Unspoken Deals

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    The cracked brown land quaked while the air carried the poison all over. The world was a wasteland, no doubt. Cities were trashed. The left over water was filthy and highly radiated from the past. Hell, animals even found no reason to stay around. Luckily, the oasis cities began to turn green again from the fresh air and the clean water seeping from underground. In those cities, most people worked together to try to build the city to a finer and greener glory. On the other hand, the cities, in which were all by them selves, worked around the broke buildings and each found their own ways to make money.
    Most made the women go into the line of prostitution, which sadly started at a young age. Others worked hard labor trying to rebuild the city into their own twisted desires. Then, there were cities that were completely abandoned due to the overly populated chance of insane Maniacs that had morphed into monstrous creatures, that were thought to only haunt nightmare.

    Luckily, the poison was a substance the immune systems of living beings, were no longer at much chance for harm. Rare occasions were not really, of course, heard of and left to be a curse to that being. Those people tended to take over the city, which they lived or sought out to find brethren. The toxin would drive into the lungs and trailed into the brain. There, it blocked all communication or the production of civil will. From there, people stopped dead in their tracks and literally would go mad. They couldn't think for themselves anymore. They strived over the cannibalistic instincts and completely instantly fell victim. They wanted nothing more than terror and food. The bodies of those victims later down graded in size and mutated into demons of a sort. Their arms lengthened, hands grew larger in every aspect, and the teeth filed to a razor sharp point. The city, where they nested, was known as the 'Gates of Hell.' It wasn't like the way to hell was actually there... just some made stories to make people believe it. In other locations, similar things had formed and 'evolved.' Every other overrun city by these creatures, held up different monstrous details. The characteristics of each were far from another in many aspects.

    In the case of a city close to the "Gates of Hell," people were normal. At least normal in their terms. City of Hueat. It was miles upon miles away from the nearest Oasis. Hardly anyone tried to leave the place. Hueat was ran by the local gang who found violence, money, and sex most enjoyable entertainment in the world. Kids were mistreated the most. Most were abandoned by birth parents to be raised in a sort of foster care. There the kids were taught how to be sexual and wanted. Yes, the kids were then thrown in the line of Prostitution. It was sad but for this city, it's how it was run. Disgusting.


    For a girl in particular, her last run was a few days earlier. The girl was on her way to make something of herself. She had no clue where her feet would take her but she wanted it all different. Her soft snow white hair swayed behind her as she went straight to the crummy street market to buy food and some water. She hadn't had any other clothes so the young lass stuck with the clothes of going on 4 years. An off-white stained sundress nicely hugged her full body, letting the slits, from her line of work, hit almost to the mid of her upper thigh. She had very little money. The money she had was from her foster family until she made them poof away. Yes, disappear. She made this deal, sort of thing, with a generous man, at least he was generous for who he actually was. In return the girl in her late teens received a gift. She wasn't even sure what the gift was yet. Signas sighed eager to find out. Hopefully it wasn't anything too bazaar. In return the left over memories that had been decent were taken, along with the existence of those very foster parents to everyone minus Signas. Her bare feet walked over the rubble. The city was one that lived around all the wreckage without care of clearing it out. Placing the bought items in a shabby old military issue messenger bag, she snagged, Signas began to head out the font gate of the city.

    A tall broad male stepped in her way and gave a coy smile. "Hey baby... How about we go have some fun?" His filthy rough hand caressed her cheek. Another pair of arms wrapped around her waist, letting his grungy teeth nip at her neck. This one, she could tell, was normal height and very slender, yet his grip didn't lighten.

    Another male's voice, towered over her coming from the balcony to her side. "Where do you think you're going, Missy? No one leaves the city. You know the rules." It was easily shown he wasn't that happy. A woman not much older than her draped over his shoulder. The man was just another brut, who was strict and just couldn't keep satisfaction. He pointed at the men who wrapped around the girl. "Bring 'er up. I want her next." She knew what that meant. Signas was over with those harsh and rough days. Instant rage flowed through her. The ground quaked, more than usual, as the air grew thick and heavy. Large bits of rubble began to crack all around. The snapping of the newly broken rubble echoed the city. Everything went quiet. The girl's brown eyes faded to black.

    "D-Demon~!!!" The two men backed off her and tried to run. The men stopped dead in their tracks and even began to float upwards about 9 feet above ground. The girl still had her back faced towards them. Their bodies instantly jerked more upward as the pummeled fast towards the ground. No hesitation, it happened once more. Their bodies laid motionless on the floor. Her head creaked and twitched as it turned to the side to face Edgar, the man who ran everything. His body trembled then suddenly fell into shredded bits. The woman shrieked forcing tears to rush down her face like waterfalls.

    The gate in front of her, made from wall rubble, rusty bob wire, and even recycled fencing, exploded causing pieces to fly everywhere. Her feet journeyed forward as she was not aware of what just happened. The black eyes faded into the normal honey glazed ones. First stop, one of the Oasis.

    Somewhere... Elsewhere... He stood still over a pit of fire, smiling at the sight of the first human beast, he had made. He began to watch the others just as closely with the devilish grin of a mad man, who's set plan began its course. Life just got interesting.

  2. The Snarling Beasts of the 7th Circle of Hell. Quite a title. Even more-so when the animals can actually live up to the legends. 6 powerful legs, 2 of which are lion, 2 are eagle, and the final 2 resemble dog legs. 8 feet long with 2 tails, one reptilian in nature, the other a cat's. Powerful muscles, stretching all the way up their thick necks, lead to 3 heads. 1 German Shepard head, 1 Komodo Head, 1 Falcon head. Oh, and they breathe poisonous vapors. Always a treat for the unfortunate soul who thinks they can sneak up on them. And there are 5 of them. Chimeras of sorts, they prowl the Underworld and feed on any random and sad soul they come across. Even known to attack the Big Man from time to time, they are wild, feared, and deadly. And what were they doing right about now?

    Would you believe purring like a group of kittens?

    How about if they were doing so, because they recognized and liked me enough to let their guards down?

    No? Well fuck you, because it's true.

    While looking for potential band mates in the 5th Circle, I came across these cute little things. Of course, "came across" sounds like we saw each other across the way like a retarded high school couple. What really happend was that I turned a corner, they saw me, ran my ass down like an 18-wheeler Semi Truck, pounced my ass, and attempted to rip my face open. I then, of course like any other brave male figure..., screamed like a little girl.

    Which knocked 3 of them out almost instantaneously. My voice is special, as when I scream, it's LOUD. My voice amplifies my demonic energy into powerful shockwaves and the like. What's that? MY demonic energy? Oh that's right, forgot, I'm a demon. A vocal singer for Hell's premier metal band: The Rotten Roadies. The rest of the band... isnt here yet. I'm hoping to find others, hence my journey into 5th Circle. Zed Mackeffery's the name, and lead vocals is my profession. Anyway, 3 down and the other 2 freaked out. After opening my vision senses again (my head's a fucking skull, how cool is that shit?!?), I noticed them backing off and actually... smiled. They got scared like anything else. This was proof right here.

    Well, long story short, they recognized my power and ability, and kind of respect me for it. I hold no ill will toward them for the attack... it's just what they do. And they are really nice when you get to know them.



    The deep voice boomed out in a multitude of lesser voices. Zed rolled onto his side, disturbing the sleeping Hell Beast on him. It whined softly. "Sorry pal," Zed whispered. "But the Big Man is callin'." Slipping out from underneath the massive creature, Zed made his way to the Fiery Throne Room. Entering through the main doors with a subtle flourish, he approached the chair.

    "Can I help you, Lord?" Zed asked with a small bow. Lucifer grinned. "I have been watching a Contractor recently... I think you should meet." Zed stepped back, shocked. "You mean... leave Hell?"

    "If you think you're up to it, you prat." Zed merely grinned.

    "I'd love that-" Before he could finish, Zed found himself shooting upwards towards the surface world. His time on Earth was about to begin.
  3. Rowdy hoots and noises rumbled the walls. Fire oozed though and down the walls as the demon's bathed it it. Like animals the drank, ate, cursed, fucked, and indulged in every way. As rabbits the humped in every corner and table, while others, as pigs, stuffed their faces full of food and drink. Hell's break-room was a mess and disaster, Plage both loved it and hated it. It was the perfect place to go when she was in to mood for a fight, but that was not now. She had to report in. She could not refuse to comply, though few did regardless of contract. She march out the room, making sure to shove some dog to the floor, making her way to the throne room where the Devil awaited her.

    He sat there grinning maliciously as he stared into the flames, pleased by whatever he saw. "Plage," he announced at her entrance. "Oh how good to see you again." How fake his smile and pleasantries were. She was his daughter by all 'law' but there was no law down here, only wrath. She saw him not as father, nor did her see her as daughter, only a tool. And they looked nothing alike either, as if that mattered when concerning Satan. He could change his form and appearance at anytime, if it pleased him. A hot nurse or old craggy man; it was all in his power. But her greatly preferred his deadly hot male appearance best. Plage had to admit the goatee was nice touch.

    "Who am I to slaughter today?" she asked with hidden excitement.

    Satan only shrugged. "I don't know. The humans are doing a pretty good job at killing themselves. Did you know that the suicide rate had doubled in just a week? But what I find most fascinating that poison and mutation rates have gone down. A shame really; the torture and pain they suffer is most amusing." Plage agreed. "You know... Maybe there is something," a satisfied smile peeled up his lips. "The angels are becoming most tiresome. I've gotten a few to strike a deal, but some are stubborn. Will you go slaughter them for me? That'd be great." Lucifer seemed most pleased with the idea of angel blood painting the ground of one of the humans' 'safe havens'. Again Plage concurred. She took herself from his presences, and headed toward the surface, ready to defile the oasis with angel blood. Many had gathered at one in particular, it would be like killing fish in a barrel. Plage could feel the grin growing on her face.
  4. Arachne woke up to the sounds of screaming.
    She jumped up, grabbed her gun, and ran out the door.
    As she ran, she turned into a shadow, sliding along the floor. Silently, she slid, looking for who'd been screaming.

    In the corner, a little girl sat, sobbing loudly. Blood was pouring from her head, and she was very pale.
    But there was no way she was going to live.
    Arachne had no use getting involved with this, so she slid silently by as a shadow, going unnoticed.

    Once outside, she morphed back into a human, and took a deep breath. The air was clean enough here, still bad for you,
    but she couldn't die anyway.
    Her necklace sat on her chest, cold to her skin, but she'd never take it off- even though it'd be worth a lot of money.
    Her mother had given it to her, right before they died.
    And now, knowing she'd never see her parents again, it was the most precious thing in the world to her.

    Sighing, Arachne decided to go find food.
    A small shack nearby sold meat and soup, but you could never tell where it had come from, or what it was made of.
    Still, it was better than nothing, and they had bread in back, if you were good at it, you could take enough for at least a day or two.

    Arachne happened to be very good at stealing, since she could morph into a shadow.
    Smiling at that thought, she morphed right there, and slid to the back of the shack, where the bread was held.

    Snagging a few loaves, just for today, she slid back to a small alley where she could enjoy her food for a moment.
  5. ((I hope 1st person is ok...)) ((Red=Violet. Yellow=Nais, just to be clear.))

    I walked along the edge of a small creek, watching the water move along, but keeping her ears focused on the sounds around her. "When was the last time I was able to walk through here and actually have fun...not have to pay much attention to anything but having fun.." She whispered to herself. 'The last time was before you parents where murdered, duh. Your dad brought you here, then when he got home..' Nais started, but I interrupted. 'Be quiet. I remember. You never let me forget.' 'Good.' He stayed in his little corner, a smirk on his face. I continued on, making my way towards my temporary home. I found the tree and climbed into it, closing the twig door behind me. I sat in the hollow part of the tree I'd made by moving all the branches of the tree. I hung my foot out so the gardener would know I'm there. She'd promised to only trim this tree, and I wouldn't break it, and she'd keep my place a secret.
  6. "Hey sexy, I can't wait to see you again later!" a gruff voice called out. The belonged to a regular customer of Nahtan's, a fairly wealthy one of that. But it wasn't the money Nahtan loved- he'd got sick of that in heaven- no, he loved something else. What Nahtan loved was the approving eyes many men showed when they stared at his beautiful, womanly body. He didn't care if the men only saw lies, and would be disgusted if they knew Nahtan was really a girl. All Nahtan cared for was their sexual desire to have him, from which Nahtan made his living. How Nahtan adored his job, unlike many other prostitutes in the city.

    The voice had called to Nahtan while he was shopping for food. It was of such low quality here on earth, but leaving the warmth of the heavens behind was the price Nahtan paid for his ability to change his appearance. Normally Nahtan let himself appear as sexy women, but he had other disguises if he needed them. Not only that, but Nahtan could influence peoples emotions slightly- it made enticing stubborn or 'righteous' men so much easier. In fact, Nahtan felt like using that ability to cause a commotion at a nearby oasis. He knew there was where many angels had started to gather, so Nahtan headed there to see if he could make his old 'friends' commit the sin of lust.
  7. Zed blinked, the bright sun of the Earthly realm surprising him with it's glow.

    "How the fuck do mortals live with this thing?" he muttered to himself. Shielding his eyes, he chanced a glance at his surroundings. He was in a ruin. An old city to be exact. No one around for miles... lucky him. Reaching up with a hand, Zed wiped his skull of a face. When his hand left the surface of the bone, it shimmered like a heat wave, and a human-like face wavered into existance. PAD5444.jpg

    Looking into a broken window for his reflection, he nodded. Good enough. Something caught his eye in the reflection however. Looking closer he noticed that it was footprints in the dust. Turning, he saw the direction the prints were leading. He smiled eerily.

    "Hello, Contractor..." Zed followed the prints into an alleyway and stopped hard. His smile grew. "My, my... Contractor made a mess of you guys, huh?" Then one of the bodies moved, stirring slightly. Zed moved over to him, his arms were broken and one leg looked like it was bent wrong. "And what might you have to say?" Zed asked with undisguised cheer in his voice.

    The man looked up. "Help me... please..."

    Zed grinned. "Why?"

    "Demon... bitch... whole crew... fucked up..."

    "I can see that, but what I mean is why do you think I'm any different?"

    The man's eyes widened, realization dawning on his face. "... Fuck..." Zed lunged forward, grabbing the man's face in his hands. Opening his mouth wider than any human should be capable, a shrill high-pitched scream came forth from his throat. The shriek reached a pitch that no machine could ever repeat. The man's eyes rolled back in his head, and when blood burst from his ears Zed let him go and ceased his screech. The body fell with a Thud and Zed began to follow the prints again. He was going to find this girl... Big Red was counting on him to.
  8. I woke up and jumped out of the tree, stretching. 'Good morning. What's for breakfast?' 'Be quiet. I'm tired of you.' 'Fine then. I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the tree.' Nais started laughing, hard. I cringed at the headache he gave me. 'Whatver.' I walked over to a store on the side of the park. She sat inside and lied her head on the table, hoping someone would come over and talk to her.