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  1. This is the OOC created for a Roleplay I've decided to call "Unrest in Peace" it takes place in London in August, 1868. It's a horror/mystery.
    This is the signup and plot thread, so I will write the plot below:

    The year is 1868; London is a busy city housing all sorts of people; the types who doesn't have to think much about their daily life and others for whom the daily life is an endless fight. The day it happened was August 4th; not many people knew about the incident, but rumors were spreading. Apparently, a woman had been found murdered. Or, they assumed it was. Her body looked as if it had been blown up from the inside, which is impossible with any weapon known to people. They only know the identity of the woman due to one of the fingers found wearing a wedding ring, with a name ingraved on it. That was all there was left; shattered pieces, and a few whole fingers, toes and her eyes as well. It was a horrid sight. The government did quick process in covering things up from the eyes of the public, but there was a person who knew about this without having to hear it in the news; he found the woman before the police, but instead of going to the police he made sure to remember every detail about the scene before running off. He knew what was going to happen when the police and the government would figure out about this; it was strange and unexplainable, thus it would be covered up almost immediately.
    The boy felt curious towards this. He wanted to figure out what had really happened to this woman, and who had committed the murder. He didn't exactly know how, but he knew he needed help. The interest in the particular case (along with other rumored murders using the same method) had shown to be not only his interest. On his way he finds out that he's not alone in wanting to uncover the truth about this killer's identity.

    Signup for my character (the boy mentioned in this summary thingy xD )

    Name: Adrian Martin
    Appearance: dark grey/black hair and red eyes
    Age: 19
    Background: Adrian was originally born in the arms of a rich family, but his parents had fairly many enemies. When he was 6, one of these 'enemies' killed Adrian's parents and burnt his house down. Adrian himself was caught in the fire and hid inside his room until the fire reached him. He ended up getting burnt and passed out, thinking he was going to die. Oddly, for some reason, he did not, and found himself in a place unknown to him a few days later. He was told to have passed out and slept for two days. Being caught in the fire had earned him a large burn mark on his back, reaching from his upper shoulder almost all the way down to his hipbone. After around a month spent in a bed trying to recover, he was finally okay again. He got a job in town and lived with the family who had saved his life. The family only consisted of two elderly people and their grand daughter whose parents had also passed away. They took him in as their own. For a while, he seemed to have a calm life. That was, until the elderly people died, and he and the girl had to take care of everything on their own when they were just kids. Eventually, he had to move away again.
    When he was 14, he reached London. Ever since he has been trying to maintain a somewhat normal life, trying to get along in the everyday. That was, until he began stumbling over dead bodies. At his first encounter with a dead body, he accidentally tripped and his finger all but stroked the hand of the deceased. He started hallucinating, seeing a person stand over him and then slam him in the head with a hammer, before he passed out and woke up again hours later, lying in the same alley. The body was still there and instead of staying he got up and ran straight back home. He pondered over this for days and eventually set with that he was going insane, until it happened again. And again. He had to finally admit to himself that he was able to see the last moments of a deceased person by getting in physical contact with them.
    But due to the woman having been shattered into pieces he didn't want to step into all the blood to get in contact with her, and he had also heard the police coming and decided to take a run for it. After that was when his interest in these murders had arisen.
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  2. So... all sorts of people?


    You have unleashed a monster.
  3. I will wait in a mix of anticipation and exitement, my good sir.
  4. Oh, so is this going to be somewhat paranormal then? Also obv I want a character spot. Gimme time to come up with something, next week prolly. I'll be gone over the weekend.
  5. Well I was thinking that the most important characters would be the ones that Adrian meet through the story, e.x your character could be a person who just is interested in gossip and these interesting murders, a witness to one of the murders, a family member of a victim, anyone. It just has to be someone who has a reason to be interested in this blood bath.
  6. I was wondering if there's still interest in this roleplay? We'll use this as a sign up thread too.
  7. Paranormal? Horror? Victorian England!? I love you right now.

    I'll get that sign-up sheet done by tonight, at the latest.
  8. That's good! I see interest hasn't fallen about this. I will keep this forum open and hope for a few more to join.
  9. The monster is still thinking.

    The monster is also female.
  10. Heheh, I will be waiting.
  11. Sorry for taking so long!

    Name: Ruth Hutchinson
    Appearance: She is of average height, her slimness mostly due to mild malnourishment. Her strawberry blond hair is tied into a bun, allowing her brown eyes to be more visible. She wears glasses that are held by a ribbon tied to the back of her head.
    Age: 24
    Background: Being born into an upper middle class family, Ruth had the privilege of being better educated than most girls at the time. In particular, she had access to the murder mystery books kept in their library, and she read them in every of her free moments. Had she been able to, she would have joined the police force and become a detective, but instead, she decided to become a governess - specifically, to the children of the recently-murdered woman. When she learned of her fate, she became suspicious of the few details revealed to the public and decided to investigate, more out of her own curiosity than morals.
    Personality: Her upbringing has unfortunately made her rather manipulative. While she can genuinely care for other people, she believes that revealing too much about herself will only lead to her screwed over in some way, so she acts like a soft-spoken and polite lady, most of the time. However, if she sees an opportunity that would greatly benefit herself, even at the cost of someone she herself considers close, she will stubbornly go for it, at almost any cost.
  12. The monster really needs to pick up the pace on this...
  13. Yes, yes the monster does. I will only start when I have at least more than one scheme beside my own.
  14. Name: Gwyneth Meindel (Mrs. Meindel to you)
    Age: 52
    Appearance: Time has made her a bit dumpy and accented her laugh lines. Her greying coffee-brown hair is tied in a bun atop her head, which complements her light auburn eyes. She loves the color blue and often wears conservative dresses paired with hardy boots and a large, bulky purse full of various knick-knacks.
    Personality: Mrs. Meindel is naturally warm, friendly, trusting, and sees the good in everything. She has a bit of a dry sense of humor and cares deeply for life in all its forms. She never takes bad things to heart and preaches ‘live and let live’.
    Background: She has two grown children, Lynn and Nimue, and her husband left her years ago for a barmaid. She lives comfortably in a middle-class neighborhood and spends the day tending the house, visiting her neighbors, and caring for her cat Seren’s newborn kittens. Once or twice a week she goes down the road to the bakery and treats herself to a pastry.
  15. Okay, who's next?
  16. I mean we can start it now if you want to?
  17. Ahem!
    Are we gonna start now, guys?

    Well, I'm ready to start, if no one else is.
  18. I'll make the thread when I've woken up, and then we'll start xD
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  19. Name: Lacey Thomson
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 17
    Background: Was adopted when she was 7, so she knew what was happening. Her foster parents didn't tell their kids about Lacey. Lacey and her family live in the U.K. Her siblings pick on her behind Lacey`s foster parents back. She did not know when her birthday was, because the adoption center found her on the street next to them. Her foster parents think that her siblings like her.
    Lacey spends most of her time reading Sherlock homes books, so when she heard about the murder, she ran away at the age of 13 with all her books and electronics in a book back. Lacey went to London by a train. Now, she sleeps on park benches and in trees until she figures out the murderer.
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