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    Chapter 0: Welcome to the party Gen Delta

    Reformer's Base
    November 4, 2014 2:12pm

    He hated the idea of sending the Charlies out into the city. Although there hasn't been any incidences since their first venture out with the thief, there were too many uncontrolled variables that Wilson was still uncomfortable about even after the months of training the Charlies. Even after Daniel and Josiah's reassurance about them being diligent on keeping the Charlies safe Wilson knew there was only so much they could do. With the TSP backed by the military hunting them down and one of their own turning against them, they were at war. He had to send them out into the field because their choices were running out.

    Daniel first caught a glimpse of the new Charlie a month ago and tried to converse with him and help the man understand the changes that was occurring. The outcome of that incident only gave Vida a chance to practice her skills in healing.

    The second time Daniel and Josiah were driving in the city and came across the man during their weekly search for Sam. Luckily Josiah was there to teleport the two to safety before the car exploded.

    Now he received a text from Daniel stating that the man was found again.

    If it was just Daniel it wouldn't be too bad. They could send Josiah and Garret to help but Daniel was with a few of girls and of all places they could be at, they decided to visit a busy mall.

    They didn't have much information about this man much less what his power is but from the last two encounters they knew that this man wasn't very stable and could easily cause a scene even without the Reformer's intervention. A scene that could potentially be deadly.

    It was time for the Charlies to get a taste of the battlefield.

    Newport Centre Mall, New Jersey
    November 4, 2014 2:16pm

    "That movie was amazing!" A young girl said chattering away with excitement as she and her friend exited the movie theater. "Thank you so, so, sooo much for bringing me along." Emily said as she took a glance towards her friend's nanny and after making sure they were far enough away continued in a hushed voice. "Just don't tell my mom tonight when you come over to spend the night. I might get in trouble for watching something PG-13." A mischievous grin grew on the girl's face as the two made their way towards the center of the mall so they could look over the railing and see the lower two floors and watched the people walk around.

    It was rare for the young Emily to get out of the house so even people watching was an exciting adventure for the sickly child. "I wonder what it would be like to be one of those guys in that movie. Could you imagine having a power Darcia?" Emily said as she watched a man hurriedly walk towards the escalator on the first floor with interest. Was the man late for something? He was carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit so he must be a businessman like her daddy. "I would be so thrilled!"

    Newport Centre Mall, New Jersey
    November 4, 2014 2:20pm

    He was at the spot. No you're not. It was the right date and time. Are you sure? But where was Reddy? Not here of course. He lied. They all do.

    Scratching his left ear furiously as if he was a dog with fleas, the man hoped that scratching at the source of the whispering would get it out of his head. It never did though. The voices never left him. He could feel wetness on his fingers and looking down saw a small smear of blood but the man didn't care. It was better than being trapped in that place again. He had the red headed man to thank for that. Not me? Where is Reddy now? He left you but I didn't. You can't trust me.

    Cassey, Carter, Camera, Carson. The man couldn't remember what Reddy called himself or if he even said his name but it didn't matter. As long as he helped Reddy, Reddy would help him.

    This was why he was here. Reddy needed him. He was important to the cause. No he doesn't, he doesn't need you.

    However as he looked up he noticed he wasn't alone anymore. You never are. He and the whispers were not alone. Better. That other man was here. The same man who wanted to steal him away from Reddy and reform him into something but he wasn't sure why. He wanted to take you back to that place and call you Charlie. You can't trust that man. Your name isn't Charlie.

    That man wasn't alone this time though. He had more friends and they were chasing him. Yelling at him. But he couldn't leave the mall. He needed to be here. Reddy needed him.

    He could feel his palms start to itch and raising his hands up, the man looked at his palms. Yes, use that. Show them your gift.

    Newport Centre Mall, New Jersey
    November 4, 2014 2:20pm

    Even though Jenna didn't want to go to the mall she found herself being led there. She was able to miss the first round and the shopping she knew it would entail but when Wilson got a text about the dangerous Charlie being spotted it didn't take long before she found herself being teleported along the the rest who stayed with a badge which Jenna didn't dare ask where they got it from.

    The man was up on the third floor and the plan was straightforward. The Charlies and Daniel would deal with the Charlie while Garret, Wilson and Josiah would deal with crowd control and keep the masses safe. Sure, it sounded straightforward but not an idea Jenna was fond of. Subduing a crazed man with dangerous powers while they used their stolen or forged badged to deal with the masses sounded like a horrible way to spend her Saturday. She only hoped that her training was enough.

    Even if Daniel wasn't there it would have been easy to spot the man who they were going after. In his mid thirties, the unkempt man looked like he belonged out in the streets or better yet institutionalized given his odd demeanor. Standing in front of the entrance of the movie theater, the man was pacing back and forth as he muttered to himself. Was this man as dangerous as Daniel said he was?

    Jenna looked towards Daniel and then to the others with worry. This was the real deal. This wasn't yet another training session.
  2. Her real first time out of the base and they brought her to the most crowded area that she could think of besides a professional ball field. When they were teleported she felt queazy, no matter how many times Josiah teleported her in the past six months she could no get use the sensation.

    She followed behind Jenna making sure to say at least one step behind her. She knew that she could not vanish into some weird other place and appear some where else. She looked around the mall at all the people that were around her. She saw faces of countless people unaware of anything that was about to happen. They all seemed to be in their own little blissful worlds. There was a couple that did not seem to be doing so well in their relationship, maybe they had an argument? A group of girls past by gossiping loudly like an obnoxious group of seagulls, their laughter and high pitched squeals was enough to make her skin crawl. She really wanted to go back to the base. She liked it there. There was only a few people there and they all knew better than to get to close to her. Without thinking she reached up and pulled on her hood to make sure it was up far enough.

    Looking away from the crowd she focused her attention on the man that they were after. He was the cause of all the trouble so far. If he had just let them take him like they had taken the rest of them then none of this would have happened. They had him at one point. She even had to try and heal him. Noting that she was absolutely against the idea of healing, let alone touching, anyone. Her powers were still chaotic even after all the practice she had received from Dr. Wilson. He had said so himself that she should not try anything just yet because of the opposite reaction that could occur.

    "So..." Vida whispered. She had really became the outspoke person now that she was use to the group. "What are we going to do? Charge? Ninja? Scale the walls like in those action movies." She showed her hands that were covered by paw gloves that were connected to her jacket. "I can't scale a wall very well with these on." With as worried as Jenna looked Vida seemed to not care about the severity of the situation. "Though.. cats are good climbers. hmm."
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  3. Six months had passed in a flash and proved to be a challenging experience for Katsuro. It took some time to just to figure out the nature of his powers, given that he couldn’t replicate his abilities with his total lack of control over them. He activated his abilities by accident during one of Cameron’s more intense training exercises and a brief analysis from Dr. Wilson concluded that he possessed the power of camouflage. Despite dedicating much of his time to training to use his ability well, the odds of merely activating it seems to remain at the mercy of a coin flip. And when he does successfully camouflage, he is hampered by the color of his clothing—a flaw he hopes can someday be remedied by some form of tech, but for now must find a way around. Needless to say, he hasn’t been very fond of his powers, especially once he’s seen what some of his colleagues can do.

    Cameron expected everyone to be competent in hand to hand combat, along with firearms or some other kind of weapon. Fortunately, Katsuro was already trained in martial arts, but he understood that future missions would be much more intense than any competition he participated in and battles may never be one on one. Since he’d most likely be the first one to get up close and personal on missions, he began to train more than he ever had to ensure he’d be ready. He picked up the tonfa on a whim, trying to find a weapon that would best suit his powers. Though he had always associated the melee weapon with Chinese martial arts, he found that it surprisingly went hand in hand with his karate. Learning to use it efficiently came naturally.

    He offered to help with getting the rest of the group’s hand to hand combat training by sharing and demonstrating his own knowledge from experience. This way he also got to know the rest of his fellow supers better, particularly with Callie, who he had quickly grown fond of. Her upbeat nature brought optimism to a situation that uprooted all of their lives and changed it forever. She reminded him of many of the women he had the pleasure of having in his life in the past, even if only briefly. It also helped that she was easy on the eyes. He became willing to spend more time training her not so much because he was concerned with her ability to defend herself in future missions, but simply because he wanted her around.

    Cameron’s departure brought an end to the mission they had all originally been preparing for and, although Katsuro was a little nervous about the mission, he was also disappointed that he didn’t get to put his new skills to the test. He never fully understood the politics between the factions of supers or even within his own faction, but he knew that Cameron’s leaving, knowing all that he did, would put their lives in danger at some point. He never particularly liked Cameron, but he couldn’t deny that he was cunning. He hoped the day that they cross paths with him wouldn’t come anytime soon.

    Katsuro closed his eyes and nodded as they were briefed on their next mission—their first one. They were to subdue a crazed super with unknown powers at a mall. He looked like a bum and liked talking to himself. Before Katsuro knew it they had all been teleported to a crowded mall outside the city. He wore a black, sleeveless undershirt and black sweatpants, and carried his red oak tonfas in a carrying case to keep the public from knowing he had weapons on him. He could feel his colleague’s apprehension and couldn’t blame them. They hardly knew anything about the man they were about to fight, except that he is vaguely dangerous. They had no idea what to expect or how to approach.

    “He might be crazy, but he doesn’t just attack random strangers all the time, right? He’s in a crowded mall after all,” Katsuro replied to Vida. “If I can just get close enough, I’ll try and knock him out before he can do anything. I can pretend I’m lost and ask him for directions,” he added. For all I know touching him will make my skin melt off, he thought. Not knowing the man’s powers made the possibilities endless, but it didn’t seem like they had many choices. “Unless there’s something else about him we should know about?” he asked Daniel.
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  4. There could be many other things that Camilla could be doing on The 24th of November at a mall in New Jersey. Studying, Catching up on How I Met Your Mother, Napping, Exercising. But it just so happens to be, Birthday shopping had to be Camilla's day plan. Specifically, birthday shopping in New Jersey of all places. Apparently, Newport Centre Mall is the only place in the damn freaking east coast where you can find a wooden teddy bear matryoshka doll in a novelty shop on the third floor.

    Camilla walked out of the knick-knack shop with the brown paper bag in her hand that contained the good, a little bow wrapped around the twine handles of the bag. Looking down, Camilla checked the time briefly. 2.20pm. She spent all morning on a commute from manhattan to Newport, which took god knows how long to spend another hour and a half searching for the little piece of painted wood to now have to commute all the way back to Manhattan to prepare for her classmate's birthday party. Camilla felt like a disaster. She was hot from the Mall's indoor heating system, her coat tucked underneath her arm with her purse on her shoulder while she lowered her arm and continued to walk towards the railing that looked over the whole mall. Peering over, Camilla's eyes peered around from person to person. From Elderly to Millennial to Young Preteen, Camilla spent at least two or three seconds on each person before looking down at the ground floor of the mall.

    Turning away from the railing, Camilla pulled out her phone and began to type down with one hand.
    To Ali:
    I found it. god it's the ugliest little thing I've ever seen.
    Camilla pressed send and immediately got a reply back from Ali, her phone buzzing twice in her hand.
    From Ali:
    Camilla put her phone away in her back pocket and pulled her purse up so that it wouldn't slip off. Now that she has the little ugly knick knack, now she has to get back to Manhattan in time.
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  5. „Fucking Americans!”, Max mumbled in English as he picked up the abominable obscurity of supposed matryoshkas presented in front of a store. They were the first words he had said ever since they had been teleported to the mall. After about half a year of isolation the mall overwhelmed in every possible way: the crappy music, the echo of the loud hum from the crowd, the smell of all the superfluous hygiene products, and of course all the colours. And now, while he listened to the others speak of the miserable wretch whose life was about to taken out of his hands, there was this obscenely ugly decoration. In the past months he had gained back enough of his sight – it was explained to him many times already that he had not lost his sight but rather his brain needed upgrading in order to process all the data – to recognize what the wooden good for nothing piece of junk was. Having picked it up, he showed it to the others with a distasteful gesture, before he turned to the next person – it was after he had talked that Max realized she had nothing to do with them and was a total stranger coming out of the shop. “Any crap that could sell cause people generally have no fucking sense, right?” he said, and put the matryoshka back, wiping his hand on his sweatshirt as if cleaning the dirt.

    Feeling invaded by all the people at the mall – fuck, he hated people even worse than he used to! – he stepped closer to his gang. Contrary to some like the karate kid, Max had still not come to terms with his new life and wished for all the impossible ways he could get back to his friend and his other troubles. The fact that his superpower had turned most of his daily activities to a challenge to some extent or another had not made it easier on him getting used to it all, either. “So much noise!” he gasped after about twenty seconds of silence, and anyone who had known him for the past months would know he was not talking about the audio noise. Blinking fast for at least ten times, closing his eyes for some seconds and opening them, he looked around to see how many of them were there, who stood the closest to him, and which were the easiest ways to run if need be, since he knew by now from experience that his vision became less reliable with excitement.
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  6. October 17, 2014, 5:30am
    Undisclosed Location

    Sam zoomed in on her intended target. The stolen camera boasted, what had it been, a 25x zoom lens? She took her eyes away from the screen and cast them downward at the pile of parts in her lap. A bit of smashed casing tumbled a little, disturbed by her left thigh, and quietly collided with the majority of its brothers. It read most of 30, its neighboring part some of the "x". Yes, that was what it had been. She smirked and felt around for the dongle which controlled the new lens. An array of high-intensity IR lasers attuned themselves to its current zoom value by way of several micro-servos attached to their divergence lenses, flooding the area with measurable white light. She could not hold back a wry chuckle as she considered how easy it had been to put together this little "spotter".

    It had only taken a small distraction at a camera store, a few broken laser printers, some backyard salvage at a robotics factory, and some very high-end lenses salvaged from a hunting and camping franchise to make this incredibly handy tool a reality. Naturally, there had to be some reprogramming. That had been her proudest achievement, this time. To make the old chip compatible with the new resolution, she'd had to "teach" it how to assemble similar pixels into a more detailed image.

    That had been her focus, these last six months. Sam knew how to exploit components, but computer code was true power, and she wanted it. Where before she'd had to rely on the compatibility of existing parts, now she could achieve complete control over how the impulses were handled by the device. That barrier had prevented some of her best work in the past, but now?

    "I'd like to see him keep me caged now..." She thought bitterly, her imagination treating her to another one of her lucid, and incredibly vivid, daydreams.

    The facility looked to be abandoned; at least from this vantage. Sam put down the modded camera and retrieved a "signal sniffer" from her bag of tricks. The device responded to various wireless signals in different ways, alerting her to the presence of wi-fi, radio signals, electrical fields...even laser and radar transmission systems. This place showed no such activity, despite an overwhelming preponderance of such signals in other nearby areas.

    "Totally quiet," she mused, swapping the sniffer for her netbook. She connected to a local signal and paged through the city's public information pages until she could find a suitable hole in their security. Some well-worded SQL injection keyed her into the city's energy grid and usage logs. Although the facility had been abandoned, it still had access to electricity.

    "Perfect. As long as I don't hook up a spotlight and a satellite dish, I should be fine."

    Sam packed up her gear and began her descent. The morning shift would arrive soon, and the shift change would create enough confusion on its own for her to slip through the maintenance corridors and elevators without being detected. Her looped video feed would guarantee safe passage, as long as no human eyes landed directly on her.

    She would be a block away from the Nakitome building when her bypass clips "accidentally" overloaded, restoring the video feed just long enough to make the damage look like a power surge. When the repair crews investigated, they would confirm that theory.

    "Serves 'em right," she sniffed, sliding down an elevator cable. Her homebrew auto-braking system did its job admirably, adjusting its resistance by way of an accelerometer linked to a transistor which regulated the flow of power to the clamping system. Her controlled descent produced a quiet little thump on to top of the elevator car. "Separate power systems for the cameras? Come on, guys..."

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