Unreal City

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    Basic Premise:

    Genres: Horror, Action, Drama, Mystery, Scifantasy

    In the year 2073, a handful of police departments have adopted the use of Psychic Interfacing Agents, or PIAs. These psychics can access a subject’s conscious and subconscious, exploring it like a landscape to effect various changes and gather intelligence. They are being employed to deal with the worst and most heinous of the city’s criminals who are otherwise evading the police. Thunder City has its own PIA team that tackles the worst and most dangerous cases.

    The story follows the detectives as they solve various crimes and try to manage their own lives and place with a skeptical and sometimes fearful society as well. There are some conspiracy theorists who say the Lemurians are manipulating everyone for some great end, and others who say there are psychics destabilizing weak or susceptible people, causing them to descend into psychosis.
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  2. It sounds interesting, what's the minimum posting length?
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