Unnamed BESM d20 Game

Which theme do you want?

  • Battle Schools

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Naruto

    Votes: 2 28.6%

  • Total voters
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Ok, so, BESM. It's sooo customizable, that I figured I'd let the players help decide what the basic plot/theme for the game would be.

Game Ideas

-Battle Schools (Basically you are all enrolled in a school known for producing some of the worlds greatest martial artists/warriors. As a sub-genre, this game holds the greatest number of possible plots.)

-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan (Giant mechas kicking the shit outta each other, space travel, mecha throwdowns, FIGHTING SPIRIT, and mecha fights.)

-Naruto (Set to take place in an alternate timeline, 100 years after Konoha's destruction. Meant to be at the very least semi-serious. This game would use a seperate d20 system.)
Frost's Ideas... Feel free to pull and pick from whatever.

Yu-Yu Hakusho - Lots of action, nonhuman characters, some real twisted villains, and enough storyline to keep me interested, at least...

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan - Someone was bound to mention it eventually, and... well, who the hell do you think I am?! A story of manly manhood, to be sure.

Sailor Moon/Inuyasha - Don't judge me. It could work. Don't even have to all be female characters to pull it off. Balancing school and personal drama with nights of putting on a suit and fighting the bad guys? Nice.

Ranma 1/2 - Because kung-fu doesn't need to be serious.

Naruto - A lot like the Rival Schools setting, but with "ninja" (in quotes). Since the villages have so many varied "ninja" within, we could still have just about any character type, and I personally think that growing from level 1 through 3 in "school" and growing into more impressive "missions" would be a blast! Believe it!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - "It's Lu Bu! Lu Bu has come to slay us! AAH!" A lot like the Naruto dealie, but without extreme amounts of magic and catchphrases.

Rune Solider - This one... well, this one'd just be a D&D game... So... won't really work. Darn it.

Chronicle of the Lotoss War - See above.

Slayers! - ...Ditto, with more humor and greater power levels.

For me the games don't have to necessarily be in the universes of any particular anime so much as I'd like to have influence of one or more of these.

Of the above I support these:
YuYuHakusho (OR Tokyo Majin)
Sailor Moon(Though good luck getting enough players. If we go for this, I get to be the Tuxedo Mask/Moonlight Knight chara to excuse my posting habits!)
Record of the Lodoss War

I supposed I'm partial toward a straightforward empowered high-schoolers storyline with kung fu and the supernatural. Rival school or villain-of-the-week cheese. Keep in some other subplots for the people who don't like that sort of thing.

Or run something like Lodoss War.

Oh, or Samurai Champloo. :D

I don't say Cowboy Bebop because if anyone's running that, it's going to be me.

I'm similarly torn about suggesting Cyborg 009. I might try running it.

What about a generic stereotypical multigenre anime? The kind where kamen riders, magical girls, and delinquent yo-yo girl detectives sometimes run into each other while dueling demon-possessed yakuza bosses?

What about Guilty Gear? The hard part is having a coherent plot. Second thought, stay away from this. Pick something from above or below.

BUT bare in mind that I'm not the most active person. But since you wanted feedback, this is it. :/
Hmmm...I'm starting to lean towards the Battle School idea, since I can throw in several over/under-tones. Also, I'm considering running Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan as a seperate campaign, simply because no amount of manliness is escessive!
Now, I've never actually read/seen Battle School, so I'd ave to do some research or wing it if that's the selected direction to take.
Battle School is just the name of a sub-genra that I use to describe anime/manga. There is no anime/manga called Battle School. There is however, anime/manga called Real Bout High School, School Rumble, Ikki Tousen, Yakuza Girl, and Tenjou Tenge, just to name a few.
-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan(If you don't know about this, you should be shot. Works suprisingly wel with BESM)

*strangles TNT with his own intestines.*

highschool with the superpowers and supernatural happenings is interesting.
'praps you could have the superpowers and supernaturals on one side of things and some sort of technology on the other, sort of symbolising the continualm struggle between industry and science VS Religion and spirituality.
Superpowers and such would be easier to do with Silver Age Sentinels d20, which is based off of BESM. We'll see though, we'll see.


Really you could save yourself a lot of sweat and tears if you went with something more akin to macross.

Yet with supers.
Macross is too serious. I'd do Gurren Lagann for it's comedic value.
...sadly, I am not particularly familiar with any of the offerings. I must turn in my anime junkie card at the next meeting. That said, I despise all things Naruto, but am intrigued by YYH and think that SM/I would be interesting. Battle School SOUNDS interesting (I keep thinking Battle School from Ender's Game) but then I don't know much about it.

Edit: Correction: I am familiar with Cowboy Bebop. But still.
I'm not verry familiar with anime but what WMD said sounds fun.

If the Technogogical side is based on the Tau from warhammer 40k (the most anime-esqu faction in 40k exept maybe the eldar) that could work well. though not sude how well the crossbreeding/translasion of systems would go. If not make something bassed on the Tau (I can help there, I am versed in thier lore)
I tell you what though...if I were to play I'd almost certainly play one of three classes - Hot Rodder, Gun Bunny, or Mecha Pilot.
I tell you what though...if I were to play I'd almost certainly play one of three classes - Hot Rodder, Gun Bunny, or Mecha Pilot.

At the same time, it's real easy to expect me to want to play some sort of magic-user. So I guess you've got to be open for some opposites being involved, TNT. XD
Well, generally I'd allow for any class, though depending on the theme, certain classes simply wouldn't fit. Really, the only ones that woudln't be available 100% of the time would be Adventurer, Mecha Pilot, Giant Robot, and Pet Monster Trainer.
*suddenly gets the concept of a Steampunk Gun Bunny/Tech Genius and shudders*
Ok, I'm putting up a poll with the three that I think I could do justice for. To? For? Eh, screw the grammar for now. Anyways, a brief description of the series/sub-genre will be available for your viewing in the first post.
What level are you planning on?

Somewhat conflicted on this, myself. On one hand, I don't like you as a person.

On the other, the adventurer and shapeshifter classes are kinda cool.
Start at level one or two, although I'm not allowing adventurer class, since I find it to be broken.
You sure about that level? We're probably going to stay at whatever level you set for some time, and level one is..kinda lame. The book even mentions 5-8 as average, but I personally would prefer 3-4.
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