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What System should be used for this rp?

  1. A dice roller; players roll dice to judge actions, level up throughout, etc.

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  2. A story type role play, players can write out their actions and determine the success of them.

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  3. A mix of both. Dice rolls determine how actions fare, but it focuses on the role playing concept.

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    This is for those who joined on my previous thread. If you want to join, please see that thread.

    Okay, what you need to post for your character: ​
    Name: Age: Race: Nationality/Subspecies: (All species I have introduced excluding muls have at least one. Feel free to create your own, or ask me for some examples)
    Appearance: Give a detailed description or provide an image.
    Dress Sense:
    Skills: Non combat related, though if a character can put it to use, they should. Cooking, writing, etc.
    Field Knowledge
    You don't have to list the most basic things here. It's assumed:
    Humans have some experience in a field of knowledge.
    Elves can use magic.
    Dwarves can use steam work.
    Orcs and muls have exceptional combat abilities and knowledge of weapons/armor.
    Gnomes can craft and barter well.
    It's also assumed that each character has basic combat knowledge, unless otherwise noted.
    Utilities/Utility Spells: Useful skills that can't be used to harm others, but are good to have. Elves, magic oriented humans or another species that can learn magic can use these as spells. This could be lighting a torch, treating a wound, creating a ball of light, or charming someone who isn't hostile. Pick up to five.
    Minor Feats/Spells: This is a minor trick you can use almost without limit, and can be used during combat. The same rules apply for spells. This can be a strike to unbalance your opponent, or a simple magic attack. Pick up to four.
    Moderate Feats/Spells: These are the more advanced field knowledge, which can be used for tougher competition. Using these constantly will exhaust you. This could be a powerful attack, or a ball of lightning. Pick up to three.
    Trump: The ultimate move in a character's repertoire. This should be saved for a last resort, as it takes a toll on the user and leaves them weakened or unable to cast spells for a while. This can be a barrage of heavy attacks or a crystal that surrounds the target before exploding. Pick one.
    Note: Dwarves, humans who are technology oriented, or another race with access to steam technology using firearms aren't weakened or exhausted by these. However, over usage can cause firearms to overheat, jam, break, or in an extreme cases, explode.
    Specialty: Something that the character has truly mastered, and can use with almost no limit. Maybe it's a particular spell, fighting style, or strike. Pick no more than two.
    Specialized Weapon: A weapon that the character has mastered with prior training. Pick one, though this is optional.
    Extraordinary Equipment: An artifact, relic, family heirloom, etc. that the character owns. Optional. Pick one combat oriented one, though more that aren't combat related can be owned.
  2. Name: Levi Lonebloom
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Subrace: NA
    Dress Sense: Levi usually wears loose, form hiding clothes, and is never seen without their signature hat and scarf.
    Personality: Levi is a secretive person, who doesn't even see fit to share their gender with most people.
    However, gain their trust and you will find a loyal ally, willing to go above and beyond to protect their friends.
    Skills: Writing, Sewing, First Aid, Navigation, Ballroom Dancing (both roles), Steam Working.

    Field Knowledge:
    Phosphorus Round: A bullet that once fired, temporarily creates a bright light at the point of impact.
    Lock Blasting: Uses small packets of black powder to destroy many common kinds of locks.
    Climb: Uses a grapple fired from a rifle to scale a building, assuming there is somewhere to hook onto to.
    Sew Wound: Levi is capable of sewing wounds and staunching blood flow, though the target will still need a doctor or healer.

    Rapid Load: During battle Levi keeps dozens of magazines sticking out of their pockets and can quickly slam in new ammunition without pausing.
    Unstable Powder: Throws a handful of unstable black powder that explodes to cause very minor burns and possibly stun the opponent for a few seconds.
    Chain Whip: Sends one gun flying at the opponent and quickly pulls it back with the other, can be used to wrap around things.
    Weighted Shot: A heavy iron shot with low range and high recoil but heavy close range damage.

    Unload: Fires both gun's clips in the enemy's general direction without pause to aim.
    Cripple: A distance shot using a rifle, Levi takes aim with intent to disable a foe's limb.
    Explosive Charge: Throws an explosive mining charge at an enemy.

    Blitz: Levi rapidly empties both clips before slamming in new clips and repeating the process there times with increasing accuracy.

    Powder Brawling: Levi's unique combat style which has them fighting at melee range with pistols and using pistol whips quite often.

    Extraordinary Equipment:
    Puer Uel Puella: Levi's double pistols, held together by a chain and obviously the lifeworks of a master craftsmen.
    The uses the revolutionary rim fire cartridge system, allowing for quick reloads but lower overall fire power.
    The guns are extremely durable and capable of blocking swords and other close range weapons.

    Bio: Levi apparently once lived on a successful farm, and was content to enjoy life working the earth and confusing people with their gender.
    Unfortunately they lost it one day due to a sibling's debt and became a wanderer with no real purpose other than perhaps finding someone to trust again.
  3. Cool. I'll post mine in a minute.
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