Unofficial Character-Writing Challenge: The MASK RANT

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This challenge arises from my insane concept that all characters are just fictional people, and every bit capable of everything real people do, but in a fictional universe.

All you have to do for this challenge, is post a rant written or spoken by a character of yours. The character can be from any RP, story, etc., as long as (s)he is YOUR character who you made up. The rant can be about anything or anyone, but preferably fitting in their setting. If it's spoken feel free to narrate accompanying actions and gestures.

In the rant-post, please mention the character's name and what work they're from beforehand.
No characters made up specifically for the challenge, unless you use them for something else (like an RP or something) immediately afterward. Bonus points if you have the character express opinions contrary to what you think, and make them sound convincing. (Of course, I won't know and the points probably won't matter anyway, but hey! It's fun and more challenging, right?)