INTEREST CHECK Unleashed (A Dumb Furry RP), also looking for co-GM

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    In a future-modern world, science and progress have come to take precedence over ethics and morality. One way this is exemplified is the use of test subjects in laboratory facilities. Animal testing, a widespread practice, was found inefficient due to the basic biological differences between humans and animals like rodents and rabbits; even monkeys were too different to produce truly accurate results in how humans would react to drugs and all. So someone came up with an alternative: human-animal hybrids, genetically engineered to be internally as identical to humans as possible, while having enough animal DNA and cosmetic differences that, combined with their artificial births, is enough for the government powers that be to determine that they are not true people, but artificial life forms, totally legal to use in experiments. There are, of course, regulations on how these hybrids are to be treated as humanely as possible, but these tend to be flexible; if the government considers a particular lab to be exceptionally valuable and useful, they can pretty much get away with anything, as long as they continue to produce results.

    There was a 'jailbreak'; a group of hybrids, possibly with inside help, managed to escape captivity and go on the run. They form the core of a rebel group that seeks to A) help break more subjects free, both to save them and increase their numbers, and B) overthrow the government and revolutionize the world in order to gain equality and the basic recognition that they are thinking, sentient people, too. Failing that, it may turn into a quest to find a new home for themselves, away from humans, where they can be safe.

    It'd be only semi-futuristic; like, they still use guns with bullets, as opposed to lazer weapons, and even if there's space colonization going on, it's only in the early stages, and the RP would take place entirely on Earth. I need help figuring out more, sci-fi/future-stuff is NOT my forte. x____x
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