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  1. Or if this is even in the right area. (Sorry)

    There was a banner (That said Intoxication) that every time I click on it, it takes me to a page that states I am not allowed to do that action or I am not allowed to view it.

    ... ... Is that one no longer linking to a working page/group/rp/whatever it was leading to?
  2. If it says that you aren't allowed there, then it probably lies in the liberteen area. Since adults can't view that area, any adult who clicks the banner will be denied. (The same goes for teens when a libertine banner is in rotation.)
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  3. Now that makes much more sense. Thank you! Darn interesting looking banner.
    I was hoping the banner went awry. - not going to lie.
  4. Oh wow, thanks for explaining that! I get that sometimes too and I thought I had a bad connection or something.
  5. I'm not gonna' say where I've seen it around, but what game is your siggy from?
  6. It's not from a game its a character from Tamako Market an anime. :D
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