Unlisted BBC Codes?

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  1. Hey, so I know there is a lot to iwaku's coding that i know nothing about. For example, people insert different types of buttons (spoiler v. spoili) and I had no idea about them. I didn't know about Fieldboxes v. fieldsets, I didn't know about the little scrolly posts you can post. Well, I STILL can't find the code for a number of things people seem to do and I know I've looked through the BBC guide iwaku has but it really just doesn't cover everything.

    So, does anyone have a list of the tricks? Furthermore, what the heck do half the buttons in the editor do? Lol, like the accordian style tabs? The text box? It's all very unclear.

    I'd really like to know the code for inserting a table into my RP so I can organize my player info. Also, the scroll posts to condense very long posts. Someone once told me but I forgot. I plan on making a blog post with all these extras so I can stop asking....

    And thank you, in advance for any assistance or time spent reading.
  2. All those codes are listed in BB codes guide o.o I have yet to come across a code being used that isn't listed.
  3. Well, it is all discolored right now, but the BB Code guide really does cover all that. :D All the same, I love BB code, so I'm more than happy to help.

    Let's play with some buttons, shall we?

    This is the accordion:

    Slide 1
    All these contain stuff.
    Slide 2
    In many ways, it's like spoilers.
    Slide 3
    The main difference is, the previous one closes when you open a new one.
    Slide 4
    So it's really useful when there's lots of long information.

    Tables are... a bit of a mess, because they are html instead of BB. Here's an example from an old post of mine. Feel free to quote my post and then go into the bb code editor to take a look at it.

  4. O_o I feel super stupid right now.
    I.. I could have sworn I couldn't find them. But... perhaps I just wasn't looking properly? My apologies guys.
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