Unrest in Peace

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    The day was August 6th, 1868. Two days prior, a woman had been murdered, looking almost as if she'd been blown up from the inside. The only witness to this (that not even the police knew about) was a 19-year old young man who had found the woman before it had been detected by the government. They covered it up and the only one lying in with the actual information had been this young boy. The rumors had spread since, and currently was still at its high. People just loved these sort of things, for some reason or other.'
    Weird rumors about monsters and other things had also started to spread, and it was ridiculous. They'd probably just made their own sort of weapon that the military didn't know about. Hell, maybe it was even the military testing weapons on people. But then the body wouldn't have been found.
    So far people had had to settle with that it was all just a murder and that the details would probably never be released to the public.

    Adrian's everyday was never so hard; he was strong, hardworking, and had gotten a good job. Currently he lived with a friend he'd gained when searching for jobs, and even if they didn't see each other much, Adrian knew he could trust the guy. After what he had seen two days ago, he needed to think about other things. How there'd only been blood and some unidentified goo that was probably her body had been left of the corpse. It looked truly like something taken out of a horror scenery.
    He had so far gone with just with working for the last two days. He should've gotten his guts together and have gotten in conact with her, maybe to see how she died or get a look at the person who was the murderer. Adrian had been researching this murderer ever since he had started to have the ability to see the last moments of a dead person's life by getting physically in contact with them. He were also hiding because if the police figured out his little "ability" they'd either kill him or try to get him on their side. Neither was good alternatives.
    Right now though, he could smell trouble, and thus he was running through the city as if his life depended on it. He ran and ran and ran, ending up at a fence. Dammit. He crawled up the tall fence and jumped down to the ground on the other side as he continued running. He was absolutely certain that something was following him around. Turning left into a park, he hid inside a large group of trees, crouching down to be covered in the leaves from the bushes. His jacket was probably going to get ripped but right now, he could care less. Just as he'd thought, he heard the footsteps of a group of people. The amount suggested about 4 to 6 people. They seemed to walk around to search for him but eventually gave up, and the footsteps stilled as they left. He waited a long while before letting out a sigh of relief. Maybe the police already knew about him? Nah. It's not like he walked around and bragged with it.

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    Adrian got up with a sigh of relief as the people had left. His heart was still beating furiously, but at least he didn't feel followed any longer. A sound to his left made him whip around in shock but it was just a black cat, looking at him with what seemed like a raised eyebrow. He let out another sigh and covered up in his coat, taking another way home than usual, through small passages between buildings to attract as little attention as humanly possible.
    Something inside him, this feeling of sickness in his throat, told him, that someone near him had died, or was close to dying. The fresher the body, the more sick he'd feel close to them. Hell, he'd even faint from just being close to a dead or dying person. He didn't need to touch them to get blackouts.
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