Unseen Redemption

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Original poster
Taken directly from the site:
"Unseen Redemption is a site designed for serious roleplayers who want to have fun and have a chance to play their favorite characters from Buffy the vampire slayer/Angel, Marvel including X-men, DC, Supernatural, and Charmed.

Origninally created characters are also allowed on the site and able to interact with any of the characters from the shows.

All the canon characters are also allowed to interact with each other if the player so wishes, it is not manditory, simply an option. So come on in and join us for some quality roleplaying and fun!"

This is not my site, so I cannot answer any questions. If you have questions visit the link, find the admin, and ask away! This is a brand new baby site and has VERY few members. I'm not in the habit of playing in pre-created universes... but as a major Buffy addict, I am giving it a try. All I ask is that some fellow Iwakuans be as open minded and mosey on over! Help realize the RP dreams of a stranger!!!