Until death do us apart

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  1. It was raining and the world colored in a gray dust of colors, nothing happy, nothing beautiful nor calm existed in this world. No, reality's something much more worse. He had an axe in his hand, his black hair was dripping of the rain water and his beard was also wet, he was cold and freezing but also at the same time warm and sweaty. He breathed heavily and looked around the empty deadland of cars, buildings and plants.
    -"Hannah!!" He called out while gripping his axe harder.
    -"HANNAAAAAH!" He called out once more as his voice echo through the cold wind. It was quiet, no answer. Nothing. He bit his teeth together and started to keep on walking with his leg hurt and the axe swinging by his side.


    6:35pm, dinner time.

    He was looking at himself in the mirror, he had just showered and put on a suit for his dinner with his new girlfriend, Hannah. She was just about 3 years older than him and they really had gone along together now and today was his chance. He fixed his tie, brushed his hair and checked if his beard wasn't too long nor too short. His blue eyes shone with a young spirit and he had a smile on his face for the very first time this year. He felt happy, yes. He was ready. He checked the restaurant again to make in which street it was in before taking his car keys and close the door behinde him that said J. Eckens. The J stood for Jeremy, his first name. He closed the door, got down the stairs and went out to his car and started it. Today... was a good day.
  2. A young woman was walking along the street. It was late and she shouldn't of been walking alone, not in these streets.

    The tiny droplets of the rain formed a puddle on the pavement in front of her revealing the reflection of the full moon. Thunder roared against the skies, she took a deep breath, glad that she was prepared with an umbrella. ​
  3. He was driving his car out in the rain before seeing a woman walking alone, she did have an umbrella but walking in this cold and alone seemed... unfair. But he didn't want to be some weird guy stopping for her either. Also he had a date to take care of, so the only option he had was to carry on driving even though it was pitiful for the person. He sighed and looked at the clock and stopped by an appartment, Hannah should be ready any minute now. He looked at his suit and that everything was checked for tonight, he didn't want anything to go wrong tonight.
  4. The young womans name was Ciara and she absolutely loved the rain, she breathed in the damp air and held her hand out. As droplets fell onto her hand she smiled.
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