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  1. Okay, So I have two issues.

    One of my posts was merged with an earlier version. I left in the earlier version a message for any staff member to delete the post if they saw it, because I'd be looking for a partner with the newer post. Now it looks like I copy+Pasted the entire thread into the comments section of the original thread.

    My other problem is about a post being moved. It was a partner request thread for an RP that would take place in PM or other methods. It should have stayed in the Partner request section, as the partner slot has not been filled as of yet.

    The second one wouldn't be an issue, if I already had a partner for it. But otherwise, I'd like both of these issues to be fixed. The first one, I'd like to be returned into individual threads, and the one with the letters crossed out be deleted. And the second one I'd like moved back to the partner request section of the adventure 1[x]1 area. I just don't see why either of these staff actions were necessary. And they must have been done by the same staff member, as they happened within two minutes of each other.
  2. We get new volunteers every month and learning how to moderate threads is a process. Sometimes people will make a mistake a move things to the wrong place. O_O We have a thread at the bottom of the forum called "Request a Thread Moderation" that you can use and get threads moved back to the proper place if an accident happens. (or to have something revived!)

    I did as requested with the first thread - and I am hoping that it wasn't already taken care of by someone else. c__c Cause you or no one else has said something about this since wednesday day. O_O

    The second thread looks like it is already in the correct place?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.