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  1. Title is self explanatory. What unpopular opinions do you have? Let's try to be respectful as possible, please.

    Oh, and just in case any of you can't read the prefix, this is a DISCUSSION, NOT a DEBATE.

    I'll start:

    -Parents coddle children too much nowadays.

    -Society is too fucking sensitive.

    -Beyonce's voice/music sucks. Like a lot. Like, it's indescribable how shitty it is.

    -Spiders are cool.

    -Cats are stupid.
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  2. Not an unpopular opinion among dog people

    Drinking alone can be just as if not more enjoyable than drinking in groups

    Skinny boys are hotter than muscly boys

    Long hair is super cute on a dude. Like, really-long. Respectable Ponytail long.

    Charizard is a waste of a pokeball.
  3. This one always start something where I work and go to college.

    -Supernatural is actually kinda stupid (to me) and boring.

    -The World is getting too overpopulated and something actually needs to be done about it. Sounds bad and wrong, but the human population is increasing too fast and the Earth only has so much room and resources.

    -Athlete's don't "get paid too much". They are on fucking television. They are entertainment. JUST LIKE an actor/actress. They provide a service and people pay for it.

    -Pokemon is stupid now and just a cash cow. Old pokemon is still good.

    That is about it. I share some similar ones with Gonzo. Society, Parents, and the thing about Beyonce.
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  4. I love you.

    Also right on. Finally someone who agrees with me on Beyonce.
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  5. Humanity as a whole is shit out of luck, and it's just a matter of time before we fuck everything up and pretty much destroy any kind of future we had.

    All religious parties should be disbanded, and religion as a whole should be completely removed from politics. Religion is outdated and has no place in politics, what so ever.

    People need to chill about preserving customs and culture. It's in the human nature to evolve and adapt, trying to keep things as they are is just fucking stupid.

    Immigration isn't the problem we need to fix. What needs to be fixed is the REASON people are fleeing their countries. Treat the disease, not the goddamn symptoms.

    Basically what my sleep-deprived brain can come up with at the moment. Some of these might not even be unpopular, idek.
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  6. - Kids are disgusting or annoying 90% of the time, and the other 10% does not make it worth it.

    - Sex is not always necessary for a healthy and happy relationship.

    - A relationship, sex and/or kids aren't always necessary for someone to be happy. Some people are happier on their own, focusing on their friends, career and/or hobbies.

    - There is nothing wrong with incestuous or polygamous relationships as long as all participants in the relationship are consenting adults. (Note: I am currently not taking a side on if incest couples should be allowed to have children or not. I am just in favor for them being in a relationship and have sex if they want to, cause that's their business and it won't affect ANY other person.)

    -The demonizing of pedophiles is disgusting. Pedophilia is just the attraction to children, not the act. A pedophile should get treatment, not be so frightened to come out so they can't even go to a psychologist. A child molester is not always a pedophile and a pedophile is not always a child molester. BAM! Mind blown.

    - People are overly sensitive when it comes to... Everything. When a 'Hello' is seen as street harassment, then you know humanity is about to fall deep into that apocalypse we slowly are creating.
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  7. Free will and desire are the reasons conflicts among ourselves started in the first place. Imagine if all humans were of a single hive-mind. One mind, multiple bodies, working together towards a common goal since time immemorial. We would be colonizing planets by now.
  8. I love you.

    ...I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot.
  9. On this site? Yes you probably will xD
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  10. -People whine too much about everything (racism, equality, etc). Give it a rest. If you're gonna just whine about it, nothing's gonna get done.

    -"Humane" executions are overrated. If the fucker shot up and killed a bunch of people in a school or theater or anywhere else, hang or shoot the son of a bitch.
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  11. I had an epiphany... when an opinion in this very thread got no response whatsoever, then that particular opinion is the most relevant to the Thread's Title. Unpopular even among unpopular opinions... wow. O_O

    I will be observing this thread further.
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  12. Hmm, the ones I've faced ire for... Oh, wait, most of my opinions only face ire from my family and they can hardly count unless people get more backwards. Now, those rejected by the general public and people who find me off for feeling this way...

    - Blood relations are not the most important bonds in the world
    - Being threatened by a sibling while arguing with them is NOT okay and it's not "sibling love"
    - I don't want to reproduce (oh, how many that believe I'll change my mind just because I have an uterus)
    - Kids are tiny monsters controlled by their emotions most of the time, only decent as entertainment on a distance (I've been one, I know)
    - Final Fantasy X-2 is a good game (screw you, you FF elitists!)
    - Furries is not a collective group who rape animals and do sex stuff all the time (we're just more prone to being honest about being pervs)
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  13. Socialist policies being enacted in the United States would solve a lot of the problems people are currently freaking out over. Too bad socialism has become a dirty word here thanks to Cold War propaganda.

    Children are awful, no exceptions. I want nothing to to with anyone under the age of 13, but many at that age (and older) are also terrible for the same reasons.

    Organized religion is an overall negative thing for society. Religious organizations have a long history of doing fun things like fighting against scientific advancement because their ancient book supposedly holds all the answers, covering up heinous crimes done by their members, regularly brainwashing children into mindlessly hating and distrusting people of other faiths, and killing people they dislike in a multitude of horrible ways while claiming it is the only good thing to do (see the Crusades and other holy wars, the Inquisition and other organized purges of heretics, and the long history of smaller scale murders of witches and homosexual and heretics and so on). Personal faith is fine, organized religion is awful.

    We should be using the death penalty far more often, not removing it. Anyone who is convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt of certain heinous crimes, with solid scientific evidence to support the charges because just witness testimony is horribly unreliable, has been deemed unfit for further participation in society and should be killed to save us all the trouble. Anything that would carry a life sentence without possibility of parole should be a death sentence instead. Premeditated murder, rape (of the violent sort, not date rape type things because that should just be 20+ years minimum), and child molestation (and the more extreme varieties, especially including those who make child porn) should all be mandatory death sentences if convicted without a shadow of a doubt with forensic and physical proof of the deed. Also, the executions should be a bullet or three in the head, not humane shit that costs a lot of money; they lost their rights to humane treatment when they committed a vile and inhumane act upon another of their own will. People like to say that the death penalty costs more than keeping someone in jail for life, thanks to the extended appeals process and court costs to the state, but if you knock that down to 5 years to appeal and then do the deed with a gun I guarantee it'll cost a lot less than housing and feeding someone for the rest of their life.

    Related to the above, saving one innocent man's life is not worth letting 99 guilty men walk free. I would rather have one unfortunate tragedy paired with 99 acts of justice than one act of justice balanced against 99 failures. This applies at significantly lower ratios as well, not just the proverbial one in 100 idea. Human life is not sacred or all that valuable, so losing some good people in the process of getting rid of a lot of awful ones is fine. We seem to have no problem with this exchange in war when we send soldiers off to kill the "bad guys," so why should our justice system be any different?

    Men should be able to completely renounce any paternity responsibility for a child they don't want, and by this I mean no child support payments or any shit like that. Women can currently do so by way of abortion or putting the kid up for adoption, but men are currently totally beholden to the whim of the woman. This system made sense back in the day, before women could easily go get a job and support themselves, but now it's just ridiculous and horribly biased against men. Alternatively child support nonsense, including the frequency of women being arrested and jailed for non-payment, should be equalized across the genders if the child support system is going to remain in place.

    Hard to tell whether this one is actually unpopular nowadays or there's just a very vocal minority against it, but fuck it, gonna include it. Free speech > your feelings. People should be free to say literally anything they want so long as they are not inciting violence/harassment or harassing someone by doing so. Yes this includes "hate speech" and slurs of all kinds, and it includes free expression such as displaying a Nazi flag. People should be free to express whatever distasteful shit they want, just as you're free to disagree. People being offended is never a good reason to censor someone, and one of the things that the US has done right compared to Europe and other first world nations is not enacting any kind of law to criminalize hate speech.
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  14. So far, I love you the most.
  15. An actual civilized display of opinion with not a single butthurt on sight?! I can't believe this is the internet...
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    • Democracy is a flawed concept, unpopular decisions are sometimes necessary for the good of a nation.
    • Being overly politically correct actually hinders communication. It's hard to be intelligible with your metaphorical cock in my metaphorical mouth.
    • Feminism belongs in countries where there is inequality between sexes. Not on tumblr. Also how dare you self-indulgent cunts take something good and rape so hard to turn into cyberbullying.
    • Equality of opportunity > equality of outcome. Be judged on your ability, not on how much sympathy you can contract.
    • Sugar in coffee is fucking disgusting.
    • Christianity is destructive for the individual. It discourages critical thinking, promotes negative reinforcement as a teaching tool and insists your very human nature is wrong.
    • *insert rant about mainstream music while trying to avoid sounding like a hipster* *joins anti-beyoncĂ© circle jerk*
    • Searching for a 1x1 based on a pairing is terrible. "Hey, I play this character you play this character and they fall in love. Everything surrounding that romance is secondary." Great plot A++ I'm excited.
    • Creation myths being the front and centre of an interest check is fucking terrible. isweartogodcutitout. I care about what I get to do, not about what I don't.
    • I like Final Fantasy XIII. More than I like VII.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog as a franchise needs to die.
    • I dislike Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm sure there's deeper meanings and shit, it's just so goddamn frustrating to watch. GODDAMMIT SHINJI.
    • Mad Max Fury Road is hella overrated.
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  16. The world isn't fucked and humanity will overcome the challenges that come our way like we always have, but the amount of people who cry doom are too damn high. Don't create a self-fulfilling prophecy because you willfully ignore all of the good to obsess over the bad.

    People are overly concerned for conservation efforts when the endangered animal is cute as opposed to its importance to the ecosystem. The amount of animals that could be saved but won't because people are obsessed with things like pandas is absurd, all because people don't want to donate to protect something they think is ugly.
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  17. You jinxed it. Batten down the hatches everyone, prepare for the incoming shitstorm. :P
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  18. minions fucking suck. Those little yellow demons aren't even remotely funny.
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  19. Everybody Loves Raymond is a fucking stupid, shitty show and I hate it. >:[ All of the characters on that show are assholes.
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