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    It's several years after the major events in the worlds of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The worlds have been connected by the use of gummi ships and airships travel. But there's a whisper that there's something a miss going on. Dark Figures are appearing, and nightmares from days past are being resurrected and showing up, causing panic. No one knows if they are just shadows, or a rumor of someone who has post-stress syndrome... but someone's gotta check it out and find out, right?

    We begin in a place known as Traverse Town: A quaint and calm town, Traverse Town features a sky of eternal night, where stars can be seen clearly. Survivors of the worlds lost to the Heartless find their way here after their world has been destroyed.
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  2. Kyy walks through the second district excitedly. He was on his way to meet up with Yuffie and the gang so he could finally tell her how he felt and for a sparring match against Leon.
  3. Matsuki was walking through third district and found more heartless. "Oh great...more of you fools" He drew his twin katanas. "Alright then lets go" He killed the heartless with ease since they werent the stronger one. "Just shadows...not the soldiers" He headed on his way to second district. "Even if I dont use my keyblade they attack...but either way...they will keep bothering me" He summoned his keyblade and got surrounded by heartless.
  4. Kyy spots Matsuki and the heartless. He runs over, pulling out his spears. "Want help?" He smiles.
  5. Matsuki grins. "Yeah been fighting these things since I left third district" He blocked one of the heartless and pushed it away before drawing out his katanas and held one in his mouth. "Hope you can keep up" He dashed forwards slashed at the heartless as they went to attack them both
  6. Kyy laughs, jumping from heartless to heartless, swinging at anything nearby. "You should worry about keeping up with me!" He uses Sonic Blade, striking one after the other.
  7. Don't worry" He raised the keyblade up. "Dark Splicer" Time froze as he struck each heartless a few times before time continued causing most of the heartless died. "Alright C- oh wait I used all my magic on the last skill" He said as his skill took most of his mana and health for im to use
  8. "Ars Arcanum!" Kyy does a thirteen hit combo ending in a somersault attack. "There goes mine too." The heartless keep coming by the hundreds. "Well, this looks like it could be fun." He laughs.
  9. "Yeah..." He pulled out a ether and used it on the person helping him and used another on himself. "Cura" He healed him self and his partner before going to attack more as he waited for his mana to recharge.
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  10. Kyy smiles and starts on the offensive again. "This is gunna take too long. I wanna see Yuffie!" He cracks his knuckles."Let's go Bahamut!" He throws his spears in the air and Bahamut descends, landing next to him.
  11. "Bring in the cold front: Udine" He threw the keyblade into the air and a spirit of a female wearing ice blue robes appeared. "Undine lets freeze them all" He said as undine blew a ice cold wind at the heartless freezing them.
  12. "Bahamut, decimate my enemies!" Bahamut launches energy at the heartless. When both are done the coast seems clear. "Thanks." Bahamut flies off.
  13. "Thank you" He saw Undine disappear and re summoned his keyblade. "Who is Yuffie" Matsuki asked
  14. Kyy looks at Matsuki and twiddles his thumbs. "Oh, um... just a girl I grew up with before the heartless attacked our world... So, what's your name? I'm Kyysucara but most people just call me Kyy."
  15. "It's nice to meet you Kyy my name is Matsuki" He introduced himself. "Just wondering have you seen a guy with spikey blond hair and carries a large sword with him" He asked
  16. "If you're talking about Cloud, I saw him last in the waterway." He starts walking. "I'm heading there too."
  17. "You're heading there also...lets go then" He said as he headed for the waterway. "You know I'm glad no giant heartless appeared..that would have been trouble" He said
  18. Kyy flexes. "We could handle it!" He laughs, walking into the waterway and spotting Yuffie, Cloud, Leon, Aeris, and Cid. "Hey guys!"
  19. Matsuki had his hands in his pockets. "Hello" He said as he waved at them
  20. Leon walks up to Kyy. "Its about time you showed up. Have trouble getting here?" Kyy laughs. "As if. I was just making a new friend. Now I'm ready to kick your butt."