Unpopular Choices we make in Games (Possible Spoilers)

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  1. So, we all do it. There are certain parts in games that people like to jump on the bandwagon and join groups (like Thieves Guild in Skyrim or the 'Temple of Light or the 'Temple of Shadows'' in Fable II), but sometimes people decide to say, "Fuck this shite I'm doing the opposite."

    What are some choices that you have made in a game that you think a lot of people wouldn't do?

    Me, instead of joining the Dark Brotherhood opted to kill Astrid for telling me what to do and killing her friends. because I guess that's a healthy way of saying no. And I know what the bitch decides to do.
  2. I always kill Anders.

    DA2 = Damn it, Anders (2)
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  3. In Dragon Age 2, I always unconditionally support Anders. I keep trying to do a pro-Templar, anti-Mage run, but I don't think I can ever bring myself to do it. I can't, even fictionally, side with an oppressor - not its so clear who is good and who is bad. Then again, in Dragon Age: Inquisition, my first Inquisitor was a Chaotic Good Mage-Supporting sweet boy. Boring. I livened things up with my Lawful Evil Templar-Supporting, fanatical nasty elf, in my second playthrough. Way more fun!

    In D&D and Pathfinder RPG games, I play a lot of paladins. Partially because people always groan and bitch and moan when somebody brings a paladin to the table, and I fully admit there's a sadistic part of me who really enjoys making sure everyone plays Lawful Good.

    EDIT: @Opal you literally posted five seconds before me , and you also posted about Anders. Is this... fate? :O
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  4. Uhhh. Kill Wrex in ME1, and not romance anyone.
  5. In D&D I almost always play characters that fall into one of three archetypes.

    1) Insane and Violent
    2) Stuck up and Arrogant
    3) A Bumbling Idiot

    That being said, the second Alignment is removed as a system which any DM should cause alignment is cancer this tends to change completely. Where my main kind of "Archetypes" tends to fall under

    1) A sly and smart man. He avoids combat, instead he makes friends and connections
    2) Your more traditional "I'm a good guy! Let's go good things!" person

    In reflection I think this is because when there's a system telling players "You HAVE to act like this or you can't use ____ class! You HAVE to act like _____ or your DM will be mad at you. You HAVE to kill these NPCs, because Detect Evil went off!" I don't really feel like I have much control over my character.

    Because suddenly both the DM and a lot of Party are never really 'responding' to situations with the complexity it deserves but rather looks at it one dimensionally and simplistically. This tends to make a backwards 'push' from me cause I am not a fan of being told how my character 'should' behave, and I'm certainly not a fan of complex matters being trivialized.

    The second Alignments removed though? Suddenly, it's not just the Mechanics that change but players and DMs stop looking at situatiosn through the eyes of Alignment, but rather think for themselves. This basically removes any sort of demand for me to have to play ________, which allows me to relax a lot more and roleplay a character I feel like, which more often ends up being more practical or 'good' in nature.

    I tend to play D&D characters that completely disrupt the alignment system. Except in cases where the alignment systems been removed, in which case I play characters closer to what the Alignment System was designed to encourage... Funny thing huh?
    Well, sadly unpopular choices is only having try outs.

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  6. DA: Origins.
    I always drive Lelianna away from the party or kill her, and I usually kill Zevran. The former is a religious loonie following voices in her head who thinks of you as some magic messiah. Zevran is literally an assassin who admits he is loyal to the highest bidder, and nobody else.

    A few times I've chosen to crown the Queen and spare Loghain instead of making Alistair the King. Mainly because Alistair... Is not a great idea for being the king, and throwing Anora away because of her father being a dick just feels wrong.

    The Walking Dead.
    The one time I played through it, I chose to save the nerdy guy and left the reporter chick to die for the reason that she might unveil my character being a murderer. Also because nerdy guy tried to help me solve problems while reporter chick was kind of a cunt.

    I also didn't shy away from telling the little girl that everyone she knew and loved is fucking dead and she had to toughen up to survive. That apparently was an unpopular decision according to the game's metrics.
  7. Since several of you mentioned Dragon Age, I'll say this: Templars all the way. Mages can't always be trusted, a fact made very clear throughout the series.

    I gave Fenris back to Danarius and killed Anders because I was feeling particularly assholish with that game.

    In ME3, I sold the Krogan out to the Salarians. Bye-bye, Wrex.

    Harvest Little Sisters.

    Being cruel to collections of pixels makes me feel good, sometimes.
  8. All you krogan murders out there ruffle muh jimmies.

    ... It's okay, I straight up chose the geth over the quarians. Sorry Tali, your people were wrong.
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  9. I killed Doggo in Undertale... Accidentally.

    And I killed Flowey as well. No regrets this time, it was on purpose.
  10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - I made sure to play the most evil character I could possibly be. Some parts were hilarious, especially the side quest to settle a feud between 2 families on Dantooine. Instead, I convinced the 2 families to murder each other. I loved every moment.
  11. I should probably add some Video Game choices I made, and not have it at 'just' D&D.

    Mass Effect
    • I went Control (Blue) ending. My reasoning being that Destroy was committing genocide for the Geth, meanwhile Synthesis altered everyone's body in a way I don't have the right to decide for them. Even if I personally agree that people should be hybrids.
    • I saved Kaiden instead of Ashley. Sorry, I'm going with a decent guy over the racist. Plus Kaiden and Carth share the same voice actor which is a plus.
    • First time through I let the Council die. I wasn't letting a ton of soldiers waste their lives over some snobbish pricks who consistently refuse to help with Geth and Reaper problems even when it's knocking right on their door. Though, after the first time I realised said Council Ship was also packed with civilians... Oops. :/
    • I try to cure the Genophage, we were basically begging for a Krogan rebellion continually keeping them under it. And with Wrex being in charge we stand a better chance of working with them peacefully now than we will if we delay.
    Dragon Age
    I've never actually talked DA with many people... So I have no idea what's seen as unpopular, so I'll just go with what I suspect I'm in the minority for.
    • Alistair as King, not Hardened. Loghain already proved how he can't be trusted, meanwhile Anora just seemed to jump to "Gimme the Throne!" immediately. Gave off alarms she wanted it for the wrong reasons, and although she does technically have political skills Alistair lacks, he does have the most honest character. And at the end of the day a Leader rarely acts on their own, they often get thrown into situations they won't understand and be reliant on advisors or experts. What matters at that point is the leader has the sense to listen and implement wisdom alongside the knowledge, something a leader with pure intentions is much better at.
    • I allow the Golems. Not a practice I'd normally tolerate, but I'm willing to use it on charged and trailed murderers/rapists etc when we've got the Darkspawn knocking on our door.
    • Spared Anders. Every logical bone in my body told me to kill him, but honestly I sympathised too much with him... That being said though if I played the game again? Anders would be dead.
    Walking Dead
    • I'm always brutally honest with Clementine. I tend to be that with people usually, no way in hell I'm stopping in a Apocalypse scenario.
    • Save Ben. I don't see the sense in killing anyone because they're "untrustworthy", and not in a intentional sense, he just get's scared. Aren't we far more untrustworthy if we start killing our own? Like seriously, if there was a way we could save-save him, I'd just be more strict on him.
    • Friends with Kenny. He's a loose cannon, but his hearts in the right place.
    • Shoot Kenny at the very end. I ain't going to let him start killing others though, at that point he snapped and I call self defence.

    Though my reasoning was that he showed skills that could be useful in a survival scenario, while the reporter couldn't even figure out batteries.
    Woo! Suck it Quarians!

    Not really, I was just very sympathetic to Geth and Krogan so they ended up being the ones I sided with.
    Hell even from ME1 when all you know about the Geth was what Tali said, I was already preferring the Geth to the Quarians.
    I... I don't think this choice is unpopular at all dude. :P
    EVERYONE has had their "I'm an evil cunt" playthrough(s).

    And that quest btw is one of my favourite...
    Now you got me wanting to play Kotor again.
  12. I waltzed down the dark path to the extreme in Jade Empire. I choose the most evil options when they cropped up and eventually had several of my party members turn against me. I then proceeded to ruthlessly murder said party members, one of which had been my lover, then meandered on to smash the final boss with the Jade Golem technique! Good times!
  13. When I saw it in Wolf Among Us I knew what the phrase 'glass him' meant. To so many, it seems like a vague prompt ending in the titular Wolf comically overreacting and hitting the Woodsman with a bar-glass, but I did it on purpose because the woodsman tried to kill bigby 48 hours ago.

    In Mass Effect, I blew up the rogue Geth planet. Regardless of if I did that run Good or Evil, letting them die with themselves intact will always look (to me) less evil than the other option the game presents, brainwashing them with no evidence.

    tabletop-game wise, I tend towards picking the most centered and anchored morality on the cosmic morality chart. In dnd terms, my favorite is the neutral-neutral. Not a neutral-neutral as a cosmic scale that balances good and evil globally by being a jackass, that's a chaotic-neutral with a death-wish. my neutral-neutrals are always people who only care about them n theirs, and couldn't be bothered to care about good versus evil or god versus devil.
  14. Hmm...Let me try and recall some unpopular things I did in Video Games..

    Fable 2, at the end of the game I chose to save the Sister, Dog and Family. (Mainly did it for the dog). All those innocents died in the spire and all...but my dog stayed with me through the entire game and took a bullet for me.

    Grand Theft Auto V, my first playthrough I actually killed Trevor. Dude is a fucking lunatic, while he had hilarious moments and all...he was fucking crazy and I decided that he needed to die. Second playthrough I let them all live.

    Dragon Age: Origins, I don't know if this is Unpopular, but I played as the Human Male Noble on a play through and at the end of the game, I made my Character become the King...and I let Alistair sacrifice himself in the end.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, sorry Bull and crew...but I chose the Qunari's aid over you >.>

    There are a few Witcher III: The Wild Hunt choices I made that I know others didn't make or were "unpopular" compared to the other choices presented.
  15. Spoilers...

    In Infamous, I had the choice of either giving food to people or have Cole take it for himself. I decided to say to hell with those people and take the food. To hell with Trish too, she was annoying right off the bat.

    In FallOut 3, one word: Butch. He was nasty on the main character's birthday so when he pleads to have his mother saved years later, I'll admit I tried on some small level. When we arrived to see roaches on her I was a bit guilty but when Butch started saying crap about it, I shot him, took his goods and those from his mom too.
  16. I play a Chaotic Stupid rogue in D&D, if the DM pisses me off.

    Games? I stayed Dawnguard in Skyrim.
  17. In Fallout New Vegas, I almost always side with the Legion and/or do an Anarchy run. Why? The NCR annoy me with their basic incompetence and Not-At-Home House is kind of a dick. Caesar is a dick, too, but at least he's a competent dick. He doesn't seem to need your help whereas the others can hardly fart without your assistance.

    In DAO: I always keep Dog in my party. I can trust Dog. Dog is good.

    In Skyrim: I'm not sure if it's popular or not, but I usually opt to kill Cicero. He's just too much a thorn in my side.
  18. I'll preface with I have no gauge for what's popular so bear with me.

    Pathfinder: I play Chaotic Good and my favorite class is Oracle{Bones). My favored race is Fetchlings or Vanaras.

    Morrowind: I play almost exclusively Argonian. I typically go Nightblade. I take Tower birth sign every time even though there's better options. Habit I guess. xD

    Dragon Age: Origins: All I remember is that I made Zevran my wife(shh, inside joke) and had a baby with Morrigan. Oh and I did everything I could to piss off Alistair. Don't get me wrong, he's a cool dude. He's not king material. He's a much better drunk.

    Dragon Age 2: I think I was pretty boring with this game besides not getting Isabela. That was an accident, but seems most people make a point to obtain her. I think I was a sarcastic warrior because no one expects the sarcastic warrior(especailly the Arishok). I was also gay...is that unpopular within the fanbase? I have no idea. xD

    Baldur's Gate 2: I always take the chaotic evil people into my party. I tend to agree with them more, tbh. xD
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  19. Overwatch: I play Hanzo. *runs!*
  20. I don't do enough gaming to have any good examples, but my Dark Eldar army frequently go out of their way to support Slaaneshi cultists and warbands, and have been known to intentionally let Eldar souls go to him/her/it.
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