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  2. Tytria’s stomach grumbled, loudly enough that it made her place her hand over her abdomen.

    Ugh when was the last time she had eaten?

    Her gaze turned up to the sky. Perhaps its been a few hours? Her mouth gnawed on some succulent berries when the sun was on the horizon. It was now high in the sky, a bit to the east. It was still early, but Tytria was a relatively big eater.

    The nimble elf paced quietly through the woods, crouching and looking for small animals to hunt. Her hands searched for the lining of her hood to pull it over her head. The brown hood concealed the tips of her ears and her short brown braids rested on her chest.

    Tytria creeped through the woods until… There is was, in the distance... An elk! Her eyes watched as it took a few slow steps, each muscle tensing and flexing as it moved. It’s eyes big and brown, and sizable antlers that amazed her. Her imagination wandered as she thought of its sweet succulent meat gracing her tongue with such tender flavors. She dreamed of the fullness she would feel after overindulging on its seared flesh. This made her mouth drool and her body shake. Living off small animals and berries for so long was making her a bit crazy, but this was her chance.

    Thinking quickly, she straightened her body, standing tall and firm. Her arm reached back and grasped the end of her feathered arrow and brought it to the string of her bow. She inhaled as she stretched her bow string and brought it to her mouth, her muscles tightened to keep the bow steady. The feathers ticked her cheek. Her eyes stuck to her target as if she was trying to burn a hole through it, because she was.

    As Tytria exhaled her hand let the arrow slip from her grip. It soared through the air before cutting through the left side of the elk’s head and exiting half way through the other side. It thumped to the ground, and she watched as its life essence faded from its body.

    Sweet succulent meat! All to herself!

    With excitement, Tytria swiftly dashed over to the caracas and crouched over it as she pulled her hood back. She ripped the bloody arrow from its head and placed it on the ground next to her. It had been a while since she gut a large animal, she actually didn’t really remember.

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  3. Sander was out on a hunt with the other noblemen's sons, which was something they did frequently during their free time. It made them feel manly, which many of them deep down needed, since they were so often scolded by their fathers like children when learning their respective businesses. On these days, they were their own men, hunting down beasts that they would feast on later in the day, and drink until they could no longer feel the misery of being trapped in their family businesses.

    The sun was high, which wasn’t the perfect time for hunting, but the men who acted as boys found enjoyment in chasing after their prey. They sat on horse back and would gallop into a herd of elk causing them to disperse in many different directions. Each man would charge after which one the deemed the largest of them all. Sometimes the boys would fight over them, but it was the man who struck the animal with an arrow first that claimed it as their kill. Sander often didn’t care, but the others liked the competition. As they trotted towards their usual hunting field the other men were teasing him, making their snarky comments.

    “Oh Sander, perhaps today you will be able to chase down something worth while,” one snickered.
    Another teased, “Oh please, did you see what he brought back last week? There was only enough meat for one person on that elk."
    “Yeah, I could have picked my teeth with it’s skinny bones.”

    Sander rolled his eyes at them. “Oh please, just because I’ve never won your simpleminded competition, does not mean I couldn’t if I tried.”

    “Oh yeah? Then lets see it,” one of them tested him.

    He turned a bit on his horse to face the group of them. “Oh, you will all see, and I’m not going to share any of it with the likes of you.”

    They all laughed and he smiled along with them. As they came upon their usual hunting grounds, Sander automatically began scanning the herd for the elk he thought looked the largest, there were a few sizable ones on the right but two larger ones on the left. That’s the direction he would go.

    As the men cheered they ran into the field. The elk disbanded, sprinting for their lives. Some hastened for coverage in the nearby woods. Sander targeted one of the two he had spotted on the left side of the herd. It was quite massive, but it fled into the woods. He was determined and raced into the woods after it. He lost track of the other men; they were probably off going after their own elk.

    His target leaped over fallen trunks and darted around trees causing Sander to lose sight of him. The best idea would be to go on foot, which was what he did. He slid off the back of his horse and wrapped the bridle around a branch. His hand gripped his bow with a bit of intensity and determination. The elk was his; it was his and with it he would make his taunting friends eat their own words.

    After stepping quietly through the dead leaves he finally spotted it. It had calmed down, but was still a bit alert. Sander quickly notched an arrow and brought the bow up to shoot.

    The animal went down, an arrow through the head, a bit of blood spattered out the other side. Wait a minute… He looked as his own bow and the notched arrow. That wasn’t his arrow. Was another one of the men stalking his same prey? He put his bow down and the arrow back in the case on his back and began to walk towards the dead animal.

    Sander was stopped by the sighting of a hooded figure walking towards the remains. That wasn’t one of his companions, the body was much too frail and little. His body shifted behind a near by tree as he watched intently. The hooded figured revealed themselves as they kneeled. An elf? What was an elf doing out here? With no master by her side? And a female nonetheless. The female elves were not mean’t or hunting. His curiosity was killing him, and drew him towards her. He moved closer and closer, ducking behind trees.

    When he was close enough, he came out from behind the tree and leaned against it slyly. “So, care to share what an elf is doing alone so deep in the woods?"
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  4. The voice startled Tytria. Her gaze briskly shifted towards the figure and she stood tall. These humans, acting oh so confident. Just by the way he stood she could tell that he felt as though he was the superior race, like he was better. Humans were no better. In fact, they were worse in her eyes. The way they treated her kind was despicable. Throughout her journeys, there were many occasions where she observed masters whipping their slaves and abusing them physically and emotionally. It was like humans found pleasure in mistreating their inferiors. They built themselves up by tearing them down.

    Men found enjoyment out of torturing their prey.

    “I don’t need to explain myself to some feeble human. I have my own reasons for where I am, none that you need to know.” Tytria scowled at him.

    It was quite cocky of her to talk to him in such a manner. Most would be whipped and punished for such sass. He could do nothing. He was alone. If he really came at her, she could defend herself. She didn’t look much, but she was quick and fierce in her own ways.

    For a few moments her eyes lingered upon him. Although she did not like humans themselves, she couldn't help but notice how attractive some of them were. His eyes and hair a light brown, like her own. He was tall and chiseled something she fancied. The leather armor clinging to his body fit him so perfectly and complimented his bulging muscles quite well. But no, she couldn’t be attracted to such a beast. She went back to what she was doing, hoping he would leave her, having full knowledge he wouldn’t.

    Her legs bent bringing her back down to the lifeless animal lying next to her. She pulled a small blade from her boot. Hesitantly she brought her blade to its belly. It had been so long... where to start? Were you suppose to cut from the breast plate down or bottom up? Or was it across?

    Oh my god, he is starring at me and I'm making a fool of myself.

    “Errr….” Tytria hesitated. Asking for his help would be so belittling to her self-esteem. She didn’t want to look weak or dull-witted. Perhaps she could ruse him into doing it for her. Tytria was quite persuasive after all. She had her own ways of seduction, which she had much practice with in the past. Humans were so easy, especially the males. They always had one thing in mind even with foreign races. Doesn’t a man always dream of what he has never had? Blinded by curiosity they so often were.

    It was like there was a sudden click - a change in her attitude and the way she carried herself. As she once again stood, a seductive smirk curled across her lightly painted lips.

    “Well... perhaps I could tell you my story, kind sir. That is, if you could offer me some assistance. You see, I wish not to get myself so bloodied from gutting my kill..."

    Play the “damsel in destress” card.

    Her hand planted itself delicately on her hip as she took a few steps towards him - each step acting in a way to exaggerate her curvaceous features. Upon reaching him, her free hand wrapped around his bicep. "A strong, experienced man like you would have little trouble in assisting me in this process, yes?” The words dripped from her lips so sweetly, almost like she actually meant them. Her eyes batted flirtatiously.
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  5. First she snapped at him in a oddly rude manor. It shocked him. How dare she speak to him in such a way? He wouldn’t waste the time on reprimanding her. It was clear she was struggling. He starred at her and smirked.

    She has no idea what she is doing does she?

    And what was this now? She proceeded to attempt to seduce him. He couldn’t ignore how obviously attractive she was, even for an elf. The way she walked toward him alone made his blood boil, in a good way of course. The way the way her physique curved in to her skinny waist, and then curved back out to emphasize her hips. Oh how he wanted to grab at those hips. Sander saw right through her little games. Why not play along? He hadn’t encounter fun like this in a while. This foreign elf peaked his interest anyway. He wanted to know where she came from, how she was free, and what she was doing. He starred and her fine, yet alluring lips for a moment. Curiosity always got the best of him.

    “Oh yes, a strong experienced man like me would have no issue with such a task. Unfortunately, I can not help you. You see... this is not your kill. I targeted this animal long before you had crossed paths with it. I followed it into the woods myself. So now... if I were to help you, it would be considered stealing, and who would I be stealing from? Myself? Now why would I help steal from myself? I suppose you see how little sense this is making, yes?"

    Sander's eyes scanned her up and down before his devilish smirk grew wider. His hand reached up and caressed one of her braids. He felt the smooth silky strands between his finger tips. He knew he must be angering her with is attitude, but she will have to keep it together if she wishes to get what she wants.

    "I will make a deal with you. If you allow me to take half of the provisions for myself, I will help you gut and transport to your campsite, wherever it may be. This way, both of us win. Besides, a small girl like you could not possibly consume all the animal’s sustenance before it spoils.” He looked at her in such a way as to hint that he was playing along with her games. Sander would play right back if that’s how she was going to be.

    He would most likely have time to spend while the other men were gathering their kill. Sometimes it took a while for all of them to return since they chased down their prey for so long. If she were to agree to his deal, he would not be able to bring back the largest elk. At this point he didn’t care, he had other things on his mind now. They would taunt him but it would be worth it. His sense of adventure was drawing him to this being that seem so free and full of life. He could not pin point exactly what it was, but he wanted to know more.

    “Well my dear, do you comply?"
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  6. How could he see right through her… Those little tricks usually always worked. Alas, now she was presented with a proposal. Allow him to assist her and return to her campsite where they would ration the meat.

    Tytria had been residing in these woods for a month or two now. She never stayed in one location for so long, but there was something she loved about the area. It had taken her a while to find a sizable clearing where her things could be neatly kept. She spent a long time constructing walls of vines, twigs, and leaves that would help camouflage her clearing. Each morning she woke up to the beams of sunlight breaking through the leaves and casting crack like designs across the ground. It was breathtaking. When it rained, it brought out the sweet natural smells which gave her a nostalgic feeling. There was a small waterfall and natural spring just north of where she took camp. The water was always temperate and so hydrating. This is where she often bathed and took her time to relax. There were plenty of bushes which she used to gather berries and tons of woodland animals that she could hunt for. Tytria loved this place, and didn’t want to move.

    If she brought him to her campsite, he would know where she dwelled. She would be taking a huge risk. If things went wrong, she would have to leave this wondrous place.

    Perhaps it was best she moved soon… Tytria was becoming too comfortable with her surroundings and began loosing sight of her goals.

    Her eyes peered up at him. They squinted a bit and she tilted her head, almost like a puppy. He was a human, she knew what they were capable of, but there was something about him that didn’t scare her as much as others. Perhaps it was because his essence wasn’t as overwhelming. He had kind eyes. She almost liked that he was playing along with her games rather than belittling her. Although, the way he touched her braid made her a bit flustered.

    This could turn out badly, but she was willing to take the chance.

    She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “I suppose I could agree to your terms…” Tytria turned and paced away from him still walking with an over sexualizing purpose. There was still some part of her that wanted to play around and impress him. She glanced over her shoulder back at him - her milky chocolate orbs glistening from a ray of sunlight that broke through the leaves. “…. But you have to carry the elk.” Her tone was more serious but had a sexy hint to it.
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  7. The way she moved was so intense, every little inch of her swayed and bent with a motive. This must have been something she had done often. It then came to his mind… how many times had she really tried to play with men this way? Someone who moved like her must have had practice. Perhaps it was the only way she really survived in such a world, after all… it was a world ruled by man. For some reason, this was the first time he pitted an elf.

    Sander smiled a smile that seemed more kindhearted than devious. It was intended to make her more easygoing around him, but also came from a place inside him that genuinely was attempting to be kind. “Of course, I would not let such a fragile little figure as yourself lift a finger. Although, I believe it would be much easier if I simply slung the corpse over my horse. If you could wait a short moment, I will go fetch him.”

    He turned and walked happily, as if luck was on his side, like he had come across some sort of treasure. Upon reaching his horse, he hastily unraveled the reins from the branch and tugged him in the direction. The horse shook it’s silky mane, striving to rid the forest bugs from tickling its body. The Derrington family always kept their horses in the most proper conditions. They were brushed daily, their shoes and hooves were polished, and fed expensive grains. The equipment that they were dressed in was also well-kept. The saddle was greased and the metals that clasped the leather together where shined.

    As they emerged out of the brush he led his horse over to the elk. His hands searched for a rope in his saddle bag. When he found it, he created a loop at the end and kneeled down to tighten it around the elk’s back legs. After doing so, he tossed the rope over his horse’s back and paced around to the other side. Sander grabbed the end of the rope and began to lean back and haul the animal onto his back. The muscles in his arms tightened and clenched as he pulled hard on the rope.

    “Well that ought to do it.” He patted his hands together and looked towards Tytria. She wasn’t even paying attention to him - she was so focused in on his horse. He cleared his throat to grasp her attention. “So my dear, I will need your assistance to guide me to your campsite. I am no mind reader after all.”

    Sander smiled at her once more before walking to the head of his stallion and gripping his reins. He pet the end of his muzzle.
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