Until Dawn Comes.

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  1. Kitara sat on the edge of the roof of a building she once called home, in a city she once knew as Aersa.
    But it was neither of those things now.
    Aersa had been in ruin for 4 weeks now. Many were dead, many more were still walking the one lively streets, empty husks of what once was. Dead, but still animated.

    What were they?
    Kit couldn't say, but they were murderous, hungry and impossible to kill.
  2. On the other side of the place once known as home to many, awaited Alistair. standing on the roof of a building which once could have been a hospital, Ali was pondering if he would ever find another living soul in this wasteland. He did have one joy to keep onto though, he knew that those things could rip him to shreads, and that he, them.
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  3. Kit stood and stretched, deciding that sitting on a roof wasn't going to do her any good.
    She scampered across the roofs of ruined homes and broken buildings. Only one building still stood unscathed. The Regency Tower.
    She circled round it via the roof of the old guard house and stood on the furthest edge gazing out.
    She hoped that somewhere further out in the city she would find another living person. But she hadn't found them yet.
  4. Deciding that sitting on the roof of this ruin is no fun he decided to casually stroll through the interior untill he walked out into the morning sun.
    Streaching he picks his choice of weapon for today, a pair of bladed knuckle-dusters will suffice for today.
    Walking slowly along the road he notices someting that escaped him before, the well known Regency Tower.
    Snarling he deicied that he might find more enjoyment over there, so he heads out in it's direction
  5. Kit sat and stared at the clouds above...
    'How can there be something so... Beautiful in a world that's becoming so disfigured...' She pondered.
    She turned back to look at the street below, in the early morning darkness she could hardly see the dark shapes of her company, but she could hear them.
    They moaned and growled incessantly, ever hungry.

    "Just go away! I can't help you. Leave me alone..."
    She was talking to herself though. As she often did now. For they did not hear, nor did they listen.

    She backed away from the edge and looked to the tower, heading across the gatehouse roof toward it.
    Between her and the tower was a courtyard, populated by the same monstrosities that plagued her day and night as she roamed the city.
    She sighed, knowing she wouldn't be getting inside there anytime soon.
  6. "oh how fun, this day is getting better and better"
    ALi was pondering as he roamed the ruins of a house near to the tower, finding some very noisy residents of the house, gleefully Ali makes short work of these, monstrocities.
    As he walks out of the home he is allmost hit by a roof tile which fell from the tower, glancing up he barely catches a glimpse of what he presumed was another of the creatures that roam this area
  7. Kit kicked angrily at the roof, dislodging a tile, before she paced the roof.
    'Damnit... Whats wrong with them? Are they even human any more? I'm so confused...'
    She hopped over to the nearest roof and paused hearing a commotion below...
  8. The falling tile alerter a small group of the creatures, who are now converging on ALi's position
    "this will be fun"
    As he prepares his blades for their daily watering he hears a voice speaking

    "i am going insane. Good"
  9. Kit peered over the edge of the roof and gaped.
    Down in the street was a guy, a living one.
    "What in the-" She fell silent noticing the creatures swarming towards him.
    She watched, horrified as they grabbed at the space in front of them trying to get a bite out of him.
    'They're not human anymore... No way... I have to help. I have to... '
    She made herself evaluate before grabbing a loose tile and throwing it, with immaculate precision, at one of the monsters heads, hearing the sickening crunch it made on impact, causing the creatures skull to shatter.
  10. Ali laughs as he dances between the creatures, dodging all of their pathetic attempts of hurting him, looking up he nods towards the tower and disappears into the building
  11. Kit stared after him before making to follow. Nimbly hoping down from the roof, kicking a monster to the ground and crushing it's skull.
    "Eeew ewewew Yuck... I'm so sorry..."

    She shuddered and danced past the grabbing hands, into the tower, looking for the mysterious man.


    She looked about, while avoiding the few creatures roaming the tower...

    'They're dead... But alive... They... They are... They're Zombies aren't they... Fuck... This cannnot be... Cmon Kitara. Your dreaming. Albeit a fucked up dream, but thats all it is... Right... Right?!'
  12. Who are you apologising to?
    Sitting on the top stair of the tower, a cigarette in his mouth and a smirk on his face, his hands bloody however strangely immaculate otherwise
  13. "I just crushed one of my neighbours skulls. The fuck is going on? Who are you?!"
    She frowned, her tail flicking in agitation (Nekomimi remember). She leant on the bannister at the bottom of the stairs and Glanced around.
  14. But did you? How can you be sure that was your neighbour, and if it was, why do you care, i killed many of those without even considering if they are living, want to know why?
  15. "Because your sick in the head? Maybe. They were alive. I knew them!"
    She shuddered and took a curious step closer, and put a better distance between her and the slowly forming swarm near the door, oblivious to their presence and ignorant of the amassing noise.
    She trained her red eyes on the cigarette hanging abjectly from his lips and then let her gaze travel over the rest of him slowly, all the way to his boots.

    "...why then...?"
  16. Because i could, because i can.
    Okay that was a bit dark even for me, my apologies, right though we should get moving unless you want to become like your eighbour's
    He stands and walks up the stairs to the top of the tower where he waits for the girl to either follow our perish
  17. She stared at him a moment then scoffed.
    However, she quickly scampered up after him.
    "I don't know you... I've never seen you before... Who. Are. You?"
  18. Does that really matter? Right now we have to escape those things, wouldn't you agree.
    He quickly climbs on the outside of the tower to the roof where he sits and awaits his new companion
  19. She scampered after him and sighed.
    "Of course it matters, you could be a murdering psycho"
    'A hot murderous psycho...'
    She looked around for something to 'defend myself' with.
  20. Even if i was, you'd be the last person i would target.
    He tossed a rifle in her direction, his intent clear.
    That should help you defend yourself against those things.
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