Unleash Your Imagination: Superheroes #1

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  1. Welcome to my "Unleash your imagination" Character Thread #1

    So I've been thinking to make a challenge for quite sometimes and originally it was going to be a refining writing but I'm going to try in developing characters first. So how this work is that I'll be posting weekly and create a challenge in which I will a theme as well as restriction for your character/s.

    Anyway this week challenge would be Superheroes and specifically a group young superheroes in their late teens so it'll be around 16-17. Format will be up to you on how to do it, you can do it simple or as complex as you can.

    Note: This challenge only for people who have guilty pleasure of creating characters, waiting for replies, and don't know to do anything else in this web


    Challenges :
    Requirements that you need to put inside your character:
    -Your team need to be at least 3 member
    -You'll be needing to name each of their villains/arch enemy and describe as best as you can
    -You'll be required to link their relationship between each other meaning you need to type their hostility or bond within the member like are they besties or not in a good term.
    -One of the related to Canon Dc/Marvel universe character (small mention are acceptable).

    No-no which mean Restriction:
    -No super human strength superpower like superman
    -No multibillionare rich kid background who already runs a huge company despite being 16/17
    -No tragic past like bullying or parent die (< which mean you still can have your character a tragic past but not these 2 tragic background stories)

    Have fun creating your own superheroes team!!​
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