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I didn't really know how to request a 1x1 partner like this. To keep a long explanation short, I want to create a character that's a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Peter Baelish, and L (from Death Note). What we have here is a high functioning sociopath who loves sweets and has odd quirks and is very manipulative. He's a really easy person you can hate to love... or love to hate. He also wants to pursue a relationship... kind of. The main thing is that he's a super genius. A weird one.

I'm looking for someone who's willing to create a character that would fit well with my odd super genius. I'm not asking for someone to match his intelligence or anything like that, more like a companion of the sorts. In fact, I'm not even sure what to ask for so create whatever you want. I'm willing to try anything.

My super genius would fit best in a darker/morbid modern setting, but I'm willing to put him in a light-hearted setting (challenge accepted).

An RP with this character would have considerably long posts and reply times would vary depending on interest, time, and post length. The vocabulary would also be slightly advanced, but as my partner I don't expect you to try and do that. Just do what's comfortable for you. I'd rather have a short post that's good than a long post that's bad.

If you're interested just send me a PM or reply down below.

The romance portion can be Gay or straight. I don't have a preference, but my character will ultimately be male.
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