Unlikely Heroes

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  1. ~~~ This morning ~~~

    " O-oh god, no, please don't ... DON'T GIVE ME A WEDDDGGIIEEEEEE !! "

    Shrieking and flailing around in his bed, The Great Farseer and counsellor of Count Shmoopy woke up. Nearly hanging out of his bed and bathing in sweat, he threw off his blanket and sat upright in bed as he sank his face in his hands. These recurring nightmares were tormenting him for months now, without end in sight, slowly he was losing his (demented) mind.

    He needed to find a cure for this cursed nightmares, he thought. That's when it hit him, this was a curse! A malevolent curse placed upon him by a rival wizard...Or maybe that gypsy-witch he insulted at the fair a few months back...Didn't she say something just before he had her beheaded?

    Something about him being cursed for eternity, unless he took a bite of the Holy Apple of Adam & Eve...Could she have spoken the truth? It was slowly sinking in that the gypsy wasn't a charlatan as he had first thought, she was the real deal... Unlike him... Panicking and freaking right the f out, The Great Farseer was basicly headwalling himself until he came up with an idea. He knew he would never find out where that goddamned apple would be, not on his own anyway. He was as useless and great as a spoon in a potato.

    So he rounded up everyone from the castlecity that either had magical powers, experience or badassery.

    ~~~ Noon / Current time ~~~

    Anxious to see what kind of great heroes, arcanists and warriors his scouts had brought for him, he opened the door into the main hall to behold the brave men and women that would go on this epic quest ... to fetch an apple!
  2. "Mother Fu---" Cameron said in frustration as she stacked the card up on the table and her top two levels fell down. "Stupid gravity... whoever invented that anyways.." She muttered under breath, biting her bottom lip as she attempted to repair the minor destruction until the whole thing collapsed.
    "............" Cameron stared at her hard worked completely wrecked and out of a bit of rage, slammed her hand on the table, busting them into tiny flames and swiped her hand over them, knocking them all onto the floor and stomped to her seat at the table and plopped down.
    She pouted, folding her arms on the table and placing her chin on the table, sulking. She glanced at the stranger entering. "Sup?"

    Cameron was a mage....of sorts. Meaning she could blow shit up when it was inappropriate, but should the situation actually deem worthy for it, then up a creek without a paddle should come to mind.
  3. Clary
    “So, what will you have, m’lady?” The barkeep’s eyes were not interested in Clary’s answer, for they were content on staring below her eye level. Clary always wondered why people tend to do that when they spoke to her. If they wished to learn from a person, she figured it would be best to speak to their eyes, right?

    “Um, yes… a glass of goat’s milk, please.”

    Now, she can see the old barkeep’s eyes, but…they didn’t look right. They looked more like they were confused rather than accepting and understanding. So, Clary placed her order again – more slowly this time. “A…..glass….of….g-o-a-t’-s – m-i-l-k-, please… Wait, did I say that right?”

    “I heard what you said,” the old man barked. “We don’t sell – milk – here.”

    “But, why would such a – bountiful – young lady, such as yourself, need…milk.” Another man from the bar jeered, starting a domino of chortles and all the hungry eyes in the bar turned to her.

    “Oh, it’s not for me. It’s for my cat…Bunny.”

    More laughter rose to the ceiling, and the first man at the bar moved closer to her right side. “Oh, the young lady here has a pet cat named – Bunny – who likes to drink - goat’s milk.”

    The men continued to amuse themselves over the facts, which Clary wasn’t sure if there was anything funny about the truth or the fact that cats like milk – regardless of what animal it’s named after.

    Another man moved to her left; his breath reeked of sewer water, “So, where’s this sweet, little kitty of yours? Dibs over here will get you your goat’s milk, and I’ll even be all gentlemanly like and spot the silver for it.”

    Clary’s face brightened, “Oh, how sweet of you. Bunny will be so happy to hear that. She’ll want to thank you herself.” Then she turned towards the door, slipped a finger and thumb in her mouth for a whistle, “BUNNY, MILKY TIME!!”

    There was silence in the room…and a light vibration that ringed the amber beverages of all who held a glass. The men froze in place as the deep, faint thrumming seems to grow deeper and louder as the vibrations soon began to shake the rafters. Screams could be heard outside and the footsteps of something huge trotted closer and closer. A few men had the courage to rush to the windows, only to scream and run the opposite direction out the back. The two men beside Clary tried to run away, but she’d already had a firm grip on the back of their belts.

    “No, don’t go. Bunny wants to say hi!”

    View attachment 16312 The Marilith

    Dibs ran out, leaving the milk behind, just when the entire front facing of the bar seem to break into bite size pieces to admit a very large, very teethe demonic panther-like cat with green eyes, six legs, and two strange tentacle-like appendages stretching from its shoulders, both holding a wicked looking pod of some sort. It stood tall enough to tower over the three - tearing the ceiling off just to shake its neck.

    “It’s the Marilith!” The two men screamed and continued to fight their way from Clary’s grasp. “That demon has terrorized our town for months, killing our livestock, men, women, and children…. The general had run it out weeks ago and had sent his troops to destroy it!”

    “No silly, that’s Bunny.” Clary easily began to walk towards the demon cat with a sweet smile of delight on her face for seeing the dear little stray she helped save from a horde of hunters about to cut out her heart. She let them go so she could pet Bunny’s neck. Bunny leaned down to caress her back with her chin – her green eyes dead set on the two men.

    “Oh! I’ve got to go ask the barkeep where I can find the castle. I have an appointment there shortly.” She headed towards the back where, she assumed, Dibs returned to continue cleaning dishes. She paused and turned back to the scene in the bar, “Now Bunny, you finish your goat’s milk and play nicely to the gentlemen who helped me pay for it. I’ll be right back.” She blew the cat a kiss before stepping to the back. All Clary heard behind her were screams of pure terror before they just abruptly ended. With a tilt of her head, she thought, “Hmm, I wonder why they stopped singing. That was a lovely song…”


    She’d found the castle – eventually – after she was able to catch a few people for questions. For some reason, everyone kept running away from her and Bunny. But, everything worked out in the end. Except for when she’d reached the gates of the castle with no acceptance.

    “But I am here because of the request sent by The Great Farseer. It must have been important if he’s calling for assistants.”

    The two guards weren't quite sure how to take the beauty – and the beast standing behind her. They eventually told her that the cat could not enter the grounds. Feeling heartbroken, Clary hugged Bunny’s neck. “Well, I guess this is goodbye…” Bunny looked sad (if someone had to courage to look close enough to see) and the two departed without another word. The guards quickly allowed her to enter, following her closely behind and barring the door shut. They escorted her to the main hall where The Great Farseer awaits his crew.
  4. "Oh my noble king" Lila licked her lips in satisfaction "they're rounding up all the strong warriors into the castle...."

    "To fetch a fruit master.... ah...." Lola moaned, Henry wiped his brow in a cool fashion.

    "Ladies, do you think I have what it takes to fetch the prized fruit?!" he grinned at his lieutenants.

    "Why yes master!" Lila grinned.

    "You're the strongest man we've ever known!" Lola bit her lip as she played with her breast.

    "Then let's go my personal harlots!" Henry pointed at the window.

    "Yes Master!" both women bowed in his mighty presence, a nervous advisory stepped up to him and knotted his eyebrows.

    "You're majesty! You can't be serious! You're leaving the castle to- t- to fetch a fruit?!"

    Without warning, Henry pulled out his expensive glove that took months of weaving to achieve its high quality feel and slapped his advisory with fury.

    "Don't tell me what to do! There is a fruit out there! And it needs saving! Harlots! Prepare the royal carriage!"

    "Yes Master!" they bowed once again, exposing their cleavage in the process.

    Onto the castle grounds, Henry was greeted by the usual crowd, the crowd of women.

    "Ladies!" he waved, the crowd swooned and waved back at his charismatic smile, Lola and Lila opened the door for him.

    "Here Master!"

    "Thank you harlots! Now drive us to the castle at full speed!"

    Henry stepped inside- only to find four sultry women ready to have fun.

    "Gahahaha! Being a king and a lady killer is a must! Now drive my lovely harlots!"

    "Yes Master!" with that command, Lola and Lila drove the carriage towards the distant castle.