Untamed Wilderness - Master/Slave Group RP

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  1. The year is 2267, Earth had been ravaged by a solar flare that caused many nuclear reactors to combust. This radiation somehow transformed all the animals to sentient beings, they were able to speak telepathically with humans now; among other powers they had now been granted. However, they were angered by the treatment they have received from the humans and arose from their newly enhanced ranks were the six animals; Flying Fox, Great White, Kingpage Swallowtail, Great Snowy Owl, Poison Dart Frog, and Komodo Dragon. Each animal secretly trained with their new powers and finally overtook the humans and put them to work as slaves. Soon the "Pure Ones" were so enlightened that they ascended to another plane. As proclaimed gods they granted the kindest humans to live a half life as an animal of each class. They deemed these shapeshifters 'Clerics' and commanded them to sow the ravaged earth with the help of the human slaves and other sentient animals.

    You can play either a cleric, a slave, or an animal that is in it's original form. All humans are slaves to the shape-shifter Clerics, and the pure animals are regarded as living idols of the true Pure Ones.

    What do you think??
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  2. I kinda like the idea, but there's one major question that needs answering: What do the animals consider kindness? They rose to enlightenment and enslaved humanity in the process - traditionally, enslaving things isn't exactly the kindest thing to do to them by all means. If their idea of kindness is skewed, does that mean the ones they choose as clerics are skewed in a similar way, or are they mother-teresa types?
  3. They are the humans that have treated animals with respect. That haven't abused them or mistreated them.
  4. That's what I thought, but I figured I'd check just in case.
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