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  1. Xenia was drawing the fire that flickered in her fireplace when the little crystal around her neck flashed, meaning someone tripped the barrier spell she cast on the gate. Immediately she was on her feet. "Not another human.." she muttered, pulling the black bag of purple powder off the shelf. She went towards the door, but forgot she moved the rug. Tripping over the corner, she hit the ground, spilling the powder everywhere around her. She was out like a light, flat on her face. As the human approached, the crystal stopped shining.

    Xenia (open)
  2. Isiah stepped across the threshold. His grey eyes darted around in the darkness. It was well after mid-night and he should be at home sleeping. This is crazy. This is soooo crazy. He chided himself. Ringing his hands he stepped further into the buidling. He had been dared to go into the adandoned warehouse by a few of his class mates. Rumor had that it was haunted by some demon. Anyone who went inside disappeared for a few days, reappearing in the forest with no memory. "H-Hello!" Isiah called out. He really didn't want to be here.
    A thud came from upstairs bringing out a very unmanly shriek from the teen boy. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as he began to ascend the rickety old stairway. He came upon the landing and used the wall as guide in the dimly lit hall. There was a form laying face down in one of the door ways. Omigawd a dead body. Holy hell. D-Do I call the cops. D-Do I help? What do I do?! Isiah slowly advanced and knelt beside the figure. It was a girl. He prodded her should to no avail. Oh god.... He flipped her over the best he could, leaning down so his ear was by her mouth. "O-O-Okay, sh-she's breathing...." He muttered to himself. Maybe she just passed out... Isiah didn't want to leave this girl here. What if something bad happened, it would be all his fault. He slipped his arms under hers sitting her up. Then he picked her up bridal style and descended the stairs carefully. He was a meager five foot nothing but he did his best. Luckily he didn't live far and his mother worked night shifts at the hospital.
    Isiah carried her to his room, gently laying her on his bed. He then laid on the floor with only a blanket and one pillow. He wasn't sure what else to do. Maybe he'd ask her why she was in there in the first place tomorrow.
  3. When the light shone in the window, Xenia shot straight up, immediately realizing 2 things: she was not at her home, and there was a human boy in the room. Her eyes turned fiery red and she hissed. "Who are you??" she asked in a dark, low voice, her hair going from jet black to snow white, her skin paling a little.
  4. Isiah shot straight up. His head snapped to the place where he put the girl last night. His face paled in pure fear. "I-I-I..." Isiah scrambled to stand and backed away from her. "I-I-I'm s-sorry. Y-You were u-unconcious a-and I didnt...d-didnt want to leave you there. I-Incase something h-happened." Isiah squeezed his eyes shut and tensed prepared for something bad to happen. He was just trying to help.
  5. Xenia paused, surprised by the boy's words. She cleared her throat to regain her composure. "That was not the question. Name boy, what's your name?" She asked, crossing her arms and her legs, focusing on him, but not doing a thing.
  6. Isiah was shaking visibily. He didn't want her to be angry with him. "Im sorry." He said softly looking at the floor. "Please dont be angry. M-My names Isiah.." He said quietly.
  7. Xenia nodded, her hair turning back to black, but her eyes still glowed red. "And..you..where the one who trespassed on my land, and found me unconscious?"
  8. "I didn't know I swear!" Isiah protested. He stayed on his side of the room. The way her hair changed color and her eyes glowed scared him to no end. He wasn't sure if the rumors were true and he brought the demon home with him. "A-Are, you th-the demon everyone i-is talking about?" He asked in a small voice He instantly regretted it. What if he upset her.
  9. Xenia stopped completely, her arms dropping loosely by her sides and her eyes clearing to their regular dark brown color. Her composure cracked. "Demon...?" Wait...people actually..there's rumors...about me? A demon? She thought sadly to herself. He looks so scared...
  10. "I-I-I'm so sorry! I-I shouldn't ha-have asked.....oh gosh..." Isiah was completely flustered. He could tell she was saddened by what he said and he felt horrible. "H-Here!" He shoved a small, tattered teddy bear into her arms. "H-His name i-is Teddy..." Isiah said embarrased, looking away. It was his teddy bear his dad had given him when he was younger, before he got cancer. When he got sad or lonely he would hug the small bear and feel better. It was childish and if anyone at school found out they would surely torment him for the rest of his two years left.
  11. Xenia blinked at the teddy bear, but took it gently, holding it in her hands as if it where a child. "Wh..what's a 'teddy'?" she asked quietly, looking curiously at the teddy bear. She'd never seen the object before...and somehow, Isiah seemed to have calmed her, to have broken her defense..
  12. "Oh, its, well its a toy, f-for little kids..." Isiah explaned softly taking a seat next to her. He glanced over at her a few times before speaking again. "So-sorry for making you sad..."
  13. Xenia shook her head. "You didn't make me sad.." she shifted. "Don't be scared..please.."
  14. Isiah nodded silently. She was nice enough so he tried to contain his fear. Its not everyday you encounter a girl with red eyes and color-changing hair. Isiah shuffled his feet against his carpet. "S-So..wh-what were you doing there?" Isiah silently cursed his stutter. It used to be crippling when he was a child and with speech therapy it got better but it still was prominent when he spoke.
  15. Xenia looked at the ground. "I..." she didn't know how to explain it, so she made a very vague, but true statement. "I was forced to live there."
  16. "O-Oh! I-I didnt bring u-up any bad memories d-did I?" He looked at her with wide, worried grey eyes. He was always so genuine when he spoke, honestly caring for those around him. "I-If you dont w-want to stay there a-anymore.....y-you could stay here. M-My mom works n-nights and sleeps most of the day. Sh-She wouldn't notice..." Isiah offered kindly. He wouldn't be comfortable knowing she was out by herself in that creepy buidling and he had all the comforts of a warm house and food, it just wasn't right in his mind.
  17. Xenia tensed slightly. "I..I can't..you....you don't understand..it's..it's not that easy.." she shook her head slowly, pulling her knees to her chest, holding the teddy bear.
  18. Isiah frowned. He reached to rub her back soothingly but retracted his hand. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable. "W-Why not? I-If you dont want to s-stay, I co-could bring you s-some things, l-like blankets a-a-and food." Isiah offered quietly.
  19. Xenia nodded slightly. "I..I guess..." she didn't answer his question. He can't know...he'll hate me...like everyone else...I can't tell him...he can't know..
  20. Isiah gave a small smile. "O-Okay." Isiah stood and looked out the window, it was raining heavily and he was pretty sure he caught a flash of lighting. "Y-You cant g-go out in th-that." He said in a quiet manner. He looked over at her with a sorry expression. "S-Sorry." He hoped she didn't feel forced to stay here. Isiah finally took notice of her clothes. Her high socks were a bit torn and her clothes had dirt on them. "I-I-If you want a-a sh-sh-shower you can..can use m-mine..." Isiah stuttering was getting worse. He never talked to one person for so long before. "H-H-Here." He pulled out a warm hoodie and sweats. He was a pretty small individual so they shouldn't be too big on her. "S-So you're n-no-not cold."
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