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  1. And hello again. Currently, i have only 3 active roleplays, and that needs to be changed. Here is my idea.

    Plot/sex balance: 50/50
    Genre: Modern fantasy
    World: This one.
    Appearances: Anime

    Your character has a quite normal life, but some things just keep going wrong. He was fired recently because of an accident at a party, his fridge broke down, and to summarize it: Luck has not been on his side since a while. To get away from everything, he decides to go on a little vacation.
    His goal would be Asia. China or Japan to be more specific. He is finally able to relax there and decides to go on a field trip. The group travels through the forest, and his bad luck strikes again. He lost his group and wanders around in the forest. While he doesn't find the exit, he at least finds a temple. An abandoned one. Its structure is undamaged, but no one cleaned that place up since a long time. Leafs are everywhere, and there is even moss on some spots.
    It is a good place to rest for a while and escape the hot sun, and since he has nothing better to do, he decides to clean up a bit. There is even a broom to start with, and after a few hours the place looks a lot better. After removing some vines, he discovers some fox statues, and a bell. Maybe out of boredom, or out of believe, but he shakes the bell and prays to the shrine to make his bad luck go away.
    After a bit more work, he decides to leave, and he finds his way back. In the following days, he notices that his bad luck really vanished. Things ether went normal, or good.
    Once back at home, he finds a new job, gets a discount fridge to replace the old one, and he even seems to be lucky enough to prevent most red lights while driving and walking on the streets.
    One night, something unusual happens though. When he gets home, a girl is sleeping on his bed. There are no signs of a break in, and nothing seems to be stolen or damaged.
    And this is from where we continue.

    Things i want:
    I want YOU to have at least 100 posts on iwaku. Why? It shows that you have some interest in the site, and that i can be sure that you will not leave suddenly. It happened often enough to me to demand that.
    I also want you to match my post length of about 1-2 paragraphs. Correct grammar is a must too, but i will overlook little typos... or at least i will try to.
    Please be somewhat active. It would be great if you could post a few times per day, but of course life comes first. Just warn me if you are going to be away for a few days. I'd do the same for you.
    If you have lost interest in the roleplay, don't be shy, grow a backbone, and just tell me. It is more rude to let me wait forever.

    Any questions?
  2. I would be willing to try this idea. o.o (I'm not sure if I have 100 posts >.> <---- That was a joke)
  3. Hm. Oh don't worry. You have just about enough posts. Let's move the rest of the planning to a convo.
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