Until War do us Part (Cont'd)



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((A One x One between @SlatersDeath and EchoFT. Continued from: Until War do us Part - WARNING: Libertine material was present in the old RP thread until this point! Implied sexual themes and "fade to black" will be present in this RP as well.))

Carina sighed in bliss, still lying underneath Seth after their second time together as husband and wife. Her arms were wrapped around him and she could still feel her heart beating wildly in her chest. Or perhaps the heartbeat she felt was actually his? She couldn't tell anymore.

"Seth..." She began, "There's something I want- no, need to tell you." Cupping his face in her hands, she looked into his eyes. She was nervous, but there was no doubt in her gaze. She trusted him. Believed in him, and wanted to prove that she was worthy of his trust as well. "I love you. I love you with all my heart and have never once lied about my feelings, but my name is actually-"

Their bedroom doors suddenly slammed open, making Carina jump and stop in the middle of her confession. Knights stormed into the room, but did not enter far. They lined themselves up in two rows from the doorway, leaving just enough room for someone to walk between them as they faced the couple.

The king's aide walked in with a roll of parchment in his hand. Beginning to unroll it, he gazed at them with a mix of pity and anger, the latter being directed only to the princess. "Princess Estelle Altzway. You are under arrest under suspicion and accusation of betraying the Kingdom of Clallance... By orders of his majesty, the King of Clallance."