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  1. My main character is a transgender woman. She was kicked out of her house at eighteen after coming out to her parents, and was a prostitute for several years as a means of supporting herself. Most of her clients were men, but there was the occasional woman. Your character would be a girl of around 12 or 13 who was a result of one of Marilyn's one night stands with one of her female clients at age 18. Marilyn is–biologically–her father. Her biological mother gave her up for adoption when she was born, and Marilyn couldn't care for her, so she gave her up. Your character was adopted when she was two and Marilyn hasn't seen her since. Your character had no idea she was adopted. Something happened to her parents, and she was sent to live with Marilyn and her girlfriend as a result. They get along well, until your character goes exploring and finds a box of letters addressed to her in Marilyn's closet that expose the truth, and of course your character is suddenly filled with questions. Any takers?

    My requirements: (I swear nobody ever reads these. PLEASE READ THEM.)
    -Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave.
    -Please be advanced or at least adept. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling and grammar. I can make exceptions at times. This is a big thing for me. I get annoyed when people can't do this. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation I'll most likely drop the thread. If you can't think of what to reply with, PM me and I can add a bit more.
    -Be active PLEASE. I'm online most every day. I haven't RPed in a while due to real life issues, and I understand you might need to drop. If you do please PM me first. I've RPed with people who have completely just disappeared.

    This is a sample of my writing. Please be able to match it.

    My characters:
    Marilyn "Moxie" Havanna (born Alexander Havanna)
    Age: 31
    Hair: naturally dark brown, partly dyed honey blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    (Obviously she'd look a bit older but I had trouble finding pictures that went with what was in my head. I usually play her a bit younger.)
    Marilyn was born in a small town and grew up being called Alexander. She had one sibling, her twin brother Devin, and despite their differences, the two of them were always extremely close. Devin wasn't hyper masculine, but he at least took an interest in some things that boys normally enjoyed, like sports and things. Little Alexander was a completely different story, and always expressed extreme discontent with their assigned gender, the only real masculine interest being baseball. The child was persistent with cries of, "I'm not a boy!" but was told to stop being ridiculous by their parents. Marilyn began demanding to be called by a female name (Moxie) at the age of five, but her parents refused, of course. Devin was the only one who ever called her that, though always in secret (He occasionally still calls her that when worried or teasing, but he's the only one allowed to address her that way). Her parents made it very clear that the way she felt was not okay, and Marilyn started to repress her gender issues. She thought that maybe if she tried to ignore them and be just an average guy the feelings would go away. She got rid of all the feminine clothing she had collected, stopped her private sessions of wearing makeup, and borrowed her brother's clothing. The feelings of dysphoria did not go away, instead they only got worse. She tried to kill herself several times, being caught and stopped by Devin the final time when she was nearly eighteen. He was the first person she ever confided in about being a transgender woman before taking the name Marilyn, and he accepted her one hundred percent. After a few pronoun slips and name screw ups Devin managed to embrace Marilyn as well as the idea that he had never had a brother, only a sister whom everyone had thought was a boy. Marilyn's parents did not react nearly as well. They kicked her out of the house and told her to act like a man or not to come back at all. She had no money, and had been surviving mostly by sleeping around for money and doing any sort of odd job she could manage, as she had difficulty finding a regular job. She met her girlfriend of several years, Tammie, working the street one night when Tammie knocked her out of the way of a car that was about to hit her. She has recently started on female hormones to make herself appear more feminine, something she could never afford before, and is saving up for surgery for her lower half. She is very skilled with makeup, which was how she feminized her face before hormones. She is good with kids and is a very talented cook, and the latter helps in her job as a chef. She is very outspoken and friendly, but is cautious around people she is unfamiliar with.

    Tammie Martin (birth name Carter Martin)
    Age: 30
    Hair: Curly, blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Tammie's parents divorced when she was eight years old. Tammie stayed with her mother, who died shortly after she came out at eighteen. She hasn't spoken to her father in several years, and their relationship was always very strained. She was taken to a therapist by her father more than a few times, as he was concerned about her delicate manner. Tammie managed to keep her gender issues under wraps for most of her childhood, too afraid of being caught to act on them. Keeping it bottled up caused her to burst more than once, and she repeatedly attempted suicide by overdosing on pills. To her parents, she didn't necessarily seem like a feminine little boy. She was quiet, gentle, and more interested in books and writing than other little boys her age, but her parents had never thought anything of it. She struggled after her mother's death, not having anyone to help her through it or any friends to turn to. Her grief affected her job performance as a waitress, and she was fired shortly after. She turned to prostitution as a way to support herself, which was where she met her girlfriend, another transgender prostitute named Marilyn. She knocked Marilyn out of the way of a car and bandaged up the injuries she had sustained over the night, and Marilyn, who was older and had been on the street longer, gave her a place to stay. When she met Marilyn, the other woman's daughter was about a year old, and frequently accompanied Marilyn to visit the girl up until the child was adopted, growing to love her just as much as Marilyn did. Tammie loves books and writing, and wants to one day be a writer, though she can often be very bubbly and theatrical. She is very sweet, as well as somewhat quiet and timid at times, which earned her Marilyn's current nickname for her: Mouse. Her current job is in retail, stocking shelves and working as a cashier, along with anything else that needs doing.
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