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    • Genres: Horror, Action, Drama, Mystery, Scifantasy

      In the year 2073, a handful of police departments have adopted the use of Psychic Interfacing Agents, or PIAs. These psychics can access a subject’s conscious and subconscious, exploring it like a landscape to effect various changes and gather intelligence. They are being employed to deal with the worst and most heinous of the city’s criminals who are otherwise evading the police. Thunder City has its own PIA team that tackles the worst and most dangerous cases.

      The story follows the detectives as they solve various crimes and try to manage their own lives and place with a skeptical and sometimes fearful society as well. There are some conspiracy theorists who say the Lemurians are manipulating everyone for some great end, and others who say there are psychics destabilizing weak or susceptible people, causing them to descend into psychosis.

    • Due to the nature of the RP, which might include graphic violence, substance abuse, and possibly other dark subject matter, I would prefer adult players over teen ones. However, there will be no explicit sexual material; those belong in a PM or a libertine thread.

      I am looking for aggressive players at the adept level and above who are willing to:
      have flawed characters capable of failing, making mistakes, hurting people, and then trying to fix it
      do more than react to the plot; help create and drive it (including creating locations, engaging in actions with consequences, initiating interaction, and etc.)
      collaborate with me/other players when building plot and character interactions (including initiating these collabs)
      post frequently, 2 times a week at minimum, with minimum posts at about 8-10 lines excluding short dialogue. There is no max post length limit.
      If you fall below the posting minimum or harass other players, I may ask you to leave the game. I may also ask you to leave if you godmod, sandbox, Mary-Sue, or do not interact with the environment/plot/characters.

      For guest players:
      Once I’ve approved your plot, you must post twice a week and generally keep the plot moving. If you fail to post for a week, or post below the minimum for two weeks, I will take over your plot and character(s).

      Everyone, please feel free to:
      Create locations
      Create side and background characters
      Help shape the world and plot

      Please don’t:
      Tamper with the established psychic mechanics
      Suggest magical or technologically far-advanced widgets
      Do things that violate common sense without the consequences

    • Please post a fully-completed character profile in this thread. This is NOT first-come, first-served. I will select from the character profiles, and ask for changes if need be. I am looking for 3-4 players playing one main character as well as 1-2 reoccurring side characters if they so desire. Please no anime pictures.

      Some characters can have the same psychic abilities, but I must have at least one of each to begin the game.

    • Characters (these traits may overlap):
      All main characters must be 23 or over (excluding subjects).

      At least 2 women
      Someone good with tech
      One or two people decently good with guns and hand to hand combat
      Someone on the inside with a secretive community or conspiracy theorists
      Someone with a drinking/drug problem
      At least one person whose relationship with friends, family, and/or a romantic partner has suffered because of the job
      At least one person who hates the way society treats psychics
      At least one person whose family couldn’t accept their gift

    • Guest players may create a subject for the detective to pursue, creating clues for the pursuit as well as the dreamspace once the subject has been cornered. People interested in being guest players should PM me for more information. I will run the first crime, and after that regular players OR guest players may submit cases via PM.

      [tab= World Info]
    • [tab= World Info]

      The roleplay takes places in Thunder City, a slightly run down rendition of New York or a similar city. There are a few broad geographic locations in the city that will be important. Thunder City is an international hub of business and trade on the southwest coast. Some people make crooked money off of promising immigrants a green card.

      The Heights: Middle-ish income apartment complex near the precinct’s PIA division. Some buildings are a bit nicer than others, and it’s a very large complex. Has a business office, a gym, a pool, and a laundry center.

      Thunder City PIA Division- Where the PIAs get briefed, work, and go in for routine care and testing. Otherwise known as TCPD, run by Captain Rosa Murez and Doctor Neil Abraham.

      Shake City- A burger/fry/shake joint near the Heights and TCPD. Delightfully polychrome and greasy.

      AC Comics- Comic and general geekery story. Smells like old paper and new carpet. Run by Joe, who wears a Green Flashlight fandom tie.

      Geraldine Jackson Library- A public library with extensive historical documents and genealogy records. Also has a wifi and coffe café called Outlet.

      Jazz’d- Jazz club, tapas bar, all around swanky and expensive place. A lot of deals happen in the business suite upstairs.

      Belle Harbor: The shipping and warehouse district. A heaping helping of fishy shit happens here.

      Floor Mart: Basically everything you need for cheap. Why shop anywhere else? Really, why?

      Parker Tower: The biggest, tallest mall in Thunder City with prices to match.

      Technology is slightly more advanced than ours, but not by much. If you browse tech gadgets that are above $300 on Amazon, you’ll get a good idea. No holograms, teleporting, or flying cars. Voice-activated tech, wireless charging, tablets, and fitbits, etc.

    • No one is sure how people began developing psychic abilities, but in 2012 the first psychic was officially discovered in India, and from there cases began cropping up at an exponential rate. This dropped off around 2050, but in 2052 the rise of psychotic crimes began to steadily increase.

      Telepath (TP): Able to read minds. The closer and more in physical contact they are with someone, or how willing/psychic the other person is, the better they can read the connection.

      Telekinetic (TK): Able to affect the immediate environment through their powers, including moving or destroying objects and people.

      ESPer (ESP): Able to read the environment broadly, meaning they can catch flashes of past and future events, see slightly beyond physical barriers, and catch broad-spectrum thoughts of people nearby.

      Medium (M): Able to channel those not in physical bodies. This can be the dead, those astral traveling, or psychics projecting from somewhere else. Mediums also pick up strange signals from shadowed being called Lemurians that transmit seemingly random numbers and images of a burning bird, a flask, or a combined sun and moon, among others.

      Some Lemurians seem to become attached to certain mediums, for better or worse (usually worse). Lemurians also are known to interfere with other psychics on occasion, although only Mediums can discern this. The how and why are unknown since Lemurians don’t communicate directly with anyone.

      Most psychics encompass one of two of the above categories the most strongly, although Mediums tend to show the least diversity in skills; ESPers show the most. Together, all four types come together to construct a workable way of interfacing with someone’s dreamspace. Telepaths gather the information needed to construct it, ESPers create the environment, Telekinetics help create (and bend) physics, and Mediums allow for interface with semi-sentient personality shard in the spaces as well as the transport of consciousnesses into the space. So, the psychics help construct a space for them to interact with the features of the subject’s mind in a visual and tactile way, but the subject populates and controls it in the way a computer controls what a monitor displays.

    • [image]

    • Name:
      Physical Description:

      Psychic Type:






    • Synapis and Synapsis 2

    • Welcome to Nightvale

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  2. Before I jump in, how do you feel about pregnant characters?
  3. I'm not sure how that would work-- early in the pregnancy she might still be on active duty, but at a certain point I assume she'd want to take maternity leave because the work is exceptionally dangerous and stressful on the body.
  4. Is it possible to use a canon character for the guns and CQC? I have someone who 2ould be knowledgeable in the "run down" NYC
  5. I'd prefer original characters for this. However, why not make some changes to the canon character and play him/her as your own?
  6. I could change some of his bio and such. Maybe the wife and kids left him, his family of law enforcement could be working other jobs? I could do a CS today but not right now
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  7. That sounds good, I'll be looking forward to what you post!
  8. I was thinking about a transgender female with a pill/alcohol problem
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  9. I'll be looking forward to the character sheet!
  10. All slots are still open!
  11. Sheet is almost done :)
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  12. What type of mysteries would this roleplay have?
  13. @Child Of the North- Most of it will revolve around catching serial killers, kidnappers, and other crimes carried out by a subject who may in their right mind, or may not be. The mysteries will sometimes involve figuring out who they have to go after, while other times it will be figuring out where the known subject is hiding, or where they are hiding their victim(s).
  14. Show Spoiler

    Ambrosia Rose
    Name: Alexandra Dulce "Alex"
    Age: 23 years old
    DOB: August 23
    Height: 5'5"
    Physical Description: Pale, smooth and soft skin that easily bruises. Standing at 5'5", Rose has long dirty blonde hair that falls straight (when she doesn't curl it). With a tiny nose and small and nicely shaped lips; bright blue eyes that seem almost hypnotizing to stare at for to long, Ambrosia has been told she has a stare that makes people feel as if they're being seen through. Because of her height and slight baby face, Ambrosia is sometimes mistaken for a teenager instead of her actual age because of her baby face so Rose usually never leaves without a bit of make up on. Underneath her clothes Ambrosia has a petite frame, long legs with a small ribbon tattoo on the back of both her ankles. On the back of her right shoulder Ambrosia has another tattoo of a small dandelion, the seeds on it drifting away before becoming black little birds that flew from her shoulder up towards her neck. Quickly leading to yet another tattoo, this time just three music notes behind her ear.

    Psychic Type: Telepath

    Family/Friends/Other: (pm me please!)
    Interests/Hobbies: Reading, music, birds, cake (and candy), collecting dream catchers, stars, the color blue, cats and snakes
    Personality: Ambrosia is a quiet woman that tends to not speak, keeping secrets and thoughts to herself. The psychic power of telepathy sometimes feels like a burden to Rose. Those thoughts that fly through people's minds... some of them weren't things she enjoyed having to mentally experience so she tries her best no to use her power when it comes to her allies. Let them keep their secrets, Ambrosia isn't one to pry without permission. Because of her silence most people take offense when she doesn't reply to them though she's listened to what they've had to say; she just sees no point in answering certain subjects. Rose doesn't mean to hurt people's emotions but its just a habit that she's unaware of. She's the type of person you have to speak face to face to about any problems you have with her. When Rose is at home, in the Heights, she always enjoys a nice slice of cake from Janet's bakery down the street from her apartment building. Though usually calm and collected, Ambrosia will get irritated when she's continuously bothered and isn't afraid to actually speak her mind. She just prefers not to. When it comes to payback against those who have angered her, Ambrosia knows there's a line she can't cross... but there's no problem if she sits right next to it, is there?

    Most people see Ambrosia is mysterious and unsociable but if you really get to know her, you'll know she's a woman of few words. Though its hard to understand Ambrosia; she thinks that she might be the most simplest of all women.

    Eat when hungry, sleep once tired, get angry when irritated; so on and so on.

    Not one to judge others by their appearance because of experience, Rose prefers to just keep to her cakes instead of deciding to care what others think of her. With a hard headed nature its quite hard to change Roses's mind; especially when she has her full attention on it. Which sometimes tends to get her into unnecessary trouble.

    Dislikes: Spicy food, sour food, bugs, energy drinks, logically stupid people, pink, her grandmother and techno
    Fears/Phobias: Lightning and heights

    Strengths/Skills: Hand to hand combat, fast, agile and stealthy
    Weaknesses: Brute strength, pollen (she has allergies)

    History: Born in a prestigious family, Ambrosia was born as the eldest daughter of the Dulce family. Because of her position as the eldest Rose was forced into several lessons her family such as piano, violin, martial arts, art, education, gardening and etc. Ambrosia's siblings were extremely jealous over Rose getting the attention from her parents and being the only one deemed worthy enough to travel with them to business trips. On the business trips Ambrosia was to observe whichever parent she was attending business with. Making any mistakes wasn't acceptable and if she did mess up, Ambrosia was left in their hotel with several guards to keep watch on her. During holidays Ambrosia never celebrated, not understanding why people decided to do something special on one specific day.

    At the age of 16 years old Rose's parents announced that she was to marry into a the family of her father's business partner. His son was a boy Ambrosia remembered completely. The moment she accidentally voiced what he had said, he found out that she was psychic. Things went to hell right after that. It seemed there weren't many people in the city who were fond of psychics. Her family's fame went up in flames and her father did all he could to keep their names off magazines. Ambrosia's mother got sick with cancer 2 months after the family went into hiding with knew identities. Including Ambrosia. Because of her mother's sickness they decided to move them to Thunder city but by the time Rose was 19 years old her mother died. Ambrosia's father never attended the funeral and after his wife's death he left his kids a large amount of money before disappearing.

    Now Ambrosia works as a psychic detective and does her best at her job, though she doesn't speak about her past much.
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  15. 3129c05987b6cebae41187d0b05e7643.jpg

    Samir Chaudhri-Reed

    Age: 29
    DOB: November 11, 2044
    Height: 6'1
    Physical Description: Tall and lanky with longer arms and fingers especially. Fairly narrow shoulders for a guy, tends to slouch a lot to make up for being taller than a lot of his coworkers. Eyes and mouth slow smile lines, and dark brown eyes are almost always mischievous, except when really involved in work. Medium-light tan skin with jet black hair. Keeps his hair in a bun, usually, and refuses to shave even though Murez threatens to fire him over it every day.

    Psychic Type: ESPer

    Family/Friends/Other: Biological mother Sarika Chaudhri and adoptive mother Camilla Reed, adopted sister Janet Reed, adopted sister Tasha Reed

    Interests/Hobbies: Practical jokes, tinkering with things, sketching, people-watching, going to the movies, exploring the city, birds, comic books, fixing furniture, mirrored Aviator shades

    Personality: Friendly, mischievous, observant, team player, suspicious of strangers' motives, easy to get along with, but difficult to get to know. Jokes to cover up being angry, nervous, or afraid. Can be annoying and abrasive to people not used to him.

    Dislikes: Getting rained on, repetitive noises, people in his personal space bubble
    Fears/Phobias: Deep water, heights, being hemmed in, bugs

    Strengths/Skills: Teamwork, fixing things, seeing patterns
    Weaknesses: Any of his fears/phobias, children, too laid back at times, can get attached to people and spend too much energy on them, annoying them


    Samir's mother and father immigrated to Thunder City when he was two years old, so Samir has no memories of their life in India. His earlier memories are of his mother and father arguing, and he frequently found places to hide while they did. When they weren't fighting, he spent a lot of time following his mother around the house and trying to "help" with whatever she was doing. He was never especially close to his father, who was frequently at work or simply away.

    When Samir was 6, he began to exhibit ESPer qualities, including knowing what was going on in rooms he couldn't see and having a loose grasp of things that had happened, or would happen. It was subtle enough his parents didn't really put the pieces together until he was 9. His mother took him to be tested and when he passed most of the tests, there was a huge fight at home that night. His father blamed his mother for passing on the gene and encouraging him to develop the psychic powers in order to further distance him from his father, or drive him away so she would be rid of him so she could be with her lover, Camilla. For the first time in their marriage, his father struck his mother.

    That night, Sarika took Samir and left, packing only some clothes and food. They went to Camilla's house where they lived until Camilla's lease was up, moving to something larger than the three-bedroom that housed them and Camilla's two nieces. A year after that, Camilla and Sarika married ad Camilla formally adopted Samir and her nieces. They ensured Samir was able to get help and training he needed to control his powers, and while in a program to help, at age 15 he met his first girlfriend, Leila. The two dated for a year before ending it, and Samir dated a few other girls in the program until, at 17, he met Jackson.

    Jackson, 18, was planning on joining the police academy, and a year later Samir followed him in. Their relationship didn't withstand the training, but not long after graduating Samir was tapped to join the TCPD. By the time he was 22, Samir was an active member of the TCPD and by 26 he had seniority largely due to most of the members leaving or finding other work that was less stressful. After a particularly bad job that nearly caused Samir to quit, the TCPD is now hiring a new batch of recruits.
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  16. Sorry! I forgot all about this with another roleplay x3 I'll get a sheet up today!
  17. Please tell me if anything's wrong with this...


    Age: 27
    DOB: August 3rd 2046

    Physical Description:
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 167llbs
    Hair color: Brown with blonde highlights. He keeps it at a medium length, where it'll fall just above his eye brow. He also usually has a stubble.
    Eye color: Pale Blue that are always alert and searching for something

    Jonathan is muscular from the countless fight’s he’s been in, but he’s also lean and very fast. He has scars from fights dating back to his childhood. He’s also got a few tattoos from being on the streets so long. He prefers to wear long sleeves and beanies along with jeans. Most of his clothes are dark colored, making it easier to disappear into back alleyways and blend into shadows. At all times he has a switchblade on him and sometimes he caries around a gun. But usually he’ll rely on his own abilities to keep him safe.

    Psychic Type: Telekinetic (TK)

    Mother: Jane Louise Dundee (Medium, mentally insane, deceased)
    Father: Lewis Clarke
    Brother: Gregory Clarke (Deceased)
    Half-Siblings: Christina Clarke, Maxwell Clarke, Ethan Clark, and Rossana and Bethany Clarke (Twins)
    Matriarch: Marianne Clarke

    Interests/Hobbies: Smokes and drinks, solving logic puzzles, reading books, making up codes and breaking them, anything relating to music

    Personality: Jonathan is very determined and wiling to do anything to get what he wants. Despite this, he has a soft spot for animals. He can’t stand anyone torturing or abusing an animal. Jonathan is easy to get along with when he wants to. He can be extremely social and fun to be around; often making jokes and playing pranks on unsuspecting people. But when he's not happy or uncomfortable, he'll get quiet and anti-social to the point where he'd just walk out the door to get away. He’s extremely loyal to friends and comrades…just be sure you’re his friend and not his friend. Although he’s extremely loyal, he’s not always honest with them. He follows his own beliefs and is stubborn to the core. He’s a known psychic on the streets and is feared because of his ruthlessness in a fight. One will never her him talk about his past.

    Dislikes: being cold, large groups of complete strangers, being singled out or being the odd-one-out, bigots, and his father

    Likes: Animals, ice cream, puzzles, and candy

    Fears: being useless, friends dying because of him, and being forced to mingle/interact with people, and disappointing others

    Strengths/skills: can adapt to almost any group of people (except upper-class), working out puzzles, can keep his temper in check, almost always keeps a cool head (especially during fights), can work well with other psychics (because of his experience working with his brother)

    Weaknesses: a bit protective of people (especially friends and people close to him), yet cold hearted and cruel to those who aren’t, insensitive to other’s problems, has no objection to hurting someone if warranted (in some cases he'll consider killing)

    Jonathan was born to Jane Dundee and Lewis Clarke. His older brother by 4 years was Greg. The two were born out of wedlock and not part of the 'central family'. Nevertheless, the two enjoyed the perks of being part of the Clarke family. For the most part Jonathan grew up like any other boy; playing baseball in the streets, hanging with friends, chasing down the ice cream truck…The only difference was that he was born in to a crime family. His father not only ran a big portion of Thunder City’s drug trade, but he was also responsible for countless murders; either gang or drug related.

    By the time Jonathan was 6, both he and his brother were experienced drug runners. They were so good at evading cops because of their knowledge of back roads as well as the sewage lines. But there was also another reason the two were so good at what they did; they were psychics. Getting their abilities from their mother, the two used their powers to evade cops, threaten opposition, and become known in the underground. Their powers as psychics and their reputation defined them. The one thing that set them apart was their vow never to murder. While they were known for leaving opposition beaten and battered, they could always get back up afterwards. Despite this abuse of their abilities, the family was regarded as royalty, rather then thugs. Only a few other families and businesses could even think of opposing them.

    Earning the respect of many and the hatred of others, the brothers had a bounty on their heads when Jonathan was only 13. This bounty didn’t affect them much because only people who were insane would challenge the two. The one thing this did do was irritate the rest of the family (except Lewis Clarke). The brothers were often slighted when it came to dividing shares and treated as employees. Their success threatened the legitimate children's reputation as well as their inheritance. Soon the family lowered the number of jobs they had and eventually cut them off from the business entirely. During this time their mother became ill.

    It wasn’t a secret that Jane Dundee wasn’t always in her right mind, but she held it together and continued to be a devoted mother and lover. But as she got older, her mind went. Since she was mainly kept behind closed doors, not many knew that she was a medium. Her powers were obviously what drove her insane. As the visions increased, her ability to care for herself and her family decreased. For many years Jane was kept hidden away. The brothers were separated from her completely in fear that they’d too fall into madness. Jonathan was 16. This infuriated Greg, due to the fact that Jane taught him how to use his powers. Often Greg would fight with their father about visiting their mother, but their father never allowed them. Instead, he kept her location and health secret from the brothers. Despite wanting to see her, Jonathan knew why she was kept out of reach and respected this.

    After four years of fighting and arguments, Greg decided to leave his father and start his own business. It didn't matter that much, since their half-siblings didn't care for them anyways. Due to their abilities, they were outcasted by the 'central family'; the only reason they were still around was because of Jane. At first Jonathan tried to mend the relationship between his brother and his father. But when the split finally happened it was obvious who he’d go with.

    After 3 years the brothers had a small gang. And although they didn’t have the power to dethrone their father, they were challenging him; mainly by busting his runners or stealing smaller shipments. Rather than causing more problems for the city, this gang was hellbent on destroying the Clarke Empire. This continued until the news of their mother’s death. Jonathan was 25 now. Despite being advised not to, Lewis Clarke Sr. allowed both brothers to attend the funeral.

    Many assumed that there’d be a blood bath, but there was none. Actually there was some sort of peace for that day. There was no exchange of harsh words, no threats, but also no promises. The funeral was a sad one for both sides of the conflict. For the months afterwards there were no attacks or stealing of shipments. There were rumors that the brothers would eventually leave Thunder City, since there was nothing that held them there. But they couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Not long after Jonathan’s 26th birthday, Greg launched an all out assault on their father. Shipments were being stolen and people were left beaten on the side of the road. No one was safe on the streets. Despite these horrible events, Greg always made sure that he never killed despite having more than enough power to do so. (This goes back to when Greg was forced to kill by his father. It haunted him for the rest of his life. Despite being part of a violent gang, he never tolerated murder.) One fateful night, Greg was getting back from a late night bar. Some suspected that he'd been drugged since that night he was killed. Obviously it was a hit and run, but the brutality of the murder was unheard of. After killing Greg, the van ran over him until his body was just pulp on the sidewalk.

    Jonathan heard about his brother’s death secondhand, which infuriated him, but also pushed him into a depression. The thing that infuriated him the most was his father’s involvement in the murder; the guy practically announced that he was the orchestrator behind it and boasted. The worst part was that he offered Jonathan a place back home, a chance to return to his ‘family’. At first Jonathan vehemently objected and continued to run the gang that he and his brother had created. But he wasn’t able to do it alone and the gang eventually fell apart. That was when Jonathan swore revenge on his father. But he couldn't kill the man because that would have gone against Greg's wishes. Instead he decided he was going to destroy Lewis Clarke's life and the empire that he killed for.

    To do this Jonathan decided that he was going to legally and financially destroy his father. The only way to do this was to join the TCPD. Discretely, Jonathan described what he could offer as an undercover agent as well as a psychic. Now, Jonathan has been assigned to work with a group of psychics to solve crimes, but his main goal is to gather enough hard evidence to put his father behind bars forever.
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  18. @abalint -The only thing I see that would be a problem is that if he was that involved in crime, especially with assault on officers, it's not likely the TCPD would hire someone with a history of assaulting police officers or being so deeply involved with crime. I would suggest maybe making him less directly involved, but I like everything else about him!
  19. Ok. Thanks for the opinion. I'll make those changes.
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  20. Let me know when you do, and I'll approve your sheet!
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