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  1. Of course. Of course he wasn't good enough to do missions by himself. Instead he had to be paired up with a girl. They must really hate him to do such a thing. Yeah sure he was a bit sexist, but he did believe that females were useless sometimes. Especially in his line of work. Their line of work. Whatever. He left the base, grumbling to himself in disappointment. How couldn't he be good enough? Ugh.

    He wandered alone for a little while, occasionally kicking a rock because of his thoughts. It frustrated him to no end. Not only was he not qualified to run solo missions, he was paired up with a damn girl. Why?!

    Jake had been training for a long while, both by himself and with others. He had thought he had been training harder than the rest of them, but apparently not. At the moment, he was currently armed with his gun, ammo made of silver. He preferred ranged weapons. As he walked down the street, he thought of the girl he was going to be paired up with. She better be good.
  2. She waited at the town doors wondering where her new partner could be. The sun glaring down at her as the light reflected off her blades. she isn't the type of person to miss with as she can handle any challenge thrown at her and still wondered why she has too pair with a guy.

    She started to get irritated as she waited in the heat sweating. she found shade and cooled off thinking about her new partner pondering if he can catch up too her. so many questions feel her head just wanting to go on this mission.

    Jade was once in a team of 3 fighting it on with monsters to gain territory for her home city until it all went wrong with both her partners losing there life on the battle field. Her only goal in life was to kill anything in her path that opposed the capital. She wasn't the type of person who could handle a gun but instead carried throw-able blades With her all the time.
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  3. Jake finally wandered up to the gate, dreading his first encounter with his new partner. He had his gun in hand, his ice blue eyes seeming bored. However most were fooled by this facade. Jake had impeccable aim, with both guns, bows and arrows, and most things ranged. But up close? He was downright terrible. Probably why he was disqualified from running solo missions.

    Jake spotted the girl up ahead, then sighed to himself softly. Ugh. First meetings were always the worst. He sauntered up to the girl, his eyes instantly trying to get as much information as possible about her. He hadnt read her file, hadnt been bothered to. "So you're my new partner."
  4. Jade turned to Jake looking more pissed then shed ever been before. "HUH don't give me that crap your 20 minutes late" She looked at her partner for the first time looking at how serious he was. if he were serious he would be here on time. sigh. "Lets just go" turning around and walking off.
  5. Jake just rolled his eyes. Snappy one, wasn't it? He really didn't give a damn about how late he was. All he cared about was getting that promotion as he deserved. If he had to deal with her, then so be it. However, he wasn't too happy about the way she was leading. Briskly, he moved in front of her.
  6. shed had noticed him trying too take the lead. She started to walk faster trying to beat him as if it was a competition. All she wanted was to anything that was a threat to the capital and nothing else. she had looked back it him to see what he was up too.
  7. Jake narrowed his eyes at the girl. Seriously? She was going to do that? He quickened his pace, trying to get ahead of her. "You know we're meant to be partners." His tone said that he was trying to tell her off. He obviously didn't like her.
  8. Her eyes sharply looked at him as she began to speed up. "partners dont make each other wait 20 mins" as she moved even more faster.
  9. Jake just shrugged. "I got held up." Of course that was a lie, but she didn't know that. How would she know anything? He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair in frustration as he tried to get ahead of her.
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