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  1. Humans and mystical creatures coexist without the former knowing it except for those rare individuals bestowed with the gift of Sight. Unknown to humans, each of them were assigned a mystical creature that would act as their guardians. Their powers depend on their human's capacity. Freya is a human girl that has the Sight. Moreover, she could talk to some of them. She had the ability since she was a child. However, she still didn't have her own guardian. Then one day...

  2. The alarm clock was so noisy. She's still sleepy so she groped around until she found it and put off the alarm. She curled in her bed wanting to sleep more.
  3. Meanwhile at that same moment, a small black fox like creature was running as fast and as far as its short legs were willing to take it.

    Its blood red eyes often flicked behind it only to see the small group of men chase behind it, squeaking out of fear the creature continued to run until it noticed a home across the street.

    It dashed forward before exploding into a plume of smoke and emerging as an ant so it could squeeze under the door. Once inside the creature transformed back and collapsed heavily onto the floor.
  4. She was startled by a noise she heard below the stairs. She dismissed it, thinking it must be her imagination and fell back into her bed again. The last thing on her mind before she fell asleep were the creatures she always see.
  5. The creature rolled over and shook out its black pelt. Sitting up ot looked around before trekking towards the living room and hopped up the stairs.

    It continued to sneak about the house until he noticed a room that looked odd, with strange looking things to climb. It walked inside and leapt onto the tall flat rock with a hole in the center (the sink).

    It notieces something move, it turns and looks at another staring back at it!

    It has an animal skull head, with a dogs body with a black coat, it has the the front legs of a chickens and the back legs of a dog with the tail of serpent.
  6. Irene, a petite young girl with wavy lavender hair who wore a floral ruffled dress, climbed up and knocked on Freya's door. "Freya! Are you up yet?" She called, her gray eyes were wide with wonder but she had no ability to see.

    Behind her was a stocky horned wolf, too big to fit through the door. It laid behind Irene, resting its head in its paws and watched her carefully with protective eyes.
  7. The strange skull creature heard this and decided to let the look alike (his reflection) go. It hopped down and padded to through the upstairs and into the room of Freya. The creature let out a caw like a raven's and leaps onto her bed gently nipping her ear to wake her.
  8. Someone knocked that woke her up. "What? It's still early." she complained. She felt something nipping her ear. She jolted awake. "Oww." she said seeing a strange creature. Well, not strange really. It looked like a black dog or something. "Hey. Who are you?" she asked it.

    "Irene? I'm still in the bed. I'll go down later." she said to her as she was observing the creature.
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  9. "O-Okay! I'll wait here then." Irene called back through the door and felt around the wall until she found a bench on the porch to take a seat in. (Irene's outside the house.) Her boots hung just above the floor and she swung them back and forth, humming to herself.

    Irene's creature flicked his ear to the tune she hummed, he rolled onto his side and waited with her.
  10. She heard her going out to the porch. She's not much worried about her. She got her guardian with her all the time. It's quite loyal to her. She wished hers would be like that. That made her return her attention to the creature in front of her.
  11. Ilona was Freya's fae and protector. She was new the human world and everything in it. This was Ilona's first time being attached to a human. Whatever Freya felt, so did Ilona. Ilona was still sleeping, but somehow heard the noises that were going on downstairs.
  12. She felt something weird. She could feel another heartbeat. Could that be..? A name flashed into her mind. Ilona. She called out the name in her mind. "Sorry little one. Do you want me to find your charge?" she asked the dog like creature while waiting for Ilona's response.
  13. Ilona spoke softly. "I was only sleeping because you were. It's fine Freya please don't apologize. I still have my charge." She was stirring lightly to sit up. "Is everything okay?" Ilona could see the dog but wasn't sure if it was a pet or a different being. Ilona had heard many tales regarding the human world.
  14. "Are you my guardian?" she asked Ilona. She was beautiful and graceful which was her opposite. She's average and clumsy. "That showed up and was here since last night. I think it needed somewhere to stay so it came here." she explained.
  15. "Yes, I am." Ilona replied smiling. "Well I'm sure it's safe now." She said smiling. She was still tired from her travels. It was a long journey and Ilona just wanted to rest some more.
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