Unpleasant Arrangement

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  1. Traveling from one family home to another. Well, more like the cusp of owned areas. Her own was slowly falling apart. A small family controversy that had seemed more like a war had broken out, thanks to a random attacks from one of their spies onto the other families security. After the family that had been attacked calmed their madness, they sent the spy back to the correct family. He was put straight to death. Sadly, this wasn't enough. With the blood on the Fretal family hands, they decided on a proper arrangement. Two young individuals were to marry with no exceptions. Traditions on her family's side generally annoyed the woman. A women typically married at age of 16. This left her frustrated and cause for her rebellion at early age. Kadence Fretal was 18 and waited for real love. The hopeless romantic dream soon faded with the proposition. Then again, most males refused to marry her due to her own personality. Outspoken, open minded, adventurous, and most of all... Not much to having a girly side. She was known as a wild child and more of a tomboy attitude. This was the child who was now to marry. How unfortunate.

    The lands owned by both families were very beautiful. The whole time through travel, her eyes looked upon the untouched mountain tops with white patches on top. "Snow..." An instant smile crossed her face. She never got to see her family land this close before which had been nice. This left a gorgeous country side look to the small town they were to meet and marry in secret. It was on the edge of both property land lines to it was perfect. Once the matrimony was through, both families would announce the peace and even the joining.

    Upon arrival, her sapphire green eyes caught the sight of a highly decorated chapel like building. They reached the beginning of her horrid future. The person of her dreams, Kaden would never meet. She hopped down from her black friesian horse and slowly walked to the open door. Her body was covered in a plain blue gown that trailed shortly behind her. The one man who escorted her followed by her side. He took her to a door where she'd get dressed in the appropriate attire to meet the one she would marry. Kadence stopped mid step as her mind wandered. A man she had never even met, she was to marry. No chance of love, either... The young maiden's nightmare had become reality. Hopefully, he wasn't oh so bad. At least, it was supposed to be a man; with out anyone being aware both were women. Her hands intertwined together against her lap as her pace continued forward. She needed to get ready.
  2. Young Lillian Sautome was 18 as well. She was on her way to meet the person she was supposed to marry. She HSS long silky black hair and a curvacioius figure. She was everything that personified a femininity. Her loyalty to her family was unquestionable and the only reason she agreed to marry was for their future.

    She stops outside the same church Kaden is in. She slides of a white andalusian, wearing a beautiful laced white dress her long black hair up in a bun held up by two oriental chopsticks as her own escort dismounts as well. She walks toward the chapel, walking up the steps as her escort opens the door for her.
  3. The woman waited in a room for the one she was to marry. Her chestnut hair curved down to her mid back and swayed while the woman paced back and forth the room. Kaden ended up becoming very nervous and even impatient. She still couldn't believe what was going on. Hearing the latch of the door catch as it opened sent her eyes straight for the door. A faint blush crept along her cheeks when she saw a woman that was completely stunning. Kadence began to become jealous of the woman's features. Yet impatience washed over her again sending her to pace the room, as she didn't think this was the person she was to marry.

    A man walked in and bowed to both woman. "He will be in soon." This calmed Kaden a bit hearing the words. A few minutes later an older gentleman glided in his beard white as snow slapped against the priest gown.

    "Fretal?" He questioned towards Kadence. She simply nodded. He then turned to the other woman with a smile. "Sautome?"
  4. Lillian nods looking at kaden blinking, frowning slightly confused."yes? I'm here.."
  5. The man figured it all out before he even met the girls. "Two women. This will be interesting." With that he just chuckled and left the room to prepare for the rest of the day.

    Kaden went wide eyed with realization. "I'm marrying a woman." Her eyes analyzed the young woman before her. She became speechless. Kaden wasn't sure what to talk about with her wife to be.
  6. Lillian looks at her mildly, "well I suppose its too late to find a male to marry, and the tension between our families is too great to risk anything," she sighs before, bowing to her slightly holding her hand out to her reluctantly. "So we should go through with this."
  7. Kadence gave a chuckle at how the woman acted. "You're right... But you might as well relax and there's no need to bow." She grabbed the woman's hand and kissed it lightly. Might as well be nice.
  8. She looks at kaden in slight fascination and smiles slightly. "I'm glad we agree." Allowing her to kiss her slender hand.
  9. The woman smiled softly dropping their intertwined fingers to their sides. "Shall we go?" Kaden knew they must have set up something so the two could get to know each other a bit before their arrangement.
  10. She nods a bit giving a faint smile taking kadens arm, following her.
  11. Not really worried about what the other had planned for them, she opened the door letting Lillian through first and asking a question that was Lillian's to answer. "What would you like to do?"
  12. "Anything really, I don't mind." She smiles faintly her white dress flowing skightky
  13. She fought her urge to roll her eyes. There had to be something the woman liked or wanted to do. Kaden pull her outside and around the building showing off a small garden. It was a start after all. She released Lillian, leaned against the building, and let her head fall. "My names Kaden... I'm not the perfect woman family wish I was nor am I very good with people." She wanted to admit a few truths before their fate was completely sealed. The other didn't have to say anything just decide wether or not she really wanted to continue her marriage to Kadence. "You don't have to be with me... You could find someone to really love and be happy with. We can also find another way for peace." She knew her parents would disagree but Kaden wanted this girl to be happy just like she hoped that for everyone.
  14. Lillian sits down in a bench slowly and leans over admiring one of three flowers. before she pauses looking g up at kaden. "My names Lillian. I'm sorry but we do not have time to spare nor the risk of finding another way. our families are feuding. We don't have luxury."
  15. The reply she had received was far from friendly as she was trying to be. Kaden couldn't help but let her eyes roll. "If that's how you feel then let's just get this over with." She couldn't believe this person. The loyalty the woman had gave the sense of robotic features as if she wasn't her own person. Kadence felt bugged by this but there wasn't much she could object to at the moment. Her body pushed off the wall and headed into the building. "Take your time... And come in when you're ready." With nothing else to really say she left.
  16. Lillian blinks, sitting on the bench as kaden leaves, having nothing to say and looks back at the rose. Perhaps it wasn't her idea of marriage but she couldn't let anyone be hurt because of her selfish feelings.
  17. Kaden sighed as she entered the building alone. The nice friendly spurt hadn't worked which continued to leave her puzzled. The people who relied on her family meant the world to her, but she didn't feel it was selfish to do things for your own happiness at times. Maybe it was just the way she was brought up or just the difference in her own way of thinking... All she knew was that this marriage was nothing more than non-existent feelings and empty truths. What if they didn't even get along when they had to see each other daily? Kadence released another puff of air unsure what to do.

    Her step led her to the room in which she'd change in the official ceremony gown. The woman sneaked in and peeked at the dress her family had chosen. It was beautiful no doubt but nothing Kadence would haven choose. No time to be picky. She sat down losing herself in a dream state until whatever next would happen happened.
  18. After a bit, Lillian's escort comes to fetch her.
    "You should come change, my lady, it's almost time."
    Lillian stands up releasing the beautiful flower, and nods, hiding her doubts, as she walks past silently, heading into the building to change into her own gown
  19. A knock echoed from the door sending the woman to break from her daze. "M'lady... The time has come." Kaden nodded which left the man to disappear closing the door behind him. Her eyes turned to peer out the window once more, which let loose a small smile. The sun was setting along the horizon giving that pink and violet glow on the clouds. To her self Kadence admitted, if she was to marry, at least she'd look nice. A few women stood before her and waited for her approval to start dressing. Kaden turned her head back to the patient individuals and gave a nod of approval. It was time no matter how against this she was. Only a few minutes had passed for the time it had taken to dress her. The women stepped back with bright smiles. Their voices chattered and even echoed out of the room. They were proud of the job they had done.

    Kadence's chestnut hair was half up letting her bangs drift loosely with the almost transparent silk strips that took place of the modern day train. The ivory floor length gown hugged her body then dropped down into a pouf beginning at her upper thigh. It was all courteous of the well exaggerated trumpet silhouette. The pouf at the bottom was a chiffon petticoat that was made of different colors to match well with the lilac and pink two tone shimmers that streamed down surrounded parts of the dress. The time had come. She followed the ladies to where the ceremony was to take place. Decorations flooded the halls of white and lilac night lilies. Kaden waited patiently for the other woman.
  20. Lillian walks out from her changing room in a long flowing midnight black dress with tasteful decorations adorning it. A few clusters of black roses speckle the skirt of the dress and a ribbon of black and white beautiful feathers trim the collar line. Wearing tall lacey gloves and a small choker, long black hair falling past her waist as she walks forward before stopping next to kaden.