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  1. Style: Modern/Fantasy

    What if what people thought of, became a real place? Every created character, monster, world design, city, and monster existed in an alternate plane of existence out of reach of us?

    You find a mirror. A mirror in a silver frame, full of intricate designs and swirls. All you have to do is touch it. Feel the rubbery surface give way, and suck you in. You step straight into your own imagination... Or someone else's. The world is massive, a collection of every invented idea, be it object or creature, ever thought up by the human mind. You recognize some of the objects or people. You stare straight into the face of everything you were afraid of as a child. And at the same time, you stare directly in the imaginary friend's face you had when you were five years old...

    And they're in danger.

    An idea, a brilliant one, had created a dream-eater. It feeds off creativity, and it's goal is to destroy the human mind by destroying their living universe. In the human world, is a syringe.

    People are being forced to erase their creativity, because it disrupts the corporate world. It makes people too disobedient. People wander off and think too much at work. They slip into their worlds, and forget the work they should be doing. Kids don't get their homework done on time, and college students are dropping out for bad grades. The governments fix? Drugs.

    You're trapped in the creative universe, after you touched the mirror. The second you passed through, the rubbery surface vanished, leaving an empty frame. You are trapped here now.

    Your goal is to fight the dream-eater in the imagine-world, and go on an epic quest through the universe to find an artifact to get home. And once you're home, your goal is to find a way to topple the government's plans with the drugs.

    Or are you going to stay in your own world?


    I've been looking for an imaginary friend RP that involves epic quests. Running across deserts, slipping into monster towns, forests, and swamps. Looking through temples, gardens, and ruins for some epic goal. I couldn't find one that fit my fancy.

    Looking for players to add this out. If you're interested, shoot an idea, or shoot me a Bio.

    You must have a human version of yourself for the modern world. This is about YOU, not a character, and then a character(s) of your choice for the imagined world. This is about US playing ourselves, and going on an epic quest with our "imaginary friends" to save their world.

    We've all thought of stories and characters. What if we needed rescuing too?
  2. I am definitiely interested in this, but I do not have a character ready for myself yet. I will definitely think about it, though.
  3. whenever you're ready. technically, the character you'd be playing is YOURSELF. you'd be going into your own imagination with all your friends into this imagined place that the world created, and ending up finding your own creations through a magnetic pull. (since you made them, they're a lil more special.)
  4. Oh, I see! I understood the part about playing myself, but I was not so sure about that other part. Thank you for clearing that up.
  5. no problem. :D