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This is a small snitbit of something I came up with...kind of on the spot? I'm curious to see where it will go. Is anyone interested~? Let me know, my dears!

The first thing that went wrong about this night was that Gabriel Beaumont was at a frat party. Totally out of his comfort zone, totally out of place. Gabriel knew this, yet he was dragged by some of his theatre friends. He, himself, was in music, composing to be more specific, but his friends seemed to all be theatre majors.
His friends, being mostly female, were only going anyways because they were invited by "popular" seniors to this party, so eh, why not drag the closeted, gay, introvert to the party too?
Seemed logical.
Major eye roll.

Though he agreed, and here he was, so out of place and nervous that he downed a couple of beers already.
Then, making his way from the kitchen to the couch, crowded by a bunch of other more out-going drunks, he sat next to someone and let his mind swim a bit before trying to shake his head out of it.
It was too loud to do that though, the music was bumping, and the mass of people were starting to turn into a blur as he drank some more...- what was that he was drinking now? Looking down he forgot what he even poured himself-...or if it was even his? Oi..


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You might have some luck if you move this to the 1x1 searches. c: