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  1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    It wasn't Siegfrid's ideal place, but a large city was enough to keep him with plenty of victims. Just like any pack animal, he remained with his family, stalking down the streets late at night. Luisa and Virgil had chatted amongst themselves as Siegfrid lead the group. As the eldest, he automatically assigned himself as the leader, seeing himself a fierce predator. As he rounded a corner with his siblings trailing behind he noticed dinner was on it's way. A bar was beginning to be filled and he nodded to his sister before striding to the bouncer.
    "Sorry, kid," Luisa smiled at Virgil and ruffled his hair. "You're still a minor. We'll bring food for you." She winked and skipped off after Siegfrid, getting in line to enter.
    Virgil huffed and leaned against the wall, watching the adults walk by. He found it highly unfair for a fifteen year old not to be allowed into a bar. Sighing he pulled out his iPhone and searched through his apps to entertain himself.
  2. [​IMG]
    Kyoki walked through the allies of the large city, streetlamps flickering overhead as he walked under them. His thirst was quite strong that night, the smell of sweet human blood filling his nose while he searched for a victim. Kyoki felt rather playful that night, the thought of a good chase exciting him. He continued to walk as the moon shone on his pearly white skin, his fangs protruding from his upper lip and craving to break through the skin of someones' fresh and bare neck. Kyoki ran and jumped onto a dumpster, hopping onto the roof of a small building and looking down at the passing citizens.​
  3. Parting from her friends, Chilali weaved through the pulsing, crowded bar, feeling the slight, floating buzz from the alcohol in her system. One man she brushed up against while trying to break through the people whistled at her, eyes raking her body from her tights, to her small chest, showing the olive-toned skin of her Ojibwe heritage. Chilali was a woman of pride, a woman who did not take shit, just as she had been raised. She stopped, glaring at the man, and kneed him in his crotch, twirling on her heels and making her way out the door, finally. It was cool outside, considering her clothing choices, and she was thankful for the faux leather jacket she wore, pulling it tighter around herself, reminding herself it wasn't too cold, yet, to help deal with her fear of the cold. The door closed behind her, and the pulsing music and chatter from the bar dulled slightly, the bricks of the building softening the noise. She had chosen to stand near the front of the alley, away from the dark and unknown to keep herself safe. Even if worse were to come to, she had a well of knowledge and vicinity of weapons hidden strategically on her body. She leaned against the rough wall, pulling out a cigarette and lighter. Taking a long, calming drag, she tilted her face up to the ever darkening sky, letting the smoke curl into the stars.
  4. Virgil watched as his siblings entered the bar, probably leaving him to go find his own food. Grumbling to himself about how he hates his age, he continued walking, hoping for a quick meal to be around the corner of the bar. To his surprise, a girl was leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette and watching the smoggy sky. Remembering the advice from his siblings many years before, he put on a cheesy smile, knowing how fake it was on his face and approached her. "Hello," He started. He watched the smoke curl from the end of the cigarette and inwardly cringed. Unlike his brother, he never enjoyed how blood tasted after the effects of nicotine and alcohol. "What are you doing back here? Shouldn't you be with friends?"

    Siegfrid made his way through the bar, openly searching through the groups of people for an easy meal. When he glanced back to Luisa, she had already began to stalk towards her victim, using sexual appeal and rolling her hips as she walked. Siegfrid rolled his eyes, never one to use sex to get food. He carried himself with some pride as he looked around, deciding going straight to the bar to be his best method.
  5. A male voice, though of a higher, more adolescent pitch cut through the noise of the bar, what Chilali assumed to be too close to be referring to anyone else. She leveled her gaze on the young teenage boy in front of her, tapping some ashes off of her cigarette. Cocking an eyebrow, she sized him up, seeing his youth, and his strange smile. Her other hand neared closer to the pepper spray and weapons in the waistband of her shorts. It wasn't as if she was considering hurting the boy, he had done no wrong, yet. Her only concern was that he was odd. "Hello," she replied, keeping her voice neutral, "I'm smoking, is what I'm doing back here. The bar is, after all, smoke free," she explained, the corner of her mouth tipping up. "What, exactly, are you doing back here? I know it's not a school night, but no matter what fake ID you have, kid, you're not getting in. And I'm not letting you kill your lungs," she finished, raising the cigarette back to her lips to take another drag.
  6. Dante stood at the bar, pulsating music filling his ear drums. Using the tip of his index finger, he swirled the small, black straw around the perimeter of his gin tonic. He hadn't even ordered this drink for Christ's sake. He had ordered a fucking Bloody Mary. He didn't complain to the bartender though, because alcohol is alcohol; that sort of thing. Dante raised the glass above his and poured it into his mouth, finishing it immediately. The alcohol sent shivers down his spine, but the good kind of shivers.

    The kind that meant he wouldn't have to think about getting into a huge fight with Jacob, being thrown out on the street, and ending up in this shitty hole in the wall. He glanced around the bar, looking for someone that he may want to take home. 'It was my dick that got me into this situation, so my dick will have to get me out,' he thought to himself, a dry smile spreading across his face.

    That was when Dante noticed a man standing near him at the bar. He wasn't sure if the man was gay, and Mr. Stranger really didn't even seem the type, but Dante decided it wouldn't hurt to go for it. It wouldn't be the first time he had gotten into a fight with some insecure meat-head who couldn't handle a little harmless flirting. He grabbed the second drink that the bartender had made for him,--still wrong, by the way--and made his way toward the man.

    "Hey there, handsome. You look lonely," Dante said slyly.
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  7. Kyoki heard a beat of music coming from the bar to his left, turning towards it and looking down. There was a female smoking and a rather odd male speaking to her. "Interesting.." Kyoki could tell by the male's smell that he was another vampire, possibly looking for a meal as well. He looked rather young for a vampire and Kyoki smirked to himself. The female had a nice aromatic smell to her blood, and Kyoki was a sucker for a human's blood after they've consumed alcohol. He watched them from the shadow of a pillar on the roof, a small smile playing at his lips.
  8. Virgil pouted at the woman, wrinkling his nose slightly at her assumption of him wanting to smoke. "Um, no thanks to either," He cautiously walked over to the tan woman, trying to ignore the smell of burning tobacco. "I'm actually here because my brother and sister are in there," He watched her flick the ashes off her smoke before studying her face. He couldn't quite put a finger on what ethnicity she was, but smiled at her nonetheless. "I just wondered why a woman would be alone at a bar, that usually can lead to problems," He noticed her hand slowly moving, "Not that you aren't capable."

    Siegfrid's head snapped towards the distinguishably male voice and a small smile played on his lips. And bingo was his name-o. He raised an eyebrow before taking in the sight of the male, leaning forward to show interest and to also to smell him more closely. "Not anymore," he rested his elbow on the bar before cradling his chin with his hand.
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  9. [OOC: I literally sang the, "And bing-o was his name-o," part! Could I get a brief description of Siegfrid? Also, I will leave a picture of Dante at the bottom of this post because I am too lazy to write out a description! Thanks a ton!]

    The man showed immediate interest. 'Sweet! That worked even better than I thought it would.' However, Dante's optimism quickly turned to uneasiness as he smiled at the man. Dante observed how the man's nose twitched slightly as he leaned forward. Was this dude smelling him? That was slightly creepy, but Dante decided it may have been nothing. Dante pushed the thoughts back of his mind as he said, "What is your name, stranger?"

    Dante Ashford
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  10. Chilali shrugged, dropping her cigarette, and stomping it out with her boots, keeping her eyes on the boy's actions. She knew he'd noticed her hand itch for her waist, and probably knew she had something there. She had also heard a rustle, somewhere deeper in the alley, and her alert was higher. She wasn't sure if the boy was a threat, or not. She wasn't sure if he was human, either. Not that it mattered, at least not until she knew for sure he was doing wrong. She shrugged at him, letting her smile take over her face. Innocent until proven guilty, she thought, patting the cold wall beside her as a gesture for him to join her. He probably didn't need a babysitter, but she felt bad he was all alone, and she didn't mind the company. "Damn right I'm capable, and I'm not alone, kid. My friends just don't smoke," she crossed her arms, looking down at him. She wasn't trying to intimidate him, or make him feel belittled, but she didn't exactly want to be too friendly, either. She liked having that I may be kind of cute but I will also destroy you in an instant kind of vibe, "Besides, it's a little more strange for a boy to be out so late, at a bar, where his siblings are, don't you think?"

    Inside, Ace, still sitting at the bar with a few friends, waiting for Chilali to get back as she was his best friend, notice something off. He had never bothered to train the increased scent benefit of vampirism, but he knew he had it in there, somewhere. Rather, he relied on his internal radar of something feels a bit weird oh hey you want to suck my blood well surprise i'm dead too, which was almost as good as his gaydar, but not quite as mastered. Afterall, he'd been a gay male for longer than he'd been a vampire. A few seats down, he sensed something off. To be clear, it may have been his gaydar, seeing the way to two males were leaning in close, conversing. On the other hand, usually his gayday did other, more pleasant things. So, he could only guess they were vampires. He took that as his clue to go get Chilali, who had been outside longer than usual, which nope, was not concerning at all. She could definitely handle herself, but he still liked to be the vamp sidekick. So, he quickly weaved through the people, following the way Chilali had gone.
  11. [OOC: Oh yeah, sure! I can also leave a WIP drawing of him bc I'm lazy as well. He's an old character of mine that I'm still developing, but he has no preference for gender and tends to see humans as food instead of 'people'. He's about 5'10 with silver hair he often pulls into a ponytail and drapes across his shoulder where the rest is shaggy. Aaannnddd I'm too lazy to write anymore so just have that there ok.]

    Siegfrid inspected the male a bit longer, unsure of whether or not this man was a vampire as well. He had never been able to tell the scent of blood apart from lack of practice. "Siegfrid," he replied a moment after, taking a sip from the beverage the bartender had brought him, despite its foul taste. "How about you? Seems like you'd have a rugged name."

    Virgil cautiously leaned against the wall where the girl had gestured. "Well, to be honest I was kind of ditched," he sighed and looked over at her with his head slightly tilted. "Say, what's your name?" He asked suddenly, smiling like an overenthusiastic child.
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  12. Ace stepped outside, heading towards where he heard Chilali's voice. He stopped when he saw her, talking to some younger boy. Something felt a little off about him, too, but he wasn't sure. He hovered nearby, figuring she was fine, and he could interrupt once he got a sense of what was going on.

    She smiled when he accepted her offered wall, and lit another cigarette. "That's rude of them," she said with a scowl, before putting the cigarette between her lips for a drag, letting it out. "Chilali," she said, probably too quick for him to get the pronunciation right away, so she corrected herself, repeating her native name, slower, "Che-LAH-lee, if you didn't... yeah. How about you, shorty?"she reached over, and ruffled his silver hair, grinning in a friendly manner at him. She could sense someone lurking, and took another drag, blowing out the smoke away from the young boy in what, to most people would be manners, but for her was to see who was there. Ace, of course. He gave her a look, and she tried to use best-friend telepathy, which never really worked. He stayed where he was for then, though, and she turned her attention back to the young boy.
  13. [OOC: No problem. You gave me more than enough to work with. :awesome: Also, Dante isn't a vampire. Perhaps I should have made that clear, but I don't mind if you somehow know that IC.]

    Dante raised an eyebrow when Siegfrid said, "Seems like you'd have a rugged name." He wasn't entirely sure what it meant. Actually, he wasn't sure at all as he hadn't been aware that one could even have a 'rugged' name. Instead of probing for answers, however, Dante dismissed it because he really didn't care to know. The biggest questions looming in his mind for Siegfrid were somewhere along the lines of 'when' and 'where'. Dante faked a smile, as if he had gotten the joke, before replying, "Dante. Rugged enough for you?"

    Dante watched the man pick up his glass and take a swig, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down for a moment. Dante felt a pang of lust rush forth from his stomach, and it felt the same as always. A deep longing in the pit of his chest, urging him onto the comfort of another's flesh.
  14. "Virgil, and I'm not that short." He scoffed, hearing somebody nearby. He hoped it wasn't another vampire for his sake. Ugh, just bite her already, you idiot. He internally hissed.

    "Hm," Siegfrid paused to press a finger to his chin as if in deep thought before the corner of his mouth twitched up. "Good enough, I guess," He noticed the other man's eyes roam for a moment before making contact with his own. So, that's how it's going to be. He leaned forward slightly, trying to be more provocative with his hinting. God, you're as bad as your sister.

    Luisa huffed as she twirled about the dancefloor, unable to find anybody edible enough. Most of the men and women reeked of alcohol and that really wasn't her thing. She noticed Siegfrid talking to a man and pouted, feeling rather left out.
  15. Ace rounded the corner then, seeing it as some sort of cue, kind of. Well, a cue to make a smart remark, as was his thing. "You're pretty short," he joked, towering over both of them. Towering, in his mind, though he wasn't really that much taller than Chilali. At the thought of Chilali, she rolled her eyes at him, looping one of her arms in his, and gesturing toward Virgil.
    "Virgil, this is one of my friends, as I can now prove I have friends, Ace, and Ace, you've introduced yourself as the asshole you are, so we don't need any clearing up," she bat her eyelashed innocently, and Ace elbowed her ribs lightly, trying not to use too much force, because, yeah, vampire.
    "Don't swear, he's, like, twelve," Ace scoffed, offering his hand to Virgil, anyway. It was unfortunate Virgil was so young. Ace had gotten no action at all that night, those drunk maybe vampires had gotten way more.
  16. Dante paid special attention to Siegfrid's tone as he mouthed the words, "Good enough, I guess," and part of him was offended. This prick obviously didn't realize how lucky he was that Dante had even batted an eyelash in his direction. But Dante knew how to keep his cool. Besides, it was getting rather late, and Dante didn't really feel as if he had the energy to go and strike up conversation again.

    Then, Siegfrid leaned in closer still to Dante, as if to say, 'Hey! I'm really horny, and I really want you!' Dante was disappointed. The easy ones were always a bit disappointing. Usually, there was a bit of cat and mouse. An exchange of some snappy repartee, but Dante guessed that beating around the bush just wasn't this guy's style. He wanted to get right to point, which was also fine with Dante. Just less fun.

    "Say, do you think you would want to get out of here, maybe? I don't know if you have a place, or..." Dante said, his voice trailing off at the end of the sentence. He was sure that Siegfrid would get it.
  17. Virgil shifted his gaze between the two before scowling. "I am not twelve, you shit." He paused for a moment, feeling as though somebody else was watching them. He shrugged it off and continued to pout at the two adults. "I'm fifteen." He growled.

    Siegfrid smirked, twirling the liquid in his glass before furrowing his eyebrows together, as if in deep concentration. "Hmm," he could smell the luscious scent of the man despite the alcohol lingering in the air. "Nah."
    He crossed his legs elegantly and sipped his drink silently, raising an eyebrow at Dante as a challenge. He hoped he got his 'are you gonna do something about it' point across.
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  18. Chilali snorted in response, and Ace froze, composing his face and lowering his voice as he asked, "How long have you been fifteen?"
    He got a full-strength elbow in the ribs for that, which, actually hurt, and he winced, unlooping his arm from Chilali and huffing. She rolled her eyes, but kept glancing somewhere deeper in the alley. She really did feel like something was there, or had been, at some point, and it was a little unnerving. She had decided she liked the young boy, regardless of what he was, so far, though, and she mouthed an apology to Virgil.
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  19. Dante had to double-check that his jaw wasn't hanging wide open. The rejection had certainly taken him by surprise. One minute, the silver-haired man seemed like he couldn't wait to get Dante out of there and back to the bedroom. He probably lived in some sweet little condo down on the East side. And then the next, Seigfrid was treating Dante like he were something from the gutter. Dante was getting a bit tired of the whole thing anyways. Not just Seigfrid, but the ridiculousness of the entire establishment: the mentally challenged bar tender, the deafening music that was so loud it made his feet ache, the stench of sweat and alcohol mixing together. It was all nauseating.

    "Look, you're giving me mixed signals now. Can I go home with you, or what? If not, I am just gonna head over to a friend's house," Dante said testily, attempting futilely to mask his fustration. His fingers tapped impatiently on the bar counter.
  20. (( Sorry I had to do something. ))

    Kyoki watched the people commerce in the alley next to the bar, his crimson eyes watching them closely. From what he could hear, the woman was named Chilali and the young vampire was named Virgil. He licked his lips as his thirst grew, the smell of human blood making his fangs protrude even more from his top lip. He wondered if the young vampire would ever bite her, and if not, when he'd drop down and do it himself. Kyoki eyed Virgil and rose an eyebrow as his red hair fluttered in the slight breeze. He was hidden quite well from the shadows of the pillar, the thought of his presence making the female and young vampire look around for him making Kyoki laugh. The laugh was one of something low and eerie, echoing down the alleyway ever so softly as he continued to watch from the shadows.
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