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  2. [​IMG]

    The Detective kept himself seated nearest the head of the conference room, not wanting to stand up but out of respect for all and the man entering, he stood up and waved his hand to everybody, it was really just one wave to the entire room as he introduced himself. "Hey kids..." He didn't sound amused for the day, but he did give a short lived smile. "My name is Detective Reagan, and my family and I recognize me as one of those..." He honestly wasn't too acquaint with his powers as he liked to get to the nitty-gritty and down and dirty of things, but it was his preference, before speaking up again. "That EZP.. ESP?... Agh, that Extra-Sensory crap, and I got recommended, so, here I am.." He went silent before nodding at the Captain. "Pleasure." He would simply say. "I'm guessing I'm ya' partner?.. Or, 2nd L T, or whatever?" Referring to his questions.

  3. Jonathan was given the information via text from an unknown number. He arrived at the station right on time, may a bit late. Despite this, he walked around back and went in. The building was rather dull, but it was solid. Nothing set it apart from any other builing in that area, but it worked. He found his way to the conference room and found others already inside. Unsure of what to make of this group of people, Jonathan just ignored them. He took a spot in a corner, away from everyone else. For the most part he didn't recognize any of them except for the one girl. She was a rival drug runner, who he ran into a few years back. He decided to let her go without a confrontation. From then on, he saw her around. The talked on occassion, but nothing major. To be honest, he actually forgot her name. That wasn't unusual. He forgot names left and right. If the person wasn't memorable, why try to remember their names. Instead just smile and nod. Glancing around, Jonathan spotted another person he recognized. It was a cop. The guy was seated. Dressed in a casual suit, the man took little notice of Jonathan as he walked in. The cop wasn't someone he was aquainted with, but his face was familiar. Yes, he was one of the guys on the streets. Jonathan remembered the few run-ins and then turned his attention to the other person in the room. She was very pretty, but looked less than 18. Despite that, she had an air of sophistication. Jonathan wasn't too keen on that. He rather dispised formalities and manors. Once he looked over everyone in the room, Jonathan allowed his mind to return to a more pressing manor...this teaming up thing. Jonathan wasn't sure what to make of this strange team of people. Obviously, the police were grabbing at air because there was no way, in his mind, that this would work. But he was always up for a challenge.

    Standing with his back against the wall, Jonathan waited along with everyone as he continually survayed the room. For the most part there was silence. No one knew what to say to each other, if anything at all. Jonathan thought about talking wiht Sonique, but heh decided agaisnt it. They didn't wait too long before a guy walked in. He was mixed race from what Jonathan could see, but he was definitely running the joint. As he spoke Jonathan sighed heavily. Introductions...nuisence. Despite his opposing feelings, he spoke up, "Jonathan Clarke, telekinetic." He didn't feel like he needed to say more. If they wanted to know more about him, they could find it themselves. There was no need to explain his being there to them. The one who needed that information already had it. From the first guy's introduction it was obvious that he was going to be one of the more advanced when it came to his powers. Jonathan kept his eyes trained on Detective Samir. His eyes were cold and calculating as he took in the surroundings. Jonathan knew that this was going to be interesting to say the least.
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  4. Sonique had arrived at the quaint building a bit earlier than necessary, though that was more due to her strong desire to increase the distance between her life now and her life on the streets all the more. When she had walked in the only other person there was the man that had helped her clean up her life, and probably the reason she was even on the team in the first place; Detective Reagan. Giving his a slight wave and a smile she sat down near the middle of the right side, a place that would normally demand attention yet she hoped it didn't. She began adjusting the cinching belt around her powder blue blouse as she waited.

    As the other two members entered the room, she startled a bit at the presence of Johnathan. She had not known that the drug runner would be here in the slightest and she was understandably wary, considering the interactions they had in the past. None the less, she tried to focus on the meeting. Until Detective Samir entered the room, Sonique knew she was the tallest in the room, even without her black four inch heels on. As she waited for the three men to give their introductions she decided she would go next.

    "My name is Sonique McMicheals, I'm a medium." She said proudly as she stood to her full, adjusted height of six foot five.
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  5. [​IMG]
    "I don't see why you have to work as a detective. I know you love mysteries but you're putting your life on the line!" The woman spoke with worry clear on her face but Alexandra never lifted her eyes from the book in front of her, even when she put a fork full of cake into her mouth. Alex has known the woman, Jenna, for a few years.

    "Stop complaining Jenna, you've known I was going to do this for a long time," Alexandra huffed with a role of her baby blue eyes, not hesitating to put another fork of cake into her mouth. The sweet warmth of the freshly baked cake melted on her tongue. For work today Alexandra decided on a casual yet professional. A while cotton shirt that hugged her torso nicely, a navy blue blazer, gold diamondless rings on her right hand as well as a real large golden bracelet. The dark blue pencil skirt was actually comfortable to wear as it stopped a few inches above her knees, black open toed heels giving her 4 inches more of height.

    Jenna bit her bottom lip as she looked at her complicated friend, someone even she didn't understand completely. It wasn't because she didn't talk about her past often but the way she reacted to things or spoke made many people think that Alex was cold hearted. Which Jenna had thought when she had first met Alexandra. When Alex had smiled at her, a very rare time, it showed Jenna that Alexandra wasn't as emotionless as others thought.

    "Oh... I'll be late if I don't leave soon," Alex stood up when her plate was empty of all crumbs and chocolate marks, taking one last sip of her hazelnut coffee she stood up. Long blonde hair swinging around her shoulder in its low ponytail.

    "Ok, I'll come over tonight for the details," Jenna shrugged just as Alex placed a small kiss on Jenna's cheek before she left. Alexandra was still uncomfortable with affection towards others but a small kiss on her friend's cheek before leaving was practice. Which she had started early in the year... last year.

    Alexandra left the bakery/cafe with her book under her arm, ignoring the few looks people sent to her. It took her a 10 minute walk to the PIA building and when she went in, the cool air from the morning air seemed to slip away. Her cheeks were pink from being barred to the cold but it didn't stop her from entering the room she had been pointed to.

    "Uh... hi," Alex gave a small movement of her hand that looked like a wave but it only involved two fingers before she decided to take a seat on an empty chair.

    "Oh yea, I'm Alexandra Dulce. Telepath," Was the end of her introduction before she leaned back in her seat and opened the book from where she left off in the cafe. 'A Dance for the Wicked' a book that was about a woman who lived in a deceitful world and instead of hiding in fear decides to make her way to the top in the business world. To knock down all those who had tried to trick her or guide her in the wrong direction. She herself turned into one of the most wicked within the book.

    (Lol no, its not a real book)
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  6. Samir arched an eyebrow at Alexandra as she began to read her book in the middle of the briefing. He waved to the others that had introduced themselves as he walked over to her, taking the book from her hands and closing it, setting it down on the table.
    "Miss Dulce, this is your work, not your home. In the future, unless you don't enjoy employment, I'd suggest saving the recreational reading for times when you aren't being paid. We're underpaid, but we're still profressionals in our field."

    He walked back to the head of the room and leaned on the back of his chair.
    "So unless anyone else needs a reminder about how to act at work, let's get down to talking about what you all should expect here and with our first case. Here at the Thunder City Psychic Devision, we tackle cold cases, cases the regular police department can't solve, and incidents involving other psychics. For now, it's just us, although we can and will receive backup from non-psychic officers and support personnel. As you saw in your hiring packet, we will generally not be the first line of action in SWAT cases and actively dangerous non-psychic subjects.

    "Our work is more concerned with tracking subjects whose trail has gone cold, who has hostages or is involved in other situations that require expedited resolution, or subjects of moderate to severe psychic ability. We will face situations, usually, less overtly dangerous than the regular PD. However, that doesn't mean you all are going to get out of the same PT as everyone else. You'll start that tomorrow afternoon and work on it concurrently with cases.

    "As for the case at hand, the reason we hired all of you, the Candy Lane Killer has taken another elementary school student named Monica Bellator, and her sister, June Bellator" he said, switching on the powerpoint to display an apple-cheeked brunette girl of about about eight and a blonde of about nine.

    "The history of the CLK spans about eight years with fourteen confirmed victims and another possible four. Their normal MO is to abduct the child, usually a bus rider or walker, after school on field trip or late assembly days when their lateness raises less suspicion. The child's body is usually found a few days later dressed in elaborate, handmade costumes. This is the first instance of a pair being taken, so we're hoping at least one is still alive since the abduction was the day before yesterday.

    "Before we go into the field, however, I have to give you guys a test run on the dreamspace tech and how to access the Shared Interstitial Dreaming Environment, or SIDE."

    He opened the large black case on the table and removed five thin, white headbands with black interiors.
    "Fancy stuff, these. They help create a singular psychic interface environment powered by the subject and supported by us. The subject designs the features of the environment and the events therein, and we provide the power and framework for it to be accessed by all of us. The SIDE bands are tools that help create a more reliable and ready connection between all of us. All you have to do it put them on and press the little button on the inside here, and they'll begin working. However, we all have to work together to actually enter the dreamspace. For the purpose of this test, I'm going to play your subject and wear the red band."

    "Before we get started, any questions? And yes, Detective Reagan, you're my partner. We're all partners on this team, meaning we all work together and nobody slacks off or hogs the hero light."
  7. Alexandra had completely forgotten and while she knew it was rude to read during work, she couldn't help but pout a bit. That was a really good book and she was at a very addicting part. Pushing a piece of her hair behind her ear, Alex paid attention and made mental notes. Luckily for her she practically had a photogenic memory... or just able to remember really well. What her boss said easily made sense but when the white bands were brought out she narrowed her eyes. Alex might trust most of technology that was out but putting something electrical her head? What if there was a malfunction that happened during an important case and she became brain dead? While being able to read the thoughts of others, having her mind turned into a slushy seemed far worse. With a lot of in the bank to keep herself on a machine to keep herself alive, there would truly be no point in it at all.

    Seemed this would be a harder job after all because Alex was sure she had no other option but to go through with this.

    Leaning forward she continued to pay attention, raising her eyebrow when he said he would be the test dummy. Well, subject but pretty much a test dummy. Alex had heard about this though and while her curiosity was buzzing, she wondered how exactly she was supposed to help.

    "I have a few questions: 1. Will we have specific partners? For when we split up to do different work for investigations or does it only matter who's paired up to who for different cases? 2. Can you please take special care of the book? It was quite expensive. 3. What exactly are our parts in this? 4. Do the parents, or those involved, know that there are psychics helping them?" Alexandra named off the first few questions that had popped up into her mind. Hopefully nothing was going to be to difficult but so far it all actually seemed really simple.

    "Oh yes, I almost forgot. Where exactly will we be starting for this case? Has there been any recent finds of evidence or anything that can help? DNA, blood, " That was the important question that was bugging her since he began to explain the first case they had. Though Alexandra always felt awkward or uncomfortable around children, they seemed to have a small soft spot in her heart. Alex figured it was just natural feelings that most women would feel. A motherly instinct... well as motherly as a childless woman could be. Which is why children only had a small spot in her heart. Other then that she truly couldn't understand how they could be so loud, energetic and strangely kind. Pure. They were far to young to have to go through such a thing but there was nothing she could do about it right now. Alexandra is a telepath, not meant to change ones fate if destiny wishes for it to happen.
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  8. It was taking a while. Or atleast to him. The fact that he had to "Prove" himself in order to be a police officer? He couldn't fine the word, but Danny thought of it a bit overrated. Danny spoke up with a hint of annoyance in his voice, first talking about how that woman, that Alex girl, was reading her book. He turned his head over to her, scratching his head before speaking up in a silent yet annoyed tone. "Y'know uh.. On duty personnel don't exactly read up on a book until they're off duty, y'know? It kinda makes the job a bit harder to do."

    He gave a simple chuckle, not of arrogance, but just from a simple enjoyance of the situation. That is, until the Captain produced some white bands that were supposed to make a simulation. Now Danny really was becoming annoyed. First he spoke about this Candy Lane Killer, that was more important to find than a damned simulation. He had just begun to take this personal after his own sons were lost. "Listen, Cap'n, I think it'd be a damn lot more easier if we figured out the killer for this case before we do an investigation. We find the killer, we do the simulation after. It's much more important to get him off the damn streets where he can.. Kill another three kids before his reign is over!" He kept silent for a fee moments before speaking once more.

    "In what types of areas is this 'Candy Lane Killer' taking the kids? Little town, forest walks, off the sidewalk in the bad side, what?" He then kept his mouth shut for the moment being after a moment of annoyed silence, the situation slowly coming more and more onto him. He silently grumbled to himself in response to the Captains remark on all of them being partners "Not what I meant..." It seemed he was more in tune with what Alex was speaking about, with individual partners, just like they used to do.​
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  9. Jonathan was still standing in the background. He kept his head down as he listened to the others talk. This was all a bit new to him, so he decided to listen and take notes. As the group began to voice their concerns, Jonathan looked at the headband. Part of him wanted to take it apart right now and see how it worked, while another wanted to just crush it to bits. Both ideas weren't exactly right for this moment in time. The more he listened to the conversation the more he had to agree with the Detective and the book reader. With his head down, Jonathan kept listening. He had no intention of actually speaking up, while his mind made comments, 'This Candy Lane Killer sounds interesting', 'why children, why here', 'what high did he get off of killing these kids', 'what's with the headbands', 'why do I have to participate in this', 'I thought I was just going to be an informant', 'what's with these people they're rather irritating'...

    As his mind continued to think and wonder about what his role was, the headband began to levitate. Subconsciously, Jonathan was moving the headband and starting to take it apart. Unlike his usual tinkering, this dismantling was precise and deliberate. The small screws were hovering beside the band as the entire headband came apart. Wires and circuits were here and there while the covering stayed in the air. It was as if the entire device was just expanded to see the inside workings. All this happened as Jonathan thought about the other questions and comments he had towards the Captain and the others. His mind was off somewhere else as his powers worked with his subconscious, doing his bidding. Jonathan wasn't currently thinking about dismantling the headband, but that was something that fascinated him.
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  10. "Those are all good questions," Samir replied, turning his own Sideband over in his hands and not rising to Danny's annoyance. Indeed, it seemed to bother the lanky man very little, the only hint at his temper being the subtle tightening of his jaw.

    "We are doing orientation, Daniel, precisely because if we do not, you'll all be useless to me. Knowing how to work the Sidebands is critical to our work, and knowing what we are supposed to be doing is critical to catching the unsub. If you want to run out blindly waving your pistol, I'll kindly take your badge now."

    He was quiet a moment before clearing his throat.
    "Now, as for the kidnappings, the children are being taken somewhere between when they leave school and before they get home. This suggests the killer watches them for awhile beforehand, knowing who has parents that wait at the bus stop and who doesn't. Most of the kidnappings are taking place along the east side; neighborhood quality seems to be middle and low income, people who can't afford to stay home enough to pick up the kid or wait for them--"

    Samir stopped abruptly, turning to look at Jonathan as the parts of the Sideband floated in front of him.

    "Put it.back.together," Samir ground out, his voice like tectonic plates grating past each other. "Now."

    Taking a deep breath and repeating a silent prayer for sanity, Samir regained most of his formerly cheerful demeanor.

    "As for partners, we all work together unless, in very specific circumstances, we have to split up. This is not kindergarten, we aren't working in pairs. The parents do know the TCPD is cooperating with local police. And our parts in this, as I just explained, are to catch the killer. Now, if we're all done having outbursts, reading, and taking apart very expensive department equipment, we are going to run our first dreamspace to give you all a feel for how it works. Once inside you'll receive further details on how to navigate. For now, here are the basics:

    Together, you each use your different psychic powers to construct the environment I'll run. Telepaths gather the information needed to construct it, ESPers create the environment, Telekinetics help create (and bend) physics, and Mediums allow for interface with semi-sentient personality shard in the spaces as well as the transport of consciousnesses into the space. Once the bands allow you to sync, they will help you continue doing this automatically once you are in the dreamspace.

    This automation is important because of the relatively fragile nature of dreams. Once the dreamer knows they're dreaming, they wake up, and being in the space when the subject wakes up forces a restart on the bands, which is uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. What that means for us is that we can't interact with the space in ways it isn't meant to. You can't go around grabbing people and smashing walls and acting like a bull in a china shop. You have to play by the rules of the environment, or you risk destroying the whole thing. Ideally we'd train you longer, but time is ticking, after all."

    Samir placed the band on his head and sat down, leaning back in his chair.
    "Put them on, press the little start button, and relax. Close your eyes, count backwards from ten, and let your powers roam free."

    As they counted backwards, they found the lights in the room dimming and flickering. The clock on the wall began to lose its numbers and the writing on the whiteboard ran until it was a muddled, unreadable mess. The floor bowed and they sunk into the white tile like quicksand until they were in total darkness.

    Abruptly a yellowish fluorescent light snapped on, humming and trembling in its cracked fixture. They were in the lobby of an apartment complex, and ahead were three doors. One was a grate-style elevator door, one was an apartment door that read "7089" and the final was a bank vault door. Inside the elevator stood a fairly young woman in a bright pink sari, her hands clasped in front of her. She seemed to be waiting patiently for them to help her out of the elevator, but the buttons did nothing to open the door.
    "If you can't proceed in an environment, it usually means the subconscious is defending itself. Try looking for a puzzle or clue," she offered, her accent mild and bubbling.

    The front reception desk had a pack of "Lucky Strikes", a child's object and hole puzzle with only the square and sphere available, a piece of paper that read "One shot", a baseball bat with a red paint hand print on the top, and an empty pistol.
  11. Short inaudible grumbles came out from his mouth, rolling his eyes as he looked at the piece of tech. He wasn't one of these types of people, one of those 'I love technology and I'll use it everyday for every little thing in the world' kind of person. He was distrustful of electrical technology like this, always thinking that it'd find a way to stop working for some stupid reason, like a chip coming out of place or some electrical wave interference. If this thing fried his head, he'd rather be dead with everything going on in his life. As he placed it on his head, he closed his eyes before grumbling something else "Like he knows what goes through our lives.." And that thing about being in kindergarden? He's fucking kidding right? Now Danny became even more wary of this Division. He felt as though it was gonna go to waste, with the idealism that the Captain was placing, they were gonna get no where but another kid dead from the time it takes.

    As Danny pressed the start button, he leaned his head back with hands over his waist, sighing before he would wake once more into the dreamspace. Waking up, he would look at the lady (Whom he presumed was Samir) and gave a smirk "Nice look, Cap'n." Before walking over to the doors. 7089. Four numbers. Most apartments had three numbers, the first to indicate the floor and the other two to locate the seperate apartment buildings. This apartment apparently had 70. He then looked at the Vault Door. Weird. While he paid little mind to it, he thus moved over to the reception desk before taking out a glove from his coat pocket, before picking up the pistol, removing the magazine as to review the weapon. "Empty. Somebody walked out. Must've been here for awhile. One Shot must mean what? Guy has one bullet, one kill, or Guy has one shot and runs?" As he viewed the pistol, he placed the pistol down before walking behind the reception desk as he tried Searching for the missing shell casing.
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  12. Alexandra completely froze because when she let her power escape and opened her eyes once again... she was on longer in the building of her new job. As part of the job, Alex also had a glove in the pocket of her blazer and followed suit with putting it on her hands.

    "We're in his head, do we even need gloves?" Alex asked with a furrow of her eyebrows but didn't bother to not go through with standard procedure. Instead she grabbed the child's toy and starred at it for a moment. Children... what was so special about children that made this person go after young and innocent little beings? Though little kids made Alexandra a bit uncomfortable and awkward, that didn't mean a thing. There was a line and it was clear whoever had done this didn't care. Rules had been a big thing in Alexandra's life but even she knew the laws of life. Take a life with your own hands, prepare to have people come after you to get justice.

    Which reminded Alex why she was doing this. Having her telepathy meant that there had to be something she could do in order to at least help balance the odds against those doing wrong. They had no right to take lives that didn't belong to them. Just because they had the strength to do it didn't mean it was their job. Why couldn't they just let people die naturally?

    Oh wait, they were mentally screwed over and seemed to have their own rules in life. Which they believed applied to everyone.

    "What's the time difference from in this virtual world and the real one?" Was the question that tumbled out of her plump pink lips which were no longer glistening with lip gloss from earlier this morning. Eating that cake with a cup of coffee had wiped it all away. Not that she needed it; it had been Jenna's idea anyways.

    What caught her attention the most was the vault door and she wondered what exactly was supposed to be in there.

    "My curiosity on what's inside this thing seems to be growing," Alex muttered to herself as she walked over to it and lightly tapped it. Would it open like a regular vault? With a shake of her head she looked away from the vault and instead paid attention to baseball bat. She picked it up and twirled it around a bit. Wondering what the red hand print was for. Everything here had a connection... they just had to find the first one.
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  13. Jonathan was somewhat startled when the Captain addressed him. Looking at the headband, Jonathan smiled. He wasn't really paying much attention to the object as it expanded, but now it was rather interesting. Jonathan put his hands up and dipped his head as if to illustrate defeat. It didn't take long for Jonathan to put the headband back together again. The pieces seemed to snap together seamlessly and retake its headband form. Once the pieces were together, Jonathan allowed the headband to descend into his open palm. Then Jonathan looked around to the others at the table. They all started to place the headbands on and go into a sort of trance. Jonathan was hesitant about following suit. He didn't exactly sign up for this and it didn't follow suit with his own agendas. As far as he was concerned, the TCPD wasn't going to help him at all.

    After a few moments of ruminating, Jonathan decided that he'd play along. Maybe things would work out with this strange, temperamental group. Placing the headband on, Jonathan closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. With his back flush with the wall, Jonathan stopped thinking. He could feel that fire inside of him blaze and his powers affecting the world around him. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a strange apartment building. At first he didn't really take much notice. There wasn't anything different from this place and his own. His eyes scanned the area and fell upon the woman addressing the group. What the hell is this? Jonathan thought to himself. The lady was pretty enough, but that wasn't something his mind was focusing on. Instead he found himself gazing at the strange objects then at the rest of the group. A puzzle... Jonathan thought to himself. Usually, he'd dive right in and start tinkering with something, but instead he waited for someone else to make the move. All the while his mind was searching for clues.
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  14. The woman behind the grate only smiled at Daniel when he called her Captain, watching all of them as they looked around the room. There were no shell casings to be found, but Daniel did discover a bullet hole close to the ground in the wooden apartment door. Through it he could see a child's baseball cleats, caked in dirt and grass. In the far background, he could see the feet of two adults who seemed to be having an argument or fighting. The door, however, would not open and could not be broken.

    She also nodded encouragingly at Alex when she picked up the bat, although when Alex didn't say anything to her teammates about it, the woman looked over to Jonathan and frowned to see he was doing nothing at all.

    "You must all work together to solve this," she said, her voice tight and urgent. "Since you can advance no further, look at the clues laid out. Pay attention to things that draw your attention. And for goodness sakes, talk to each other!"

    There was a deep rumble that shook the landscape, causing the sphere to drop off the desk along with the Lucky Strikes box, and roll along the floor. The Lucky Strikes box was filled not with cigarettes, but pink bubblegum cut to look like chewing tobacco. The sphere, when examined, had a clear seam on it, but couldn't be pried open. The material seemed fairly brittle, however.
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