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  1. Shorewood, Illinois
    Mark Padilla's Bedroom


    Today hadn't been the best of days for one young adult stuck in the seemingly eternal toil of Suburbia Illinois. Math had rocked his world and left him in a sour mood for the end of the day. Having thrown his backpack to the floor and rushing to his room, he could only find solace in writing! The one muse that he felt wouldn't be subjected to such harsh critique or ridicule by his peers. At least, not all of them.

    But even that failed to bring the poor boy from the brink of boredom. All he could do now was content himself by watching as the fanblades swung back and forth in an almost melancholic manner. Was this what his life had amounted to? Waking up in the morning, saying his hellos/good mornings where they were due, getting in the car with his ride and going to school? Where was the excitement? Where was the action?! WHERE WAS THE-


    Sitting up on his bed, Mark ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair. Ugh, a stray thought ran through his head, one that he'd been musing about for weeks. He needed to get a haircut or else the 'Lookin like Shaggy from scooby doo lookin ass' comments would never fade away. But even so he couldn't ignore the sudden excitable yip from his smallest and possibly cutest, that was subjective as far as Mark was concerned, they were all adorable in their own special ways.

    Thrusting his feet outwards, Mark hopped to his feet and glanced down at his pants. Black sweatpants with no pockets and matching black socks. Well, he never said he was the most fashion coordinated teen but before any more thoughts in regards to his fashion sense could be had, another bark sounded out and he wheeled around and quickly cupped a hand onto his dog's side.

    "Reece! Cool the barking for a moment, okay? I get enough of you guys being excited to me when I get home from school! I don't need it when I'm busy thinking!"


    The dog froze as it's owner/friend placed a hand onto her. She always barked when she felt enough attention wasn't being put on her/she wanted Mark to pick her up and put her on the bed. But now that he was actually paying attention, the dog went quiet before rolling onto her side as Mark smiled. Giving the dog an affection pet, the teen glanced around his room.

    It wasn't exactly shangri-la but it was where Mark could call home. That said it wasn't the nicest place he felt he could have been living in but that was more on him than anything else really. Throwing his hands up to his sides, the teen let out an exasperated cry.


    "Look at this mess! I got consoles up the ass! From the PS4 to the GameCube to the Dreamcast! Then you got clothes laying on the floor..What kind of girl would want to talk to a dude with a room as messy as this? Honestly, it ain't exactly rocket science...I guess I'm just too lazy. But can you really blame me???" The teen murmured to himself which probably raises some questions of it's own but that was for another time.

    Making his way back to the center of his king-sized bed where his laptop was located, he'd push the screen up. Hated to have it open while he was away and the dogs were free to play. They'd see him coming from school and make a mad dash across the keyboard, messing up who knows what. Running his fingers along the key to get the proper password in, the screen flashed and a google page showed up.

    "I mean look at this, Reece! Joseph Joestar...One of the coolest dudes from anime. Or so I like to think anyway. Guess being lazy doesn't seem so bad when someone like him isn't that big a fan of hard work..But, I think I'm gonna go outside for a bit. Clear my thoughts.."

    Giving the dog one last pet on the head, Mark shambled out of the room and slipping his shoes on, he'd make his way outside. Hearing the door slam shut behind him, he'd glance up at the sky with a small tuft of hair poking out from under his hat. It was freezing outside! Maybe now wasn't exactly the best time to do some internal thinking..

    But then he noticed something out in the corner of his eye..


    "That doesn't seem like anything you'd see any other day.."

    OH MY GOD! (open)

    Watching as what seemed like a shooting star soared through the sky, Mark collapsed onto his rear as a thunderous noise cracked out through the night sky. Rising back to his feet, he'd rush towards the direction of the crater only to pause at what he saw standing in the middle of the crater in the nude.

    "...Holy shit!"

    "He-llo?! Could you say that again? More slowly? In a language I could understand? Depending on what you said, I might have to kick your ass!"

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