riving to get her attention first. [SIZE=1]A smirk played at [SIZE=1]the corners of her mouth as she turned her back to the bar and flipped [SIZE=1]her dark blonde hair over one shoulder[SIZE=1]. [SIZE=1]She then began the dance of flirting with [SIZE=1]each of them individually while trying to make sure no one got ignored for [SIZE=1]too long. It was tiring work, but she somehow man[SIZE=1]aged to pull it off on a daily basis.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  3. OODLES-of-PICS-aaron-johnson-1937307-1063-1600.jpg

    Name: Ezreal Deverell
    Age: 23
    Personality: Naturally known to everyone as a gentle person, Ezreal or simply called as Ez to his friends, can also be very stubborn. He is kind, a bit aloof to strangers and friends alike, and yet still caring. He is also rational and logical. He would think things thoroughly before coming into a conclusion. Despite all of these endearing qualities, Ez is only human, and therefore he can have his own moments and random bursts of anger when things don’t go the way he planned them to.
    History: Born from a family of well-known politicians, Ez grew up surrounded with wealth and fame. He is the only son and the youngest of Erin and Ezra’s three children. He is the current heir of the Deverell Enterprises, and is bound to take over the corporation after undergoing an intense training for an indefinite period of time.
    P.S. He has a 'girly' face, which more often than not, attracts unwarranted female attention.
    His greatest secret: …he’s gay.

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  4. “Fuck”, Ezreal frustratingly tossed his black-metallic fountain pen on top of the slightly cluttered desk. He had been reading this more-than-fifty-pages clauses of contract for over than four hours now and it’s getting annoying. Feeling a headache forming, he lazily massaged his temple in an attempt to soothe the ache and leaned back on his chair. This was such a drag. He don’t think he is getting anywhere with the document. His father, the current CEO of Deverell enterprises and his personal ‘tutor’ for his supposed-to-be CEO training had asked him to scrutinized every terms stated in the said contract. The old man wanted to make sure that they would decipher every inch of the proposal for the upcoming merger. He looked at his desk and stared at the said offending contract. He grabbed a folder and opened it, hastily placing the papers inside.

    Judging from the left over pages, he was almost halfway done; a thought in itself that did not made him happy like it should have. It was expected after all. He had started reading this after lunch and had continued doing it so until late in the evening. He couldn't help but grimace when he learned that he still had a long way to go. There are at least twenty more provisions that he needed to read and he don't think he could take more of this crap. The whole document while looking quite reasonable at a glance had actually reeked of biases and unfair terms. Each proposal that the Castrix Company had declared was not favorable for the corporation. He had been wondering what the old man was thinking when he asked him to review this.

    The planned merger with Castrix was not something that Ezreal was very keen about. Deverell Enterprises was a successful corporation in its own. Owning numerous chains of well-known restaurants and hotels among other things, Ez was sure that DE had more than enough ways to stay as the country’s most lucrative and influential corporation-- which is why this recent request from their dearest CEO had confused him. Judging from the terms they were proposing, Castrix management had been hoping for a fair ownership of the Castrix Company. It was absurd. He had heard that the company was going down the rags, and therefore had wanted a more authoritative control over it. He had been keeping tabs on the company, and can confirm that they owned a rather large debt on the national bank. His father’s interest in this company was a mystery that he is still trying to solve. He didn’t know what the old man was thinking. For Ezreal, undertaking this merger might do more harm than good.

    “Hey Ez!” He had been so absorbed with his thoughts that he almost jumped in his chair when he heard the greeting. Hearing the familiar friendly voice, Ezreal’s eyes widened at the blond-haired man who entered his office. “Hello, Keith!” He replied back just as happily, glad for the distraction. He discreetly tried to clear his desk and looked at his long-time friend.

    “When do you plan to leave? Come on, there’s someplace I want to show you”. Keith, the said man grinned at him and stared at him expectantly. His blue-colored eyes swept over the messy desk and he raised an eyebrow in inquiry. “Rough day, man?” He added teasingly, gesturing to the desk. Keith noticed the disarray of papers and howled in laughter. “How is the CEO training going?”

    Ezreal lightly reddened in embarrassment and scowled at him, “Shut it, Keith.” He stood up and quickly arranged his things. Keith never changed; he was still goofy and idiotic as usual. The man never failed to mock him every chance that he got, even when they are at a professional place such as the office. They had been friends for so long that labels such as employer and employee had been lost down the road of companionship. Keith Anderson, who was the vice president for public relations of the company, had been his classmate ever since high school. They had first met on one of the many conventions his parents had hosted, and had been friends ever since then. They took same courses on the university and had stayed friends even after graduating.

    Once Ez was done, he retrieved his bag and approached the taller man. “Where do you plan to go?” The man was still chuckling and he fought the urge to deck the bastard. “Let’s go.” Keith said as a reply, totally ignoring his question and promptly walked out of the office. Ezreal shook his head in exasperation and followed suit, locking the office and turning off the lights as he went out.


    They rode in the car in companionable silence. Ezreal stared at the window, watching as various sceneries passed by. He didn't know where Keith planned to bring him. A usual thing. Being friends for so long, he had grown used to Keith dragging him to places even without his approval. The guy was such a busy body that Ez knew better than to voice a complaint.

    “I want you to meet to her! She's gorgeous man!” Keith said as he slowed the car down and parked on the driveway of a flashy looking place. He immediately went out of the car and the black-haired man had no choice but to reluctantly follow him. Ezreal looked around and studied the place. It was a whorehouse. He was in an unfamiliar district miles away from the financial area of the city; he just had to give it to his friend to know places like this one. “You brought me to a brothel to help me forget about the stupid contract, Keith?” He boringly said, looking at the place in grave disinterest.

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    Athenis laughed, flirted, and danced with the patrons who gathered around her. She wasn't the only "whore" with a group, of course, but hers was certainly the largest. Men and women alike surrounded her, and because of her succubus charm, their usual sexual preference did not matter. It was exhausting work, but she loved it, or at least she would if not for the fact that she constantly butted heads with the head of the brothel, not to mention the other "whores." The others didn't much care for the fact that she tended to draw the largest numbers. That; however, was one thing that she didn't constantly butt heads with the 'owner' over. She tended to be quite happy that she drew large crowds of people.

    "Might I intrude and ask for a dance?" a soft, feminine voice interrupted Athenis's thoughts and she looked up to see a small, but very pretty young woman standing before her. "Of course," she said with a smile as she took the lady's hand and walked away from the group to dance with her. "You're very pretty," the young woman stated, her face a light shade of red. Attie could tell the girl had been drinking and that she wasn't used to being attracted to another woman. "Why thank you. You're quite pretty yourself," she said with a warm smile, returning the compliment. "Oh yes, I know, but not pretty like you. You're the kind of pretty that draws eyes everywhere you would go. I'm the kind of pretty that doesn't really stand out," the woman assured her.

    "Well, I think you're wrong there," Attie said with a soft smile.
    "You do?"
    "Yes. In my opinion your beauty definitely stands out from the others in the crowd. You're like a breath of fresh air amongst all this smoke and the scent of alcohol," she said flirtatiously.
    "Thank you," the young woman said, turning a slightly darker shade of red with her embarassment.
    "Oh don't be embarassed, sweet heart."
    "It's just..I'm..Not..I don't usually really notice other women," she admitted, obviously flustered.
    "Don't worry, dear. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you. A lot of women who aren't attracted to other women find something alluring about me," Attie assured her gently.
    "Do they?"
    "Oh, yes. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it might have something to do with the fact that I'm oh so easy to be around," she lied with a grin. Of course she knew the real reason for it, but she wasn't about to divulge that sort of information.

    After a few moments or so the song stopped to change to a different one and Attie excused herself from the dance floor. However, she made sure to pay a bit of extra attention and flirts to the girl so she wouldn't feel bad that Athenis had to return to the group. She continued to laugh, dance, and flirt with various patrons as the time passed, but none of the others really stuck out to her. After a few dances or so she found herself moving closer to the shy woman and flirting mercilessly with her. Something about the girl told Attie that she wouldn't be the type to expect an invitation upstairs; which was probably why she was so comfortable flirting with her. Simply put; it was easier to flirt with someone who didn't have expectations of a sexual encounter than with one who did. She might be a whore by trade, but she despised patrons who believed that just because she was a whore meant that she was obligated to sleep with them or something along those lines.
  6. After hastily locking the car, Keith had suddenly bounded inside the brothel without so much of a backward glance towards his friend. Ez sighed, putting his hands on his pocket before following him in a much slower pace. He nodded at the burly man diligently keeping watch outside before cautiously entering and looking around the place. The brothel was not shabby or dingy to say the least, but unlike his womanizing friend, this was the first time that Ezreal came to a place like this and because of that, he was not used to an… interesting establishment. He noted the noisy atmosphere and stared at the everyone inside. The place was wide, something fit for more than a number of people and he can deduce there was a dance floor somewhere on this throng. There were several tables and the lights changed colors every once in a while; there was also a speaker somewhere, blaring out loud songs.

    He ducked his head when he noticed several people looking at him, quite unsettled with the attention. 'Where was Keith?' Feeling annoyed when he couldn't find his friend, Ez decided to stay on the corner, preferably away from others view. It was really just like Keith to just leave him stranded here. The man had shouted somewhere along the lines of “Attie, my love! I’m here!” before running off inside. But he wasn't sure if that was just his imagination or what the blond-haired man had actually exclaimed. He leaned his back on the wall, cringing as he thought how dirty it must have been, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Honestly what the hell was the guy thinking when he dragged him off here? Ezreal actually thought Keith had planned something interesting. It had been a while since they last went out and he was hoping to spend some time with the guy. He didn't got his wish though. As usual, the guy he calls best friend had been sidetracked.

    Bored, he then pulled his phone out of the pocket of his pants and unlocked it. He had several messages from his mother asking him where he was but aside from other business related texts, there were nothing else that was important. He kept it back just soon after replying to his mom and resumed to looking around.When he had told Keith that any form of distraction would be welcomed, he never expected this from him. Ezreal had paged him earlier during the afternoon, asking if he knew some way to help him unwind. The guy had been enthusiastic; truly excited and had said there was somewhere he wanted to show him.

    Sighing in exasperation, he scanned his green eyes around, hoping to catch a shadow of his blond-haired friend. Where is he? There were a lot of people and he can see various couples ‘dancing’ in the dance floor that had been hidden on his view before. He was about to text Keith that he was going home when a familiar voice broke through the noise. “Attie!”

    The black-haired man turned, snapping his neck to the side as he tried to catch the speaker. In the middle of a rather large crowd, he saw his friend talking to a small pretty girl with flushed cheeks and a gorgeous provocatively dressed woman. He pulled himself off the corner and approached them. He wanted to hear what Keith had to say. “Attie, my dearest, how are you?” The blond-haired man said boisterously, his face full of genuine happiness. Ezreal rolled his eyes at his best bud’s antics and ran a scrutinizing gaze towards the one called ‘Attie’. More than half of the people on the room were looking at them and he wasn't surprised. Keith’s voice was so loud that it even broke through the blaring sounds coming from the speaker. ‘So she’s the one Keith had been talking about nonstop,’ he thought critically, running his eyes from her feet up to her face, still studying her.

    “You look lovely tonight!”

    Everyone around them, including the black-haired man looked on, waiting in grave interest for the woman’s reply.
  7. Strappless red and black heels adorned her small, and obviously well cared for feet. Shapely, yet toned, calves and thighs were mostly visible, due to the high cut of the skirt part of her dress. Everything about her physique showed that she took immaculate care of her body, and a lot of her muscle tone was attributed to the fact that she tended to dance for hours on end every day, and typically did so while wearing heels. She had to admit that the effect dancing in heels had on her butt and thighs was one that she absolutely loved. The low cut neckline of her dress revealed quite a bit of her large, full breasts; enough to show that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath of it, but with as young as she was and as good of shape as she was in, a bra wasn't really a necessity.

    Her long blonde hair was swept into a messy up-do that gave her an "eat your heart out" look. She had minimal amounts of make-up on, but with a complexion like hers, she didn't need very much anyway. The only make-up she wore was eye-liner and mascara to make her deep blue eyes stand out. Physically she was as attractive as a woman could hope to be. Of course, a lot of that had to do with the fact that she was half succubus, but the only person that knew that besides her was the owner of the brothel. She had made Athenis promise that the secret of what she was would be kept from the other men and women who worked at the brothel. They both knew that if the news had spread the others would have quit; claiming that she had an unfair advantage, which she did.

    Attie's attention was drawn back from wherever she'd drifted off to by the sound of someone not already within her group of admirers calling out her name. She turned her head to see a man named Keith pushing his way through the crowd. He'd become a regular of hers, but she'd only ever flirted lightly with him. Something about the man was a bit off-putting to her, but she couldn't really place her finger on exactly what it was. Perhaps it was the fact that he always seemed a bit too eager to see her. She was beginning to fear that the man might be forming some kind of attachment to her, and knew that was never a good thing. The mistress of the brothel frowned upon attachments to her workers and tended to ban people from the brothel who formed them. If, by chance, they tried to come back after she banned them from the brothel; the big, burly bouncer at the front door usually tossed them around a bit.

    "Keith," she said his name with a flirtatious smile, but didn't initiate any form of physical contact. It was part of her job to flirt with the patrons, but since she was beginning to have suspicions that he might be forming an attachment to her, she'd decided no physical contact and only friendly flirting would be the way to go with him tonight. "I'm quite well," she responded to his question and beamed appropriately at his compliment of her appearance. "Well of course I do. Do you think I would be down here if I didn't?" she quipped gently with a light laugh. She turned her head when one of the other patrons brushed lightly against her and she shot them a flirtatious wink. Of course his arrival and comments didn't cause her to cease flirting with the group that had already been formed around her; that would have just been bad work etiquette.

    Her attention drifted and she found her gaze landing on a young man who was probably too well dressed to be in a place like this. He looked like he'd just got out of a business meeting or something similar before heading over here. Actually, judging by the uncomfortable expression on his face, he looked more like a friend had forced him to come here. She flashed him a flirtatious smile and maneuvered around the other patrons until she was close enough to him that she could talk without having to raise her voice too much. "Cheer up, butter cup. It's a brothel, not a slaughter house. Most men, and a lot of women, would be excited to be in a place like this," she commented smoothly. He, of course, didn't seem like most men.
  8. With eyes widening in surprise Ezreal turned to Attie when he heard her comment beside him. Brows furrowing in confusion, he stared at her and listened until she finished speaking. He almost frowned with her statement but he controlled his self just in time. He was surprised to see her quickly move away from the people who had been crowding her before. Considering the fact that he was so absorbed with his thoughts about his best friend, he did not notice her walking towards where he was. The last that he was aware of is that she had been talking to Keith in an obviously friendly way. Emphasis on friendly. She had answered his greeting with a patronizing smile and a reserved reply that paled in comparison to what the blond-haired man uttered. It was slightly intriguing and disturbing.

    He recalled Keith’s entranced expression as he talked to her and inwardly scowled. Judging from his best friend’s actions, he knew that the guy was serious with her. It was so out of character for his friend to exert effort like he did just now. What was it with this girl that interests Keith? She was… gorgeous, he’d give her that. Discreetly staring at her barely clothed body, she was a total knockout. So much beautiful compared to the other girls found in this very club and more. But even then as the black-haired man continued to stare at her in the corner of his eyes, he can say with certainty that she is nothing of his type. She was... someone who might be too much for him to handle. Women of her caliber are the ones who are high-maintenance. Just by looking at everybody’s reception towards the blond girl, Ez can say that she is well-liked by most of the patrons, especially the male populace. She was kind too. Well, kind as what he had seen. But that was it.
    There was nothing special with her. Nothing, except that strong allure that she had, that gives her edge to other girls. Despite all this, he still wondered. What did Keith find in her? His best friend’s face and hopeful tone was… very uncharacteristic. This was the first time that he saw him show such expression. Ezreal was used to seeing him chase different prospective conquests, changing woman after woman as if they were clothes easily disposed and so hearing him speak tenderly like he did to Attie was shocking. He then vowed to uncover what was it with this girl that had enraptured his best friend so much.

    He smiled a little and nodded at her, showing that he heard her but he did not comment. What can he say as a reply to that? Everything he thought of as an answer, sounded lame even in his head. He was still busy assessing Keith’s situation and was therefore distracted. She would probably leave him if he didn't speak. He knew she needed to attend to other people; he was just someone she happened to pass by. She was correct though, with her observation. He was uncomfortable here. He felt out of place and it’s making him feel ‘sad’: not attributing the fact that his best friend literally left him in the dust the moment that he found someone he fancied. Feeling irritated with the little pity party he’s currently thinking, he placed his hands inside the pockets of his pants and mentally shook his head. It was no use crying over spilt milk. Knowing Keith, he should have expected this turn of events from him.

    He was about to take his exit, uncaring on how rude it looked when his best friend suddenly popped out of nowhere. “Attie, I was wondering where you were!” His tone was happy and he was smiling, but Ez can feel the restraint in his tone. Keith spared the young CEO a glance before looking back to the alluring woman he had just addressed. “I wanted to give you something and you immediately left before I had the chance to give it!” He spoke in a superfluous admiring voice, making gestures with his hands. Running a hand through his hair, Keith used the other to retrieve something from his pocket. “I want you to have this.” He said and showed out a stylishly crafted box. He opened it, and inside was a golden chain bracelet with glittering small diamonds on the side. 'It must have cost him a fortune', the thought came unbidden and bitter in his mind.

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