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  1. Donald Carter wasn't one of those kids who got picked on, even though he wasn't big or strong. He usually had the backing of his teammates, so everybody knew not to mess with him. He was quiet just about every day and only stuck his nose in when he thought there was something wrong. As he sat in his car and watched the people file into the school, he wondered how the day was going to go. Sighing, he grabbed his gear bag and got out of his car, hoping to avoid any issues during the day.
  2. Becket grunted in pain as she pulled up from the floor. She had been tripped and pushed on her way to her locker that morning and she landed on the floor. She could hear the laughter coming from the 'popular' girls and she just shook her head and stood up from the floor, pulling her bag's strap over her shoulder. She continued on her way to her locker, opening it and letting out a scream as something jumped out at her. It was a toy spider and she heard deeper laughter from some boys in the hallway. She ripped the spider out and threw it out in the trash before grabbing her books and leaving her locker empty. She really did not need this. She would prefer to be ignored then to be pestered just for being a new kid. She brushed her hair behind her ear and continued on to her first class, holding her books close to her chest as she walked.
  3. Donald looked at his locker and saw notes taped and stuck to it. Shaking his head, he ignored them and opened his locker. He grabbed his book and listened to all the people talking. The noise didn't bother him that much, since he always heard it on the day of a game. As he closed his locker and moved away, he bumped into a girl walking away from him. "Sorry, didn't see you there." When he looked at her, he could tell that she was upset, but he chose not to say anything. He never had a way with words, especially with people he didn't know. He decided that later he would talk to her if he saw her again, but he was nervous just thinking about it.
  4. Becket was surprised by the kind apology from the boy who bumped into her. She nodded her head. "It's alright," she said softly, her voice holding a slight accent. She was from various places, born in england, lived in Ireland, lived in New York, Chicago and then New Orleans, she picked up many accents but they all melded nicely with her. She turned away and kept moving heading to the first class. Once in, she sat down in her assigned seat and stayed quiet all the while hearing the hurtful words and murmurs about who she looked what she wore, that she was a souless ginger, even though she wasn't. She had the red hair sure, but she had no freckles or green eyes. She had pale skin and light blue eyes.
  5. The first period of the day went by rather slowly for Donald's liking. As he sat in the room, he could hear light whispering around him about the new girl. He thought about saying something, but just shook his head. He felt someone tap his shoulder behind him as he sat there and the person handed him a note. The note was short and more in the form of a warning than anything.

    "New girl in danger, should step in before out of hand."

    After Don read the note, he crumpled up the paper and put it in his pocket. He knew the group that was planning and what was planned for her. He took out another piece of paper and wrote on it:

    "Find me after class. Urgent. Must talk."

    He tapped the kid next to him, who happened to be one of his teammates and handed him the note, motioning over to the seat next to him. He hoped the note wouldn't cause too much distraction in class, since he wasn't sure how he was going to react to it.
  6. Even though class ended Becket stayed after to talk to the teacher about some of the work she had been given. When all of that was done and she got a note for being tardy to gym class, she left, walking out into the now empty hallway. She sighed to herself, holding her books to her chest as she made her way through the halls. She was scared, of being jumped and hurt or worse, locked in a closet. She was claustrophobic and with how everyone was treating her recently, she would be surprised if no one did that. She was almost to the gym when she heard someone talking about the new girl. "Where the hell is she?" a feminine voice said. It was voice she dread. Candice Malory, one of the popular girls, and the one person who had started all the harassing. Becket could hear them moving towards the hall way and she was only able to back up a bit before they saw her and she turned running away from them. They were following her, she could hear the footsteps and she kept running trying to find someplace to hide.
  7. Donald didn't have a class after first period. It was set up that way intentionally so he could help out any of the teachers that needed it, as part of his community service requirement for college. Today he found himself heading to the gym to keep an eye on his teammates, but as he approached, he saw someone turn around the corner of the hall. Without even thinking about it, he followed, and saw the one person that would fit the idea he had in his head.

    Candice Malory was arguably one of the most popular girls in the school. She was also the biggest bitch out of everyone, too. It would make sense that she would be involved in anything mean going on. The only thing that made Donald wonder was how he was going to make his presence known. Suddenly, he had a brilliant idea pop into his head. He knew how he was going to help out. He quickly scribbled a note on a piece of paper as he called out to her.

    "Hey, Candice, I think you dropped something over here."
  8. Candice was about to turn the corner but heard her name and turned too see Donald. He was probably the last person she wanted to see. "Ugh, Julliee go get that," she ordered, turning but pouting since she lost sight of that stupid new girl. "Damnit... she got away... We'll try tomorrow," she said and the group seemed to just nod their head in agreement. The raven haired girl came over to Donald and held out her hand. "I'll give it to Candice," she said to Donald. Candice never associated with anyone who wasn't on the same level as her unless it was to mess with them.

    Becket found herself outside and behind the bleachers, sitting in the darker part of the shadow and she pulled her knees to her chest, hiding her face. She sniffled and trembled not letting herself cry but she was close to crying. She would have to tell her parents she couldn't go to school anymore. She just couldn't it's already been a week and the bullying has gotten worse if anything. Maybe she should do homeschooling.
  9. He knew Candice wasn't going to talk to him, or even come near him. All he did was distracted her enough so that her target would get away. The note that he had scribbled was really short: "Find someone else to torment or there will be problems. I won't warn twice." As the girl approached him, he had a small grin on his face, knowing that he was going to win this round right now.

    "Here you go."

    As he gave her the note, he walked away, trying to find the girl. He had noticed some of the things that people were saying, but he never did anything about it. Today, actually seeing it for the first time, Donald decided that enough was enough.

    After looking inside and being unable to find her, Donald came to the conclusion that she was outside. He had seen a few people outside, but didn't talk to any of them. As he headed to the football field, he thought that he could see a dark figure under the bleachers. As he got close enough to actually see, he could see that it was the girl that he just helped. He walked over to her and knelt down by her, holding out his hand.

    "Hey, I'm Don. Sorry about how everyone has been acting toward you."
  10. Candice had the girl read the note out to her and she cursed. She knew Donald was tight with the football team and good friends with her current boy toy target. She stomped off annoyed severely by the fact she wouldn't be able to win this round. She'd just have to find another way.

    Becket had been silently just sitting there, trying to stay hidden. She was about to leave and go home when she heard someone come closer. She flinched a little and was ready for harsh words but all she heard was someones kind voice. She opened her eyes looking up at Donald and his outstretched hand and she looked at him with a bit of skepticism. But she decided to take a chance and she hesitantly took his hand. "I'm Becket..." she said softly to him. She let go of his hand though, seeing some more people pass by and she scooted back further.

    "It's okay... You shouldn't be nice to me... people will make fun of you too," she said softly. It was like she knew how it all worked. She did, the last school was somewhat like that but this place was much worse.
  11. "I'm part of the football team, Becket. People know not to mess with me, so I don't need to worry about what anyone else thinks."

    Donald moved closer to her, trying to show her that he wasn't as mean as everyone else. After seeing Candice giving her a hard time, he knew that he was going to have to do what he could to keep her from getting picked on for too much longer.

    "And don't worry about Candice. I can keep her in line if she keeps messing with you."

    He looked at his phone, seeing that the period was about halfway over. He wasn't known for ditching classes, even if he didn't have an actual class to go to. Still, he could make up an excuse for both of them easily enough.

    "If you want, I can show you a place I like to go when I want to be alone."
  12. She was still wary of him. "It's... It's okay... I'm gonna sign out and go home..." she said softly to him. She didn't want to stay for the rest of the day. She was that scared. She moved a bit, moving out from the dark into the light and she could look at him better and so could he see her better. Her red hair was shiny and shined in the sun and her light eyes were bright and had a twinge of fear. "Thank you... Donald.... for being nice to me..." she said softly as she stood back up once more, looking at him once more. She pulled the strap of her bag closer. She was wearing form fitting jeans and a simple blouse with a baggy cardigan on top. She was different from the girls at the school, not preppy or goth or anything like that. She had a European feel to her.
  13. When Becket moved into the light, Donald got a good look at her. She wasn't the super hottest girl in the school, but she was attractive, as far as he was concerned. He didn't help her because of her looks; he helped her because he was tired of watching all of the crap go on.

    "No problem, Becket. Anytime you need something, don't hesitate to find me. I'm sick of seeing you being treated like shit for no reason other than you being new."

    He stood up from his crouched position, shaking his legs to get the feeling back in them. Don looked at his phone and saw that there was a few minutes left of class, so he didn't make an effort to hurry and leave Becket there by herself. As he stood there, a thought occurred to him.

    "We have a game tonight. If you want to be there, I can make sure you don't get messed with."
  14. She moved a bit more until she was standing up and she sighed a little, dusting her jeans off. She had to change out of her clothes because someone dumped paint on her lap earlier that day. She pulled her sweater closer to her and looked over at Donald. She really shouldn't accept his offer, feeling like it was some sort of trap or something... but she nodded her head. "Okay..." she said softly to him. "I've never been to a school game," she said hugging her books to her chest. She moved out a bit more into the light and the color of her eyes was more noticeable now. They were such a startling shade of pale blue. "What time... is the game.... and where do I go?" she asked softly.
  15. "The game starts at 7. I'll be on the field warming up at about 6 or so. When you get here, just follow everyone else; they will show you where to go."

    The more Don thought about it, the more he realized that just because she was at the game didn't mean she wouldn't get messed with. He then came up with a plan that he wasn't sure would work. As he took his letter-mans jacket off, he held it up so he could see it. It wasn't covered in patches like some of the others around school, but it showed enough of his accomplishments.

    "Here, take my jacket. That way, nobody will mess with you without insulting me."

    He held his jacket out to her, hoping she would take it. He didn't want to force her, but he wanted to be sure she would be safe from everyone else. Since it was a big game, he knew everyone in the school was going to be there.
  16. She looked at the jacket and was a little confused but she nodded her head, taking the jacket from him. She wasn't sure how a jacket could protect her but it couldn't hurt. "Are you sure? Helping me I mean?" she said softly to him. She didn't understand why he wanted to help her but she was grateful. She knew nothing came without a price but she hoped he didn't want anything from her. She had nothing to give him but her friendship. She took the jacket and held it in her arms and walked with him back into the school. Once at the office she said goodbye and thank you once more before she went into the office and signed out of school. When she left the office she left the school, calling her driver to come pick her up. She then went home and once there she went up to her room and changed. Due to her parents insistence she had a cook, a maid and a driver. She didn't need any of the this and did not abuse their jobs, not making much of a mess and eating anything the cook made. She rarely called to be picked up from anywhere so the driver helped out around the house but she did call for emergencies.

    The day passed and 5:30 came around and she got ready, putting on a simple pair of jeans and boots along with a comfortable sweater. She did her hair like always and got her keys and phone. She decided to walk to the school, but she still didn't put on Donald's jacket. She got to the field at 6 and headed to the bleachers, watching as more people came. She sat near the exit just in case so she could run. She shivered and decided to put on his jacket, only because it was cold and she got a few stares. "Yo Don. Who's the redhead wearing your jacket?" one of Donald's team mates asked, pointing over at her. She had come and so far no one had bothered her.
  17. Don smiled as she took the jacket from him. He didn't say anything, since he could tell that she was nervous around him. Instead, he walked with her all the way to the office, then once she thanked him he walked away, heading toward his next class of the day. He hadn't been too worried about what anyone was going to say, and he already had a plan for what he was going to say right now if anyone asked where his jacket was, since everyone saw him with it on earlier.

    As he and the rest of his team took the field for warm-ups, Don didn't even notice that Becket was there. When he finally noticed, it was only because someone spotted his jacket in the stands. When he saw her, he couldn't help but smile. With how people had been treating her that day, he didn't think she would show up tonight, even with his jacket.

    "Don't worry about her, Jeremy. She's way out of your league anyway." He joked, trying not to say anything else.

    As the game progressed, Don found himself making more mistakes than normal. He didn't know what was causing it, but he knew that he was getting frustrated. He told himself that the next time he got a chance for a play, he wasn't going to mess it up. Sure enough, his chance came before halftime, and this time he was true to his words.

    "Second down, ball on the 21 yard line after the short scramble. Time running out in the first half, with the score tied at 7. Just enough time left on the clock for one last shot for a score, as the last remaining seconds tick down. Razorbacks line up in the shotgun, receivers all spread out. Jeremy Miller takes the snap and looks to pass. Looking in the end zone, throws, ball is tipped and...caught in the end zone! That is Donald Carter with the catch and a Razorback touchdown! What a play by the Excelsior senior and a nice pass by the junior quarterback."

    Don caught the ball off the deflection in the end zone, which made him feel better about himself. As the first half ended, his team found themselves up by a touchdown. When they all left the field to go down to the locker room for halftime, Don pointed at Becket and gave her a thumbs up, more letting her know that he saw her there wearing his jacket.
  18. The other player just chuckled and the game commenced. Becket watched, not understanding much about the whole thing, since she was never really into sports. She watched though, watching each player, but her eyes always went back to Donald. She didn't understand it, he was helping her yet he didn't tell her what he wanted from her. But the jacket seemed to be working, everyone was pretty much ignoring her. She was happy about that and she found herself smiling a little as she watched the game.

    As the game seemed to come to the first end she assumed, she watched the school team heading towards the locker room. She saw Don looking at her and offering her a thumbs up. She smiled and held up a thumbs up to him as well. This caused a few people to look at her with strange looks. She pulled her leg up and rested her head on her knee. She wasn't as cold as before with his jacket on.

    In the locker room, Jeremy sat down next to Donald after drinking some water. "So, what's her name?" he asked Don, a smile on his face.
  19. Don looked at Jeremy, not wanting to tell him who she was, especially with how much Candice was all over him. Then again, he thought maybe Jeremy could convince her to lay off some. He would have to play this right, since this game was far from over.

    "I'll tell you later. Right now, we need this win. This game is too close to deal with all of that little crap right now."

    The second half of the game started off worse than the first half. After the kick went out of the end zone, Don watched helplessly as his team gave up a huge play to start the half, leading to a touchdown. Immediately following that, Excelsior fumbled the kick return, giving up another score. Just like that, the score was 21-7 and Don was not happy. Just as he was about to make his displeasure known, his Razorbacks found new life.

    "Kickoff fielded at the 3 yard line, that is junior Brent Lee taking it and he can run. Lee out past the 20, makes a man miss and he's in the open. Out to the 40, across midfield, nobody will catch him. 97 yard return by Brent Lee gives the Razorbacks new life in this one, still early in the third quarter."

    Brent gave them new life, but Don wondered if it would be enough. With his team still down, he knew they needed another big play. They also needed help from their defense, which had been alright up to this point. Unfortunately, that big play never did come. With 9 seconds left, the Scorpions, leading by 7, were about to kick a field goal to put the game out of reach. However, big plays came in packs here in the second half.

    "Scorpions line up for the put away field goal. There's the snap, the hold is good and the kick is..blocked. That was Jeremy Miller with the block and it's picked up by Brent Lee. Lee with nobody around him and he will take it for a score!"

    Don had watched from the sidelines as the kick went up and was blocked. Once Brent crossed the goal line, Don looked at the coach and knew right away what was coming. They had saved a trick play for in case of emergencies, and this was just about as emergency as it gets. Down by only one point with no time left on the clock, they chose to end it now, either a win or a loss.

    Sadly, it ended in a loss. The hand-off between Jeremy and Don was fumbled and just like that, the play was over, as was the game. As frustrated as everyone was, nobody was more upset than Don, who had been sure they would get a win off of that play. Still, they couldn't change what had happened. As they all walked down to the locker room, Don gave a saddened look into the stands, hoping to see Becket still there with his jacket.
  20. Becket watched all the while hearing the whispers and feeling more and more awkward as she sat there in the crowd of students that had laughed, made fun of or physically hurt her in the week she had been there. She knew not everyone there had done so, but she was generalizing it seemed.

    When their team lost she found herself annoyed, upset even, but still having enjoyed watching the game she had no understanding of. She looked down as their team filed into the lockers, spotting Don looking at her once again. She looked back him and then stood up, heading down to the back of the bleachers, heading over to the fence, seeing him there. When he came over she looked up at him and offered him a smile.

    "For a game I know nothing about, I really enjoyed watching. Thank you for inviting me to come to watch you guy play," she said to him, still wearing his jacket. "Oh, um, you must want your jacket back," she said starting to unbutton it to take it off to give it back to him.
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