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  1. What's your unpopular opinion? Is pizza overrated? Are you that one guy who prefers E-books over real ones?

    I'm just curious!

    No politics, religion or anything of the like. This is meant to be fun!! Like I don't care if you think Global warming is a hoax or is you think BLM is baloney. Like, I just wanna have some lighthearted banter If it does I started this thread with GOOD INTENTIONS

    My personal unpopular opinions - I don't get anime? I've tried watching it and I have enjoyed one or two, but I can't stick with the voices and tropes. I just.. ??? Don't get it !!

    Also peanut butter ruins every dessert. NASTY.
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  2. I prefer E-Books.

    I also do not like peanuts. Everyone I like does though. ;w;

    Also... I have only watched a single Star Wars movie and still don't know what the hype is all about. Please don't kill me anyone! I have at least promised to watch them all!
  3. Yeah, pizza is overrated. Only because I got food poisoning once and I wanted to die.

    In the anime community, I do not like yuri or yaoi.

    I don't like going to concerts.

    Vaginas look like an alien's creation. I do not understand that sort of body worship bc it looks gross as fuck.

    Coffee tastes bad and I don't like it. Tea is better.

    Bulbasaur is kind of cute.
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  4. Straight romance is boring AF to me. I tune it out completely. I've had people say I can't make all of my characters gay because 'it's not realistic', but I'm so tired of straight people everywhere in media, so just watch me man I don't care if it's not realistic >8(
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  5. I am female, and I HATE chocolate. I only prefer white chocolate and that isn't true chocolate. >.>
  6. White Chocolate is disgusting. The villainous scum of the chocolate community. It's not even real chocolate.

    Chocolate orange tho, that's some gud~ stuff.

    Also sandals are just rather strange.
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  7. I think Han shot first, and Nina Tucker got what she deserved.
  8. Deadpool is overrated.
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  9. I don't like ice cream. ( Barring sherbret and milkshakes and push-pops.) I don't like the taste of it.
  10. I enjoyed myself while watching Mortdecai. Don't get me wrong, its not a good movie by any stretch of the phrase. I just really loved watching the butler dealing with the insane shenanigans.

    Mushrooms and tomatoes are bleh.

    I love Simulcast anime.
  11. The PC is the best, most versatile gaming platform.

    Shooters really were better back in the day; Halo and Call of Duty are terribly overrated. Battlefield at least has that epic scale and excellent graphics going for it to be worthwhile. The new Doom is a definite step in the right direction, but I really wish id hadn't given the multiplayer and mod tools to third parties.

    Unreal Tournament is better than Quake. I'm probably still going to try and split my time evenly between Unreal Tournament 4 and Quake Champions, though. If Epic ever drops Paragon to sink more time into UT4.

    While we're on the subject, developers need to stop making fucking MOBAs, there's way too fucking many and they're sapping focus away from other genres.

    Ninja Gaiden II, though not as polished as Ninja Gaiden Black, is still the more fun game.

    Ninjas > Pirates
  12. Everything deserves to be criticized, and everything deserves to be analyzed to its smallest component. Everything. If anything goes above questioning, it will only hold you back, and turn you crooked and cruel to anyone who might question it.

    Things only become more beautiful when you understand them.
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  13. Here comes.........one

    I find Stranger Things, the television show, overrated
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  14. I prefer enjoying something for what it is rather than pointlessly breaking it down into cut and dry pieces.

    Gymnastics sucks.

    Roller skates are inferior to ice skates in all respects.

    Life comes before valor.
  15. I believe age should have little to no weight in determining the attributes of a person, as people mature and grow at vastly different rates from one another, and there is so strict schedule as to when a person is meant to hit puberty/have an identity crisis/mature/grow. A 16 year old could be more responsible and wise than a 30 year old, and (aside from legal issues) I hope that people quit jumping to assumptions about someone based on their age, but instead based on their actions (yes I am speaking from personal experience and yes this is kinda a rant :'( I just wanted ppl to love me for who i ammmmmmm)

    I am very happy that Eddie Brock is Toxin, and I do think he has the mental fortitude to work with Toxin to be a real hero.

    Beer is disgusting and I will not drink it.

    Violas are better than violins.

    Football is boring (says the girl who watches esports lol)

    I do not like small talk.

    I'm a bunny person (as opposed to being a cat or dog person)

    My favorite color is grey

    I don't think being successful financially or education-wise is pivotal to having a fulfilling life.
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  16. Overwatch is overrated nothing more than a TF2 clone.

    Return of the Jedi is the best Star Wars movie.

    Trucks are lame.

    Abstract art is not art.

    Alternative rock is the best kind of music and everything else is inferior.

    PC Master Race™.
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  17. Half-Life 2 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time are the most overrated games I've played.

    Rayman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mario in terms of Platformer games.

    I thought X-Men: Apocalypse was a good movie.

    Cyclops >>>>>>>>>>>> Wolverine. Any day. Any time.

    User Reviews are just as unreliable as media reviews. Metacritc and IMDB's user ratings is all kinds of fucked nowadays.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron is a better movie than the first Avengers movie.

    Loki in the MCU is not a good villain and people need to stop sniffing his crotch.

    Gungrave is one of the best animes of all time.

    You're just lazy in looking for movies if you think that Superhero movies make up most on what's to offer in the movie industry.
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  18. Most of the time, college isn't worth it.
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  19. Anime is a mistake.

    I don't like Mario games. At all.

    The Avengers movies are "eh" at best.

    I hate nuts, and I wish people would stop trying to put them in everything. Almonds especially.

    Babies shouldn't be allowed in public places. Restaurants have every right to bar babies and children from entering.

    ROTS is superior to ROTJ.
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