Unrequited Lover

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  1. Demetre sat in the middle of the boys locker room at that given time. He ran a white, fluffy towel through his hair as he tried to dry off to the best of his abilities. Swimming practice sometimes got in the way of some other school activities, but today wasn't one of those days. Demetre slid his swimming trunks down the length of his legs, and changed into his regular clothing. The swimmers would be asked to dismiss a few minuets early, so that they could have time to get from one class to the other without trouble. He ran the towel up and down the back of his head once more, and placed it back in his locker. His hair was still wet in some places, but it never took that long for it to dry.

    Demetre was smartly dressed that day, with most of the kids rebelling against the dress-code and wearing whatever they pleased, very few wore the school uniform that they gave to the students at the beginning of the year. Demetre did that too, but if all of his clothing was dirty from one sport to the next, he pulled out his uniform. The guys uniform was a simple sweater over a while work-shirt. Nothing too fancy, but nothing casual either. It was in the happy medium.

    The boy took his bag and walked out of the steamy locker room. As he exited, a few good buddies of his gave him a light shove. " Nerd! " They taunted with a laugh, but Demetre laughed back. " Yeah, go watch each-other jack off again. " He taunted back. A laughter echoed through the lockers, and Demetre took his leave.

    The trek to his locker was everything but. He had friends roaming through the halls, and most of the teachers smiled and nodded. He flashed them a quick view of his pearly whites and left on his way. Once he got to his locker, he noticed a familiar face. Or back. She was facing away from him, and he simply smirked. Demetre creeped up behind the girl, and grabbed her shoulders. He shook violently, and said, " Earthquake! Run, everybody, run! " He soon let go, and chuckled to himself. " Did you see the look on your face? " There was something a little less than a ' look ', only because he had done something like this every day since 8th grade.
  2. Angelina awoke to the sound of her alarm screaming relentlessly at her. She turned over to hit the snooze button one last time. Slowly cracking one glistening green eye open she saw she was going to be late for school. She screamed and quickly ran and washed her face. She slipped on the girl's school uniform. It consisted of a sweater similar to the boys but much more fitted and a pleated plaid skirt. She brushed the knots out of her hair and brushed her teeth. Jumping into her car she drove like a bat out of hell to school.

    Once she parked she walked up to the side entrance and over to her locker. She had already missed first period and was going to miss second if she didn't hurry. She grabbed her books and ran to class. After second she drug herself back to her locker when she felt someone grab her shoulders and shake them violently. Recognizing the loud, but sweet voice in her ear she quickly turned around and shoved him playfully. "Demetre! You jerk!!" She said laughing. She put her hand over her heart and tried to control her heart beat. "Don't scare me like that ! Even though you've done it since we were little you still can scare me."

    She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. She smiled at him. "So, I slept in late. I missed first period. How was swim practice?" She could tell his dark hair was still wet in places.
  3. Demetre hugged her back, and smiled at his friend. He could tell he gave her a fright because of the way her heart pounded against his chest. Demetre congratulated himself in his mind. " Swim practice was good, as usual. I got one of the top scores again, I just hope I can keep it up till the tournament. " He ran a hand through the wet tendrils that where still clumped together. " I bet I smell like a swimming pool, yeah? I forgot my shampoo in my car. " He shrugged nervously, with a small chuckle. " Again. "

    If he wasn't forgetting his shampoo one day, it was his towel. Even his swim trunks, when he had the opportunity. But he would rather have no shampoo over swimming in his underwear anyday. " And you know, I could start texting you when I get up. " He told her. " I have plenty of free-time, and you're always complaining about what a pain it is to get ready in the morning. Girls still get ready in the morning, right? " He joked. Well, they probably took less time than Demetre.

    The male pulled out some of his books from his locker, and remembered something. " Did anyone ask you to prom yet? No one asked me yet, and I'm sure that I might not even go. " He told her once more, as he pulled out a chemistry book. " I don't even know how to dance, let alone look presentable. " Demetre chuckled, and closed his locker with a small slam.
  4. Angelina,or Angel as most of her friends called her, smiled as he talked about practice. "That's good! And Yes, you smell of chlorine but I'm used to it know." Grabbing some books from her locking and replacing some. "A morning text would be great." Punching his shoulder playfully she laughed. "I get up at six every morning." She gave a surprised look when he said no one had asked him to prom. Why wouldn't they? He was so handsome and sweet. She sadly hadn't been asked either. "No, no one has asked me." She wasn't the most popular girl in school or even the prettiest. She sighed and tucked a loose piece of her honey blonde hair behind her ear. "You should still go. My mom said she didn't go and she regretted it for the rest of her life." She closed her locker and began walking with him to the lunch hour they shared.
  5. " Really now? " Demetre asked, as if he was surprised. And he was. She was probably the prettiest little thing he ever did see, and to him, she might as well look better than all of the girls put together. " Well, why don't we go together? " He asked her, as he pushed his glasses up the length of his nose. " It doesn't have to be romantic at all. We could just go to say we went. " Demetre shrugged, and took a small turn down the hall with his friend.

    " It could just be a friend thing, I see people do it all the time. " He said. If he didn't go, would he really regret it? He might as well be going alone, with all of the guys there she might have been already asked to a dance. It might be the same way with him, but he doubted it. He shook off the thought, and punched her back. A little softer than what she did to him, only because he didn't know his strength. " And I get up at five. You better get used to early mornings if you ever want to get to school on time, toots. " Demetre laughed, and took another turn with Angel.
  6. Angel flushed. She hadn't thought about asking him. She had assumed he would have a date. She thought about it for a moment and it seemed logical. Going just as friends. It couldn't hurt. She walked with him over to a serving line that offered a strange looking sandwich or a salad with fruit. Grabbing the salad she walked with him to the check out and towards their booth by the window facing the football field. She had always like Demetre. They met when they were in middle school. Angel was being bullied by some girls who didn't like her. Demetre had stepped in and rescued her, and ever since they had been friends. "Going as friends would be great." She said after pouring some salad dressing on her food. She smiled at the thought of going with him.
  7. Demetre nodded, and smiled. " Alright, now, time to find a suit. " He sighed, and picked at the strange looking sandwich. It looked lopsided and almost inedible, but it was just squished. Or so he hoped. Demetre took a small chunk from it, and took small bites. He only ended up eating half of it, and ended up completely pigging out on the fruit and vegetables. The boy looked out the window, and took a small bite of an apple.

    " Should I join football in the spring? " He pondered out-loud. He had thought about it, but his one and only sport seemed to be swimming. He had tried track and basketball, and even softball. No one of those interested him after the first competition, but it was swimming that kept him on his toes. " I'll join if you join cheer-leading. I'd love to see you in a smaller skirt. " Demetre shifted his eyes towards Angel, and winked. He was joking, of coarse. He had more respect for her than that. He had already figured that it wasn't her style.
  8. "I need to go dress shopping." She laughed softly. Watching him pick at his food. Laughing at him thinking out loud about joining the football team she slowly chewed her salad. She glared at him and kicked his leg under the table. "Watch you hound dog!" She had despised the girls that were cheerleaders. They were so stuck up and annoying. Flashing their expensive clothes and purses around. It made her sick.
  9. Demetre smirked, and pretended he was in a world of pain. " Oww owowow! My manhood, it's burning. " He closed his eyes, and put a hand to his heart. " Good job, I wanted to be a father. Amanda, Demetre The Second, Charlie, Alex, Jennifer, Megan, Demetre The Third! Demetre The Third was going to find the cure for cancer. Now look, he's dead, along with his brothers and sisters. " In reality, she only kicked his leg. But it was close enough that he could pass it as a kick to the gentiles.

    Demetre fell back in the booth, and pretended that he was about to die. " Oh, woe is me! How would you like it if I kicked you in the baby-maker? " He laughed, and sat back up. " My poor babies... " He joked, as he took a slice of orange and stuck it in his mouth. " You're cruel. Remind me to spill punch on your dress. "
  10. Angel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "You poor thing~" She acted over dramatically. "Could you ever forgive me?" Soon she cracked up laughing. She was making a scene but she didn't care. She was laughing so hard she could hardly breath. She pouted when he said he wanted to spill punch on her dress but she knew he was kidding. "So, what's your favorite color?" She asked. She would take it into consideration when looking for her dress. Smiling and taking a sip of her water she waited for his response.
  11. " Mine? Oh no, the lady always picks the color. Plus, I think I have a rough idea as to what I'm going to wear. I just need a tie to match. " Demetre was lying about what he wanted to wear, but he knew that finding a prom dress that was orange would be too flashy, and for that color he didn't have an orange tie! " You can pick, and I could go shopping after school. " Demetre's parents weren't terribly rich, but they had a large sum of money that would be considered 'pocket cash'. Plus, how else could he afford to participate in all of those clubs and activities without a sum of money?
  12. Smiling Angel nodded. Her favorite colors were purple, blue,and green. When the lunch bell rang she picked up her trash and said bye to Demetre. Heading to her next class she thought of what type of dress she wanted. A mermaid style, a ball gown, or maybe even something long and flowing. She was bored to death by chemistry so just as quickly as the lesson began she fell asleep. Awaking to the bell ringing loudly she made her way to her car to head home. She had to tell her mom the news. She'd be so excited.
  13. Demetre waved his goodbyes and soon went to his next class; biology. He wasn't the best at science, but math and literature where exactly up his alley. After school, he got into his car and went straight to his job. He worked at a cafe as a waiter. It was an easy job that paid well, only because he was nice to all of the older visitors and small families, and they tipped him well. He worked a short shift that day, only because business was slower than usual. Demetre talked to his manager about taking a night off- prom night.

    The manager smiled, and told him to take as long as he want. The manager even gave him some more money to get a tux! Demetre thanked him graciously and was soon on his way. Once he got into the car, he pulled out his phone and messaged his date. " What colors did you pick? I think I might go window shopping. My manager gave me a little raise! " Send.
  14. Angel arrived at home and told her mother of the great news and she squealed like a small child. She ran to her and grabbed her up into a very,very tight hug. Angel couldn't breath. "Mom...MOM!!! Let go! I can't breath!" They drove to a large dress shop and choose a turquoise mermaid dress that made Angel's mother cry when she put it on. She got the text from Demetre and texted him back. "Turquoise! And great! :)" Send. Smiling she fell asleep on the car ride home.
  15. Demetre immediately got the text, and a smile crossed his face. " Turquoise it is! " He hit the send button, and soon made his way to the mall. There was a tuxedo store that literally had everything, and that posed two problems. The first one was the prices, and the second one was the selection. After twenty minuets of solid searching, he soon found the perfect tux. It was a simple blazer over a turquoise vest, and a matching tie to go with it. It hung awkwardly over his body, only because he still needed to fit into it. But all in all, he thought he looked like a lady killer. He purchased the tuxedo, and was on his way once more.
  16. Angel woke up just as her mother pulled into the drive way of their large home. She yawned and got out walking in the house straight to her room to crawl under her covers and fall back asleep. She was exhausted. She swore she tried on at least twenty dresses. Countless pairs of heels. She slept for a good while until hunger woke her. Stretching she sat up and texted Demetre. "Wanna meet up and grab something to eat?" She got up and cleaned up. He wouldn't care what she looked like. He'd seen her with mascara running down her face after her boyfriend of eight months broke up with her in front of the entire school. She sighed and put on yoga pants and a hoodie.
  17. Demetre was just as asleep as Angel was when she texted him. He heard the phone vibrate on the nightstand next to him, and he had absolutely no clue who it might be. The clock on his phone read a little past two AM. He sighed, and looked over the text. He snickered slightly, and texted her back. " At two in the morning? Sure. McDonalds is probably open by now. Meet me there? " Send. Demetre rolled out of his bed, and threw on a pair of sweat-pants and a band t-shirt he got during the summer. He didn't bother putting on his glasses.
  18. Angel smiled when he agreed. He'd go anywhere with her if she asked. She walked quietly to her car and started it. Driving to McDonald's she blasted her radio. She walked in ordered a pancake breakfast and sat in the booth farthest from the front. She waited for him and played games on her phone.
  19. Demetre drove in, and walked briskly out of the cold and into the warm eatery. He walked over to the desk, and ordered an Egg McMuffin with some orange juice, and a side of fruit. Once he got his order, he looked around to find her. He smiled, and walked over towards Angel. " Morning, sleepyhead. Looking lovely as always. " Even if her hair was a little less than orderly, and her makeup was a little less than in place, she still looked better than all of the girls in school.
  20. Angel watched as he walked in. He looked...well to be honest hot, in his sweat pants. Blushing she smiled as he walked over to her with his breakfast. "Morning." She said as she yawned. She was still tired but hunger kept her awake. "Sorry to wake you. I just wanted to get some food without being alone." She laughed softly and began cutting into her thick pancakes. Pouring the syrup slowly, and delicately.