Unleash Your Imagination: RPG TEAM #2

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  1. Welcome to my "Unleash your imagination" Character Thread #2

    An ongoing series where you'll be challenge by me to create a unique character or not... of the genre that'll be given by me. Each week I'll be changing the topic from one to another and the challenges as well, note that you can create your character in any form; starting from simple Character Skeleton or a introduction which describe the character as a whole from appearance up to their personality.

    Note: This challenge only for people who have guilty pleasure of creating characters, waiting for replies, and don't know to do anything else in this web


    Challenges :
    Requirements that you need to put inside your RPG team:
    -Like any RPG party, you need tanker, heavy hitter, support and range hitter
    -Describe their objective in the history for ex/ exterminate evil ruler and such
    -They need to be at least 18 plus in age

    No-no which mean Restriction:
    -Do not make any character comes from a noble lineage
    -Do not make magic user who can use healing spells and attacking spell such as fire all in one people
    - Magic knight are forbidden

    Have fun creating your own RPG team!!​