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Alright, I'm a newbie here and not completely familiar with out the site runs yet. Anyway, it's says i have some unread posts but when I click on it it takes me to the new post fourm where i don't see my thread at all. Do i have to go searching for mine just to find these posts? what is up with it?


What it does, is takes you to a list of threads you have either visited or posted in, because other people have posted in them. It's mainly to just alert you of said posts...
If you're looking for a particular thread with that method, you will have to search for it on that list. Really, if you want to access a certain thread, it's simpler to just go to the category on the forum it was posted in. :3

I hope I understood your question correctly. I don't use that 'You Have # Unread Posts' thing very often...


Actually I believe it's all the posts that have been made since your last visit. It might be better if it said all new posts instead of all unread posts.


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It might be better if Diana removed it and spared us all the inconvenience.

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