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  1. The field was vast, green, and windy. It was the perfect place for what was to come. As Kino stood there in the field, he admired the simplicity of it's beauty. His raven black hair waved a bit in the wind, though it only reached down to his ears. His long black coat tails dragged in the breeze as well. He just took this time to admire his surroundings while he had the chance. Soon, he knew that he would not have time for such a luxury.

    A small smile came across his lips as he waited. Not much longer now...
  2. Elyssa stepped into the vast field, careful to avoid most shadows even though she knew only time in complete darkness could kill her. It had become a habit already, something that was unable to be changed now.

    The soft breeze tickled her waist length, pure white hair. She closed her light violet eyes, basking her face in the warm sunlight. Even though she was quite warm in her black, skin tight body armor, it was still not as comforting as the sun itself.

    Where was Lumiere?, she thought, a little bit unsure. She had gotten lost once before, and it was not pleasant. She reached out her conciousness, searching for his presence.

    Instead of Lumiere, she found a strange, unfamiliar presence nearby. It almost seemed to be calling out to her, and for some strange reason, she did not resist the feeling as her feet, seemingly out of their own will, walked towards the presence.
  3. He could feel her approaching. The time was drawing ever closer, and he sighed as he realized this. Soon he would have to disrupt this peaceful scene, and turn it into one of tension and violence. The thought did not sit well with him, but deep down, he accepted it. As the girl drew closer, he turned to face her, with a soft, genuinely friendly smile on his face. Though, there was a hint of sadness in his smile, almost regretful. Once she was close enough to speak to without having to shout, he spoke to her in a casual tone.

    "So then, you've come... This may be confusing for you, I know. And forgive me for what happens next."

    With that, he assumed a fighters stance, reminiscent of one educated in some form of martial arts, perhaps tai kwon do. After a short pause, he spoke again, the wind carrying his words across the short 10 meter distance between them.

    "As a courtesy, I will allow you the honor of making the first move. And please, do not hold back... You may regret it if you do."
  4. Unsure of the situation, she neared him cautiously, fists raised in an unrecognizeable stance. She did not confine herself with martial arts. The best way of fighting was being unpredictable. At least, to her. "But before this, might I ask why we have to fight?" she did not really mean for him to answer, of course. It was all to distract him while she made her slow approach.

    She was now five meters away. Her steps were soft and made no sound as, one meter away, her left elbow was headed for his chin, going upwards at an insane speed. She was practically built for speed, and weak physical attacks were nothing to be ashamed of. If contact was made, his chin would possibly be broken, although her elbow would suffer a bit from the impact, even know it was armored. After all, no material is perfect.

    It didn't matter, though. She would live through it, most likely.
  5. Her attempts at distracting him would be in vain. He already had his guard up, and her continued advance made him keep it up. Her question would go unanswered, at least for now.

    As she sent her elbow at him, and moved with similar speed and agility, leaning back and to the right in order to avoid the hit to his chin. As he did, he brought his right hand up and sent his palm at the back of her elbow, intending to knock it further, using her momentum behind it against her. If successful, it would ensure that her left side remained unprotected, which he would use to his advantage by sending his right palm at her lower side, where it was softest. The attack would likely not cause any serious damage, but he hoped it would cause a fair amount of pain.
  6. She grimaced as the palm struck her at her lower side. It was mostly blocked by her armor, though, and did not cause much damage. Other than a slight bruise under the armor.

    Rapidly recovering from the blow, she turned around, and aimed her right elbow at his gut. The force would be enough to knock the breath out of him, though not much else. Of course, it would have much of an effect on herself, since she could not hit that hard. Damn, he was strong, she thought, frantically thinking of new tactics.
  7. Reacting quickly, Kino brought up his left knee to block her elbow to his gut with his shin. The blow stung a bit, but it wasn't so bad. Following up on the motion, he extended his left leg into a kick aimed at her midsection. The attack was hard enough to knock her back, if not completely off her feet.
  8. Taken by surprise and propelled by his kick, her body landed on the ground with a thump. The wound stung, but wasn't enough to restrict her movements noticeably. This time, she did not strike first, but rather, readied herself for his attack.
  9. Seeing that his she recovered quickly from his kick, and decided not to come at him right away, Kino smirked. It appeared that she wanted to see what he could do now, and he did not want to disappoint.

    He bent his knees, then pushed off his feet and jumped up towards her. Once he got close enough, he would turn to the left and bring his right leg around in a roundhouse kick aimed at her head before landing on his left foot. The kick was a hard one, enough to knock her to the floor and possibly even knock her out if left undefended.
  10. As the kick came towards her, she would duck and step to the left, afterwards taking advantage of the momentum to push his leg further. It would cause him to lose his balance if contact was made, and leave his back unguarded. She would target the weakest part of his back with her right elbow and smash it down with all the strength she had, which, if succeeded, would possibly break his bones.
  11. Perhaps he had underestimated his opponent. His leg was pushed further along, causing him to land at an awkward angle with his back exposed to her. That moment of weakness was all it took have her land a hit on him. As her elbow made contact with his back, he tensed up with pain, his back straightening from the reflex. It hadn't broken his spine luckily, but it was enough to make his yell from the pain it caused. He knew he needed to react quickly, or he would end up leaving himself open to another attack.

    He quickly spun his body to the right, stretching his right arm out and aiming and karate chop at her neck. He needed to stay on the offensive to keep from giving her another opportunity to strike him.
  12. A crunching sound could be heard as his hand came into contact with her neck, causing her to be pushed back a little. She groaned slightly, for his hand had hit a vulnerable part in her neck. Luckily, the wound was not too serious. She did not retreat, like he probably thought she would do, but rather went forward again, aiming to finish this in a few more blows. Her left elbow was outstretched, and headed for his lower gut. This had to end now, otherwise it would be too tiring. If it came into contact, the force would be enough to knock the breath outta him.
  13. Kino quickly jumped backwards after landing the hit to her neck, avoiding her elbow in the process and putting some distance between them as well. It was time to raise the stakes. He extended his arms out to his sides, and from his hands, dark energy started to form and flow from them outwards into the air. From the dark energy, twin long swords materialized, each with black double edged blades and their hilts resting in his hands. Taking hold of them, he took a stance again, smirking at his opponent. Things were about to get much more interesting, he was sure.
  14. Seeing that he was bringing weapons into the fight, a long broadsword materialized in front of her, her left hand clasping around the simple hilt. " Hey, Greed, it's been a long time." She talked to it soothingly, tracing a hand over the shining blade. It was like an old friend to her, and served her well. Soon, it would be able to taste fresh blood once again.

    She did not attack, but rather observed him closely, waiting to see any sign of attack. Counterattacking would be smarter than simply rushing at him, she thought.
  15. He waited for her to make a move, but after a short time, it became clear that she was determined to stay on the defensive. Left with no other option but to attack, he took a moment to contemplate his next move.

    Deciding it would be better to try a less direct approach, Kino used his fire magic to ignite his blades, engulfing them in flames. Once that was done, he extended them, pointing them at his opponent. A moment later, 2 streaks of fire shot out from the ends of the blades, aimed for her midsection. If they touched her, they would quickly spread all over her body and set her ablaze.
  16. As the flames came towards her, she immediately raised the blade so it was blocking the flames. This was going to be harder than she thought. He had once again maneuvered out of her predictions. She hated uncertainty. It meant no guarantee on anything. Clenching her teeth, she waited for his next attack. There was nothing else she could do. Tiny drops of sweat formed under her brow, as she started getting slightly irritated.
  17. As the flames hit hr blade, the blade would be engulfed by them. It would do no harm to her, but it would serve as an indication of what would happen if she hadn't blocked it.

    The streaks of flame faded quickly, and he extended his arms and swords out to his sides. Then, the streaks of fire shot from the tips of the blades again, flying out to the sides by about 15 feet before curving back inwards and heading for the girl from both sides of her body. Kino smirked as he watched her, waiting to see what she would do now.
  18. She gasped as Greed, her practically indestructible broadsword, be came engulfed in flames. She panicked a little inside, before reminding herself that it would not break. Surely it wouldn't break, would it? She had no time to contemplate that now. Things just got way harder.

    As the flames came towards both sides of her body, she could only crouch to avoid it, before immediately backing away a little. Maybe keeping him out of range would work, if not distract him a little.
  19. The flames failed to hit her yet again. For whatever reason, she seemed to be avoiding the use of any magic abilities, if indeed she had any. Perhaps a different approach was required.

    Kino lowered his arms, the flames fading away. He began to focus his energy, building it up. He would not make an attack just yet, this required a bit of time to prepare.
  20. Just as he lowered his guard to prepare, her pupils dilated, and she rushed towards him with superhuman speed, blade at the ready. It was the perfect opportunity to attack while his guard was down. Forgetting about the usual slash, she instead aimed an accurate stab at his forehead. All the strength in her body was put in that stab, giving it more power.