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  1. | For me and my friend.

    "Dammit, I over slept? Not again!"

    Such a normal morning at the Chibikko house. What was the Chibikko house? It was an orphanage where a young male name Akira Tadkoro grew up. Pushing the kotatsu that he was sleeping near aside, the young psycho driver grabbed his pants and pulled them on.

    His appearance was of a young teenage boy. His hair was a dark tan colour and spiked no less. He had blond bang accents, which looked rather odd, but he seemed to like that. He had scars on his body. The most noticeable ones being the Cross shaped one on his forehead and the slash across his chest. There were a few on his torso area and arms as well. Mainly from the fights he always gotten himself in.

    "Dammit! Dammit! I need to be settin' up that Taiyaki stand, I over slept again! Damn that Watanabe. When I get m'hands on that kid..."

    Muttering a bit more, he reached for his belt. The beloved skull and crossbones belt he loved wearing and had ever since he was fourteen. Rubbing the side of his face, he reached for his coat and slung it over his left shoulder. He hoped he could sneak out of the house, so he could get things set up at the park. Though, he wondered if he was going to get caught. More so caught by one of the other orphans or Watanabe. Picking up his black scarf, he would tie that around his neck. It seemed like everyone was up already. Aside from Akira who just woke up. Letting off an obnoxious yawn, the physic bruiser decided to tip-toe quietly to the door, hoping he wouldn't draw any attention.

    Looking over to his left, the children that he saw as his younger siblings were watching the television. Possibly catching some early morning cartoons or whatever caught their interests.Good. He was nearly at the doorway. He could grab his sneaks, toss on his coat and head outside.

    "Almost there... jus'..."

    However, he nearly froze in step. His stomach emitted a low growl. Possibly from sleeping nearly past breakfast. He couldn't wander into the kitchen and grab a few ongris to snack on. He'd get caught. Placing his hand on his belly, Akira gulped a bit. Would he get caught by one of the orphans? Or was it safe to go? They were really drawn to that flashy, robot programme on the television anyway. Hoping his stomach wouldn't rumble again, he pulled on his shoes, slipped on his long coat and made his way outside, that until, he heard a voice.


    Stopping in his tracks, the young biker scoffed softly.

    "Whaddya want, Watanabe. Did I catch yer attention or somethin'? I'm in a hurry."

    The young orphan boy beamed at the teen and handed him an ongri. A rather cheesy, yet shit eating grin was on his face. Akira however was rather baffled. Shrugging a bit, he took a bite of the free treat and placed one hand in his pants pockets.

    "Ya heard m'tummy, didn't ya? Ah well. Wat, I'm headin' out. Tell Kaiori that I will be back 'fore nightfall!"

    "Akira, Also, Another thing! We are on that 'thing' again tonight. Taeko got some new, you know whats and..."

    Stuffing the ongri in his mouth and wiping the excess rice off his cheeks, Akira gave a nod.

    "Sure. Sure. Before bed time, 'kay? Same bathroom. Jus'. Do it when she ain't looking, okay?"

    Giving a salute,Little Watanabe headed back over to the other children to catch the last minuet of their show. That was close, even for Akira's standards. Scooting out the door, he hopped on his motorcycle and revved it. Riding off, the young male would ride to the park and set up his stand. At least it was faster than walking. That was for sure.
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  2. Ah, Japan.

    It had been many years—decades, in fact—since Phenex had last found himself on this side of the globe, never mind that there had been considerably fewer people back then. Still, the small village he had teleported to would do nicely. After years of service, the endless cycle of tracking down monsters, demons, and all manner of malevolent gods and entities, alike—he was finally getting a much-needed vacation.

    A much deserved vacation, as far as he was concerned. It was a pity Forneus, his oldest and dearest friend, couldn’t have come, too. Oh, well. Phenex lamented. There’s always next time.

    Taking in his surroundings not for the first time, he breathed in the warm, summer air, the sweet fragrance of sakura blossoms and wisteria drifting to him from the copse of trees on either side of where he stood. There was a narrow dirt path wending its way through those same trees and beyond, disappearing amidst slightly hilly areas covered in wildflowers of every kind. In the distance, he could hear the distinctive babble of water, perhaps from a fountain further down the footpath. From the wooden benches he saw scattered here and there, he supposed he had come out in some sort of park, though which park it was, he didn’t know.

    The sun was already high in the sky by the time he leapt down from the tree branch he’d been sitting on, surveying the land spread out before him. As he followed the footpath, offering a nod in greeting to everyone he passed (though several people looked at him strangely, mothers ushering their small children away when they began to cry in fright) he started to get the feeling his trip to Japan might have been ill-timed, after all. Why was everyone looking at him with such suspicion?

    I get that I probably look like a gaijin to them, but what gives? He wondered. They’ve always been so polite to tourists…

    It couldn’t be the vibrant auburn of his tousled hair, or the two hoops in his right ear; Japan was full of youth with unusual hairstyles and piercings. Likewise, it couldn’t be his leather jacket—those were just as common. Nothing else about him could be counted as intimidating, except for maybe…

    My eyes, he stopped dead in his tracks, startling an elderly woman walking in the opposite direction. No matter how well I disguise myself as a human, I can never hide the colour of my eyes. Amber, burnished with gold. That’s how Apollo always had described them to him; enviable to some, terrifying to others—particularly when those others were mortals.

    Shaking his head with a sigh, he continued walking, careful to keep his gaze lowered, lest he make another child burst into tears. He was so intent with watching his black and white sneakers kick up dust with every step, that he didn’t notice where he was going…

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